Eight colors eggs Florentine

Eight colors eggs Florentine makes the perfect breakfast if you are banting; that is, trying to lose weight by cutting out carbohydrate and increasing the fat so you don't feel famished all day. Obesity is public enemy number one of the chiropractor.

Hunger is the real issue here. No diet that leaves you feeling half starved all day can ever be sustainable; and that means all the low fat food plans.

I don't recommend diets, because research shows that after one year literally 95 percent of folk have put it on again, or worse gained weight.

But our modified Banting diet does have its merits. It is in essence a meal with a very low glycemic index; it produces no blood sugar rush.

Cooked eggs valentine

There's very interesting research which followed a large group of people over a period of twenty years. Those who ate on average 8 to 9 colored foods per day had a 35 percent lower all cause of death; that is massive.

These functional foods as they are called act as anti-oxidants, moping up the free radicals that cause cancer. In addition, it's a high fibre diet which prevents constipation and keeps the colon clean and healthy; it contributes to the microbiome.

Promoting health and preventing disease is what it's all about.

Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of death today. This delicious breakfast, cooked in only ten minutes helps to prevent all that.

It is almost guaranteed too that you won't be obese, will have low cholesterol and no type two diabetes; and cardiovascular disease is greatly reduced. You are using food as medicine.

And you can get it all in one meal with this breakfast. I enjoy it almost every single day myself.

Picking the fresh greens from the garden myself is part of the deal, though; made with wilted spinach it looks and is unappetizing.

How to grow spinach is one of most popular pages at my sites; it's so easy and all you need is one square meter of ground to produce months of good food.

Kale incidentally is an equally simple green to grow, and it's perhaps even more healthy than spinach; so I now include a couple leaves in the mix. By the way, this eight colors eggs Florentine gives you a huge amount of lutein and zeaxanthine, the vitally important carotenes for the macula and the lens of the eye. Without them there is a very great likelihood of age related blindness, especially if you are a smoker.

Eight colors eggs Florentine

Eight colors eggs Florentine makes the perfect, simple breakfast if you're banting.

It's full of lutein and contributes greatly to prevention of zeaxanthin macular degeneration and cataracts.

Eight colors eggs Florentine ingredients

You can of course make your own favourite foods when you're making your eight colors eggs Florentine.

The basic dish is simply an egg poached on a bed of spinach, but here we add half a dozen more colored ingredients.

Let's make an important point here. This is not legalism, and I'm not suggesting you actually count, and weigh out your foods. That totally spoils the joy of eating. Simply include whatever is easily available. And yes, I will confess that it's a lot easier if you're a veggie gardener.

What we have here is two kinds of young spinach, a purple beetroot leaf and one broccoli top, a ripe jalapeno and delicious tomatoes. Add to that a green spring onion and garlic and you're home and dry.

Each of these has its own particular nutritional virtues but you can be sure this meal is high in the vitamins B6, 9 and 12 that prevent a homocysteine buildup; it's particularly rich in lykopene, the red coloring that prevents prostate cancer, and capsaicin that is anti inflammatory. Obviously all your organic green needs are fully supplied. Nothing more need be said about the onion and garlic.

If you're not banting then enjoy it on a slice of toast; if you use our high GI bread recipe then you've already added another two or three colors.

First, quickly chop half an onion and fry it in butter for a few moments.

Meanwhile, devein the broccoli leaf which is inclined to be a bit hard and fibrous.

Toss the tomatoes and jalapeno into the pan, keeping it on low heat. If you like it hot, then split the chili but, since my two year old grandson will be enjoying this with us, I keep it whole. It gives a delicious flavour to the meal, without being too spicy.

You can either start your children on a life of battling obesity with a sugary breakfast, or you start getting them used to garlic and greens, tomatoes and chilies. My grandson just loves having breakfast with us. He's not put off by having eight colors eggs florentine instead of sugar pops.

Eggs Florentine onions and reds

I chop the cabbage, kale or broccoli leaf a little finer, otherwise it takes longer to cook; keeping this under ten minutes is important to me. We have a busy day ahead.

Toss in your finely chopped green leaf and add a couple tablespoons of water and a smidgen of sea salt. Cover the pain with a lid and steam on low heat.

I try to use as little of the see how it runs salt as possible; mostly they contain an anti caking agent which contains aluminium. I don't know about you, but I have no desire to get premature Alzheimer's disease.

Now finally chop your remaining greens and toss them in, and again cover; turn up the heat a little, making sure you have enough water, or it'll burn. Steam for about three minutes.

There again, not too much water, the important minerals like magnesium and zinc are leached out into the liquid.

You may have noticed we are using a portable induction stove. What a joy they are; cook at ten times the speed, using half the electricity. Significantly faster than gas and much quicker than a conventional hob. Only, they don't work with aluminium pots, which you shouldn't use anyway, or copper bottomed pans.

Now peel a few cloves of garlic; I work on about one per person.

At the last moment, drop in the garlic and immediately crack the eggs onto the greens. Replace the lid and again steam for about two minutes. Meanwhile, get your low GI bread into the toaster.

Butter it, and add your delicious eight colors eggs Florentine onto the toast. Eet smakelijk as we would say in Holland. Enjoy your breakfast.

I prefer the garlic only lightly cooked. You can add it at any stage you like; near raw it gives some folk indigestion.

And this eight colors eggs Valentine is the choice breakfast for my two year old grandson. Even he can tell the difference when we use a fertilised organic egg.

Organic fertilised egg

Easy sourdough bread recipe

Bernard Preston's easy sourdough bread recipe is now my favourite; a slice of toast under the eight colors eggs Florentine is divine healthy food.

And interestingly, doesn't cause any significant rise in the blood glucose; because I'm on the verge of being prediabetic, I am testing my blood sugar; our 100% wholemeal bread under eight colors eggs Florentine has no adverse effect.

More, for those who understand the gluten, this easy sourdough bread recipe means that even those with severe inflammatory bowel disease can enjoy a slice or two every day.

Simply adding a good dollop of homemade quick hummus turns ordinary dough into a low GI bread. Use of breadmachine reduces electricity and takes only five minutes, and of course another few hours to rise and bake.

Just in case you're concerned, butter is back. If you're eating these kinds of foods, you need have no anxiety about cholesterol. Mine is dangerous low, I often quip!

It's all about the lignans in 100% whole wheat flour. There are some concerns about the phytates in the bran; should women in particular studiously avoid because they bind minerals including calcium and iron?

However soaking the mix overnight, fermenting with the sourdough starter and then baking greatly reduces the effect of the phytic acid.

Read more at are phytates bad?


Banting is not dissimilar to the Paleo diet; it goes back to William Banting who lost so much weight that six months later his own doctor never recognised him. It's a perfect fit with the eight colors eggs Florentine breakfast; without the easy sourdough bread recipe toast.

Whilst I, Bernard Preston, have serious difficulties with the original, I can heartily endorse the Banting diet modified.

How to grow spinach

Spinach is the single easiest vegetable to grow, and a patch goes on for months, and sometimes in a mild climate for years. My first lesson in gardening was how to grow spinach! So, it's the first I give too; at the heart of eight colors eggs Florentine.

This scraggly patch of spinach has contributed to our eight colors eggs Florentine most mornings for at least two months, and will continue to do for at least another two months. In fact in a mild climate it goes on for years; nothing could be easier.

Recently we've started adding this baby spinach; each has their subtle nutritional differences and contributes to the overall certainty that you are getting sufficient minerals and vitamins.

In reality you can count your Swiss chard, ordinary spinach, and baby spinach as three different ingredients for your eight colors eggs Florentine recipe.

Spinach is really a cool weather crop, but most summers it will grow through the year in mild climates. But this season was particularly hot and humid and the lot died. We were very glad to be able to fall back on good old kale, parsley and sweet basil to make up the greens for our eight colors eggs Florentine.

These jalapenos contribute immeasurably to our eight colors eggs Florentine. If children will be eating it, don't split the chili, but then the chili itself is much hotter. Generally speaking it's better to split the jalapeno before cooking your breakfast; then it won't take your head off!


Magnesium is require for over 300 important enzymatic reactions in the body. Yet over 50% of folk eating typical grocery store foods fall far short of the recommended daily allowance; they simply cannot be healthy.

Just one cup of raw spinach leaves contains 40% of your requirements[3].

The legumes too in this Eight Colours Eggs Florentine are a rich source of magnesium.

As an aside the beta-carotenes also enhance the absorption of iron; around 40% of those eating the typical "industrial diet" suffer from

Choline food sources

Choline is an important subject and nowhere is it better resolved than in this eight colors eggs Florentine.

The average Western diet consumes less than half the required daily amount of this vital vitamin contributing to many diseases as diverse as Alzheimer's, heart attacks and diabetes.

Enjoying an egg on a bed of greens on a slice of 100% whole wheat toast takes you most of the way home.


Very nice, but why eight colors eggs Florentine on a chiropractic help website, you may well be asking. Lots of reasons really, but perhaps mainly because spinach is the best source of dietary magnesium. A deficiency is a major cause of arthritis, the chiropractor's public enemy number two; after obesity, riding horses and vacuum cleaners!

And chilis are anti inflammatory surprisingly, and the second richest source of vitamin C after citrus; that's good for cartilage too. 

More than that, scientists followed a group of people who ate eight coloured foods per day, on average, for twenty years. They had a 35% lower all cause of death.

Healthy living tips

These healthy living tips are about the whole person and not just your spine; so much of health care focuses on only one part of your body. My particularly interest in eight colors eggs Florentine is that it gives the most comprehensive protection against prostate cancer, the ultimate male indignity; and then you die, if it metastasizes to the spine or pelvis in terrible pain.

This wonderful breakfast also helps protect your heart and brain; the spinach also contains a plentiful supply of lutein for your eyes; and the egg yolk is one of richest sources of another carotene that is specifically stored in the lens and retina; read more at zeaxanthin macular degeneration.  At least five million Americans are needlessly blind.

Whether it's the capsaicin health benefits in jalapenos, the lignans in 100% wholemeal flour, the tomato or the greens, or the choline you can be reasonably sure that, enjoyed daily, you won't suffer from these particular miseries.

This amazing dish protects so many of the organs in your body, tastes fantastic and with a little planning can be prepared in ten minutes.

Make it nine colors by tossing in a few leaves of my favourite herb, sweet basil; eugenol oil is a cox inhibitor, like the strongest anti inflammatory drugs.

Here are more healthy living tips, one of our most popular pages.


Legumes are banned in most of the high fat diets like Banting and Paleo for various reasons, mistakenly so in my opinion. Whether it's the starch in beans and peas, or the phytates in chickpeas and lentils, they are frowned on.

When scientists disagree on a subject, then we can only assume there isn't yet a clear picture. What is certain is that a diet high in red meat is certainly cancer causing, so where does that leave you? Legumes.

Right now, in Spring, we are adding a few broad beans to our eight colors eggs Florentine; they are one of the few sources of Dopa, essential to prevent and help Parkinson's disease. Certainly they help give a sense of satiety, or fullness after a meal; no 11 o'clock blues. In late summer it's limas and in Winter green peas.

I recommend you get a glucometer if you are insulin resistant and test yourself; neither these legumes, nor the 100% wholemeal toast affect the rise in blood glucose with our eight colours eggs Florentine.

Before the meal: 5.0 (90)

30 mins later: 5.4 (98)

60 mins later: 5.0 (90)

120 mins later 4.8 (87)

However, I did take a ten minute brisk walk after breakfast, and thereafter was physically busy in the garden. Test yourself if you have a sedentary job.

Broad beans is important on our agenda. We don't like the disease, and will do anything to help prevent it, even being rather weird and having them for breakfast!

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