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Chiropractic tips


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Chiropractic tips

Better health with chiropractic


Most people visiting Site Map are in pain, and are looking for solutions, because the current therapy just isn't working. We start off  with the most disabling condition in the body. Read more about Headache CHIROPRACTIC.

Whiplash chiropractic


  1. What causes headache?
  2. Read more about Headache Chiropractic … 
  3. Neck pain and headache
  4. Read more Migraines from the jaw joint. TMJ anatomy.
  5. Migraine headache
  6. Headaches from Painkillers. Rebound headache
  7. Headaches from Constipation. Beetroot Constipation … 
  8. Thunderclap headache - not for a chiropractor.
  9. Meningitis

TMJ anatomy

Neck Pain?

During any 12-month 70% of the general population, and up to 48% of workers, will experience neck pain. 12% will experience disabling neck pain - almost invariably it's the cause of arm pain.

  1. Read more Cervical Discs … ARM PAIN. 
  2. Cervical facet syndrome
  3. Cervical Facet Syndrome …
  4. Arm pain radiating from the neck … 
  5. Whiplash chiropractic

Midback Pain?

Thoracic spine pain and rib related conditions can be very disabling, but are only rarely serious. Chiropractic excels with them.

  1. Read more about Midback Pain …
  2. Rib Pain …
  3. Breastbone pain …

Rib pain treatment

Lower Back Pain?

A 2005 study of 109,080 patients suffering from LBP clearly showed that inclusion of Chiropractic resulted in significant economic savings for two insurance companies.

Yet the world over, insurance companies, controlled by Medicine, seek to limit the inclusion of Chiropractic, keeping their premiums needlessly high.

We begin our lumbar journey with some info on the "slipped disc".

  1. Read more about Slipped Disc …
  2. Sciatica …
  3. Lumbar Facet Syndrome …
  4. SacroIliac Joint Pain…
  5. Maigne's syndrome
  6. Maigne's syndrome case file
  7. Maigne's syndrome exercises
  8. Lower back and upper leg pain


Sacroiliac joint

Coccyx pillow

Leg pain


Lower back exercises


Early symptoms of arthritis

Hip arthritis

Symptoms of arthritis in knee


The realisation that healthy eating habits is supremely important if we want to live long and healthy lives is certainly permeating society. Many people are visiting this site for advice about healthy fats, weight loss, and the virtues of different foods... Here we include a few, and our HEALTHY LIVING tips page in the navigation bar at the left will give you far more.

  2. Cholesterol …
  3. Why is Fish so important?
  4. Read more about how Motor Neuron Disease and MS may be caused by a Low Fat diet …
  5. the Marvellous Apple …
  6. Read more Olives and Avocados… OLIVE GARDEN NUTRITION.


Whilst exercise is not everyone's cup of tea, slowly we are realising that "exercise or ache; take your pick" is the reality. Albeit begrudgingly, many are turning to simple exercise routines. For starters some stiff neck exercises.



  3. Sign up for free Low Back exercises …

  4. Read more about Shoulder Exercises …

  5. Read more Jaw Joint Exercises …

  7. Kegel exercises
  8. Light physical activity mitigates against heart disease


If you really want to understand your pain, and what you can do about it, some grasp of ANATOMY does help. Even if it doesn't interest you, it may be worth your while ... Site Map will help you.

  1. Read more Neck Facet joints…

  2. Read more Shoulder Anatomy…

  3. Read more about Rib pain anatomy …

  4. Read more Sacro-Iliac Joint anatomy …

  5. Read more about Jaw Joint Anatomy …

  6. Read more about Foot pain anatomy …


Causes of osteoporosis



  1. Osteoporosis

2. Vertigo dizziness

3. Weight loss

  • Vegetable high in protein
  • Sauteed Mushrooms Recipe
  • Artificial sweetener side effects

4. Pose a question

Ketosis (Banting diet)

  1. Banting diet for vegetarians
  2. Modified Banting diet
  3. Banting diet rebuttal
  4. Tofu nutrition
  5. What foods have trans fats?
  6. Tabbouleh Bulgar wheat
  7. Electric flour mill
  8. How to cook beetroot greens
  9. Interesting facts about strawberries
  10. High protein low fat foods
  11. Low-grade inflammation affects stroke severity


Good health books

Reading for pleasure and to gain insights into health is one of the aims of this site map.

Read more about Inspirational Books Chiropractic…

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