Better health with chiropractic

Better health with chiropractic enables you to imagine a life virtually without medication, the third most-common cause of death; it is known as iatrogenic disease.

This is our free newsletter, week after month, and one step at a time. Rome was not built in a day. Nor is less pain and disability; not from a DC, nor from an MD either for that matter.

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This page was last updated by Dr Barrie Lewis on 9th February, 2023.

Having said that, discovering finally that an inadequately-functioning pancreas is at the bottom of your poor record can almost instantly change your life for the future.

Likewise working out for yourself the virtue of a simple set of back exercises for a weak spine, or the magnificent benefit of an apple a day for a whole host of complaints, can revitalise you.

Covering a diverse range of topics from the syndromes seen at the coalface and tips on the prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis and constipation, you'll find our newsletter eminently readable and interesting,

As the philosophy of this site involves also getting off the couch and onto the tennis court, the bowling green or into the swimming pool there will often be a piece on exercise; and hiking the great outdoors.

There will often be a precis on a book of the month, invariably a slot from our nutritional corner and our healthy living tips; our newsletter is written in a light and informal style, easy for the average reader without a medical background to grasp and implement.

These last months, for example, we have looked at one of the major underlying causes of severe migraine headaches, and why it's important to have wisdom teeth out in the chair under a local anaesthetic. On the nutritional side, it is so easy to make your own delicious pesto in only five minutes, without any chemical additives.

Many foods like pesto, hummus and olive pate have highly sensitive oils that easily go rancid; so the food companies have to add a whole range of preservatives that can radically change the subtle flavours. You won't know until you make your own and taste for yourself the difference.

This is what makes the life without medication a real possibility; it's a completely different philosophy of health and, in fact, being itself. It means deciding to do your level best to look after your own body yourself.

Few conditions are more debilitating than migraine headache; unsurprisingly it is not just caused by smelly cheese and red wine. Chiropractic has a great contribution to make in many cases, but expertise with the jaw joint will be necessary; the sensory nucleus is located in the upper neck, so cervical pain is often a feature.

Neurological and orthopaedic

The dangers of popping your own neck, and how it leads invariably to cervical spine arthritis and pain radiating down the arm is another recent topic. Is there a place for bed rest in the management of acute lower back pain? Just how reliable are x-rays and the reports, and are they dangerous? Just sign up for our free monthly newsletter.

Or scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you can read all the back editions. To date there are 45 of them, and that will take you a month of Sundays; you too can enjoy better health with chiropractic.

Few things frighten patients more than symptoms such as tingling in arms and hands with thoughts of multiple sclerosis or Guillain-Barre syndrome.

MS is what is known as a demyelinating disease. Most of the nerves are covered by a fatty sheath that is vital for the conduction of impulses.

You will find plenty of information on oleic-acid, the main ingredient of myelin and how to avoid the autoimmune diseases in our newsletters.

As one prominent cardiologist recently said, despite all of medicine's interventions, the lumen of the arteries seem to get ever more red and inflamed. He recommends unashamedly getting back to the foods that our great-grandmothers once served.

Yes, it does take time to grow and prepare your salads, grind your own healthy flour and make your homemade hummus but therein lies the basis of so many of our neurological and orthopaedic diseases; nutritionless food steeped in chemicals.

Grandma was probably not obese like mum is; therein lies the root cause of much arthritis of the hip, knee and ankle. Pain and disability, and huge expense, are the price we pay. You will find it all in the newsletters.

Finding the source of such symptoms is based on a careful and thorough neurological and orthopaedic examination. Our newsletter takes you one step at a time through the little things you can easily do to understand and improve your health.

You'll find each month little tests that you can do, and the neurological information to help you decide if you have carpal tunnel syndrome or a pinched nerve in the neck. You may be surprised to find that your chiropractor knows a good deal more about a frozen shoulder and the conditions that cause tingling in the fingers and hands.

It's all in the newsletters; sign up today. One click will unsubscribe you if you find them boring or irrelevant to your needs. Your privacy is valued by us and we never give away your private information. We too hate spam. This newsletter, better health with chiropractic, can only be got by signing up below, and then you'll get an email asking you to confirm that you really want it.

Many of these tests from our clinic you will find on You Tube.

For example, this simple neurological examination evaluates the integrity of the nerves from your neck. You could even do it at home, though interpreting these tests takes experience.

Pubic bone pain

Pubic bone pain is a very distressing condition for many women; it often makes sex difficult and walking painful. But really, most often it is very treatable; better health with chiropractic goes far beyond tingling in arms and legs.

It is good to remember that pain is your friend, not your foe. He is trying to tell you something. Are you listening, or are you resorting to and risking the third most common cause of death? Iatrogenic illness, also known as doctor caused disease. And in case you think I am knocking medicine, that also includes doctors of chiropractor; only the vast majority of those deaths are caused by prescription drugs.

Secondly, it is pain that drives many patients to chiropractors, rather than thoughts of overall better health with chiropractic.  Pubic bone pain is a common complaint, particularly from women.

The source of that nasty pain is often related to the deep pelvic core muscles, though radiation from a Maigne's Syndrome, or even a hip condition such as developmental hip dysplasia is also not uncommon. Too little contact between hip and socket means certain arthritis if this condition is not well managed. Most difficult is that acceptance that one has to forego certain sports like distance running and dirty dancing.

Take a look at the back issues of better health with chiropractic at the bottom of any page at this site; there you will find a mine of information on subjects as diverse as the importance of freshly ground flax seed for its omega 3 to a nasty condition called meralgia paresthetica that produces pain and tingling in the upper leg.

Building core muscles is an essential factor for a healthy lower back.

Rehabilitation and exercise is a vital part of better health. Whilst chronic conditions, medical or chiropractic, may mean an occasional but regular consultation with your DC or GP, for acute conditions of recent onset the usual modus operandi is as follows;

  • Treatment to get over the recent problem.
  • Rehabilitative exercise to prevent a setback next week.
  • Discharge once you and your chiropractor are satisfied your pain is over until the next time you slip on banana skin.
  • But that is dependent on you maintaining your exercise regimen. 
  • The alternative is regular bouts of pain., and
  • A monthly chiropractic help treatment, whilst perhaps not ideal, but is not dissimilar to the medical management of diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and so on.
  • Meralgia paresthetica

Personal Medical Insurance

One thing is certain; you have to budget for unexpected and sometimes serious medical or chiropractic conditions. Even with the best health with chiropractic in the world, a fall down the steps, a motor accident not of your making and a slipped disc after moving a heavy cupboard can happen to any of us.

For those with a terror of being unable to meet the bills, personal medical insurance is a must. Those who smoke and are obese had better make sure too that they are well insured. Heavy expenses lurk on the horizon.

For those willing to gamble, who enjoy good health and make a real effort towards better health, going without insurance is also an option; if you put away some money every month for a rainy day. It happens to all of us.

With no personal medical insurance one has no option but to consider lower back surgery alternatives; but with FBS reading so prominently in the literature, no doubt all sufferers should consider conservative options first.

Walk or cycle regularly? Enjoy your five to ten colours per day? Eat plenty of legumes to supplement, and reduce, your reliance on red meat? Making sure that your have plenty of omega-3 fats in your diet? Do you drive cautiously, with a safety belt on? An optimist at heart? Then no personal medical insurance is certainly an option.

I am tens of thousands of dollars ahead through having no personal medical insurance. But tomorrow, a drunk could T-bone me.

Chiropractic Books

Chiropractic books for lay folk make great Christmas gifts.

Journey of Scott Haldeman is a biography of one of the most influential chiropractors of this time.

Stones in my Clog is a lovely readable book of chiropractor Bernard Preston's experiences during a seven-year stint of working in Holland. Find it using Site Search in the main menu.

Better health with nutrition

Better healthy with chiropractic is further achieved by healthy nutrition; without that, no treatment, chiropractic or otherwise can significantly improve your health.

Our monthly newsletter covers important subjects such as lowering your cholesterol without Statins, foods that lower cholesterol naturally and how you can achieve a life without, or almost without, drugs. That means healthy eating and exercise. For example, simply adding foods that contain magnesium to your diet will lessen the chance of a cardiovascular disease by a massive 50%.

Just a dozen spinach seeds planted in spring and autumn would do the trick; it's not rocket science. Then turn it into this eight colors eggs Florentine breakfast; it's a delight to the taste buds, quick to make and has all the ingredients you need; the greens for folate, 100% wholemeal toast for the betaines and healthy carbs, an egg for choline and B12, and excellent protein.

Did you know that the offspring of pregnant mice fed a diet high in choline NEVER got senile dementia no matter what, when they eventually became old and decrepit? Researchers found the equivalent of the first four years also important; what are your children eating?

That is simple but just as important is healthy flour if you are a baker, and that is more troublesome. Our experience is that you either make the effort to eat nutritious meals or there will be far worse difficulties coming and much more time spent in doctor's offices than you would have spent baking choice foods.

So, if it is better health you are after, and you are willing to ring in a few changes, this is the newsletter for you.

Wellness is a step by step process; start with the simple things like taking a short walk every day; eat an apple or other fruit regularly. It is only later that you might to buy a wheat grinder and starting baking with your own healthy flour.

Lutein in kale and zeaxanthin in summer squash are vitally important phytochemicals needed by the retina in the prevention of cataracts and adult onset blindness.

Read more at zeaxanthin macular degeneration. Five million Americans are needlessly blind because of a deficiency of this carotene; and many more partially sighted.

Better Health with Chiropractic

Better health with chiropractic enables you to imagine a life with little or no medication, the third most common cause of death; it is known as iatrogenic, or doctor-caused disease.

It is largely anecdotal, but chiropractic improves many other conditions from menstrual cramps to unexplained infertility; and indigestion to constipation.

Always beware of murky science; it is everywhere.

The nerves from the spine supply the organs as well as the skin, joints and muscles.

Tingling in arms and legs

Tingling in arms and legs is the most popular page at chiropractic help; can you imagine it, but 37,238 people read it last month? Better health with chiropractic is about treatment but also prevention.

Paresthesias, as they are known in neurological jargon, are a sure sign of a nervous system under stress. It could be anything from an irritated nerve root in the neck causing an ache in the upper midback to motor neuron disease.

MND incidentally has a high correlation with a high carb, low fat diet. Make absolutely certain you are getting enough of the healthy fats; that means fatty fish, olives and avocados, walnuts and pecans and freshly ground flaxseed.

But most usually, tingling in the arms and hands is an indication to visit the chiropractor, rather than the nutritionist; but do not neglect those important fats.

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden should be a priority in every home, large or small; start with a row of radishes, and another of lettuces rather than fennel though.

Better health with chiropractic also means eating right.

The fennel plant makes for a wonderful green salad and better health.

Better health with chiropractic, naturopathic medicine and exercise therapy are simply different parts of the complementary health triangle; they are completely intertwined. And that means a return to good food, and a recognition that much of what is presented by the food manufacturing industry can best be described as junk food, and even that term is probably too kind.

There's no easy answer for the busy family, but just one hour less television per week would go quite a long way to providing fresh, healthy food from your own garden. How long does it take to plant a row of pea seeds? Or to dig in a punnet of lettuce seedlings. Plant a lemon tree?

When we talk about better health with chiropractic you will find that our newsletter is filled with gems from the garden. Perhaps start with this what is potting in the autumn garden link.

Quite apart from the enormous benefits of getting fresh food from your garden, you will find it a great place to de-stress. When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden. It is a variation on a theme known as forest bathing.

Try and know what foods have trans fat; it is the bad stuff.

A common saying...

"After 65, if you don't wake up aching in every joint, you are probably dead."

It really does not need to be that way; keep exercising your legs and your back, eat your greens and enjoy them, and remember that life long learning is the buzzword today. Oh, and have your chiropractic adjustment when you need it.

That is what I do, and I am 71, take no drugs and have almost no aching joints. Every now and then, L3 reminds me that I had a serious slipped disc five years ago. You can read about it at femoral nerve damage.

Enjoying your anti-inflammatory food like fatty fish, olive oil and Swiss chard is a vital part of that process; I enjoy eggs Florentine almost every morning for breakfast; it is rich in the B vitamins that prevent flames erupting in the body.

Take proper holidays too. That means three consecutive weeks at least every other year.

These chiropractic weekly tips should be of interest to everyone.


As you can see better health with chiropractic also emphasizes plenty of exercise, especially for the lower back, and a diet rich in coloured foods like butternut, apples, Swiss chard and blue berries; the protection against inflammation and cancer is in the phytochemicals.

"After 65, if you exercise your mind and body, eat properly enjoying 5-10 coloured foods per day and partake of better health with chiropractic, you are going to be fit and strong for another ten years."

Premature generalised muscle weakness alas is the sign of the times in our modern civilisation.


A pesto lunch promises better health.

There are no short cuts to abundant well-being; if you want it, then make the time to deal with your health issues, taking a daily walk, and going on holiday; scrumptious meals with no preservatives, colouring, emulsifiers and trans fats means spending time in the kitchen to prepare slow food, made fast.

Otherwise you will be spending twenty times as much time consulting doctors and swallowing pills. Better health with chiropractic means taking care of yourself; there is no other way.

Our review process

Our review process is where trust begins; concerning wellness we are sure you are looking for information that is straightforward, reliable and practical.

Is chiropractic a trick or treatment?

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