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Chiropractic answers tries to give direction to your frequently asked questions; honest answers to some of your baffling problems. Many are them are routine,  but some others quite bizarre, just because of the complexity of the human frame.

Since you can now ask your questions and get Chiropractic answers in most pages at Chiropractic Help this page has largely become obsolete. Nevertheless there are many interesting questions from you along with the Chiropractic answers.

Chiropractic answers from me to you.
  1. Thank you Dr B! I can't wait for Frog and Bats... The title of Frog in my Throat caught my eye. I LOVE frogs and I am having trouble with my throat. I do go to a Chiropractor and I am having serious Thyroid (SERIOUS) and I stumbled upon your site when checking out Thyroid and Chiropractic. I haven't discussed my Thyroid issue with my Chiro yet, since I just found out. I had an appointment yesterday and I got very bad news from my ultrasound and cancelled the chiropractic appointment. I thought I might faint when I got in the office! Why am I telling you this Bernie??? I don't know! HA! Maybe you might have some insight as to why my Thyroid has betrayed me! I have a feeling my lumps are malignant. My mother had it . Any insight on Thyroid cancers or troubles? I am asking anyone and everyone I encounter. 

Hello J, Sorry to hear about your thyroid. Even the worst case scenario is very treatable today. What is important is to view it as a serious wake-up call: your lifestyle and diet need serious modification. Don't change, and it will either re-occur, or pop up somewhere else. I'm afraid that I have no knowledge that chiropractic can treat thyroid conditions, benign or malignant. I have seen some reports that the use of coconut oil improves thyroid function. It's a bit controversial as coconut supposedly raises blood cholesterol. However, I have my doubts about that and there may be something in it. Sorry, I have little knowledge about the thyroid. Radically change your diet, are you eating the mandatory five colours a day? I go for ten as strong research shows eating 8-10 coloured foods per day reduces your all cause of death by 35%; that's massive.

Grapefruit, lettuce, carrot, avocado, peas straight from the garden, broccoli soup --mm, that's only six, bad day. Oh yes, hummus with the avo, that's parsley + garbanzo beans, another two foods rich in anti-oxidants. Total eight. And now ice cream and choc sauce, the reward. How many colours did you have? Sorry, become a healthy nut, or else... oh, yes, pecans on the salad. Not sure that's a colour, but certainly healthy. Get the drift...?

This little book, Anti-cancer might have something for you: Written by a psychiatrist who got brain cancer, twice before he heeded the warnings; a little gem.


And not least, say your prayers. Peace of mind is vital at this time, seriously, it has an effect on the outcome. Enjoy Frog and Bats. If you like them Stones in my Clog is also now available as an ebook at $2.99 Dr B

Thank you for that advice. You were speaking of colors in the diet.. mine is pretty much black and white.. I am allergic to corn syrup so I don't eat too much processed food, except for Velveeta shells and cheese . :) My diet isn't so great and I do need a serious wake up call. I would have preferred a little bit less scary wake up but I indeed will do that. I will also look into that book you recommended. Thank you for your time. Much appreciated!!! J

Hello Janine, Corn starch is bad stuff anyway. But you aren't allergic to lettuce, tomato, avocado, grapes, apples, pecan nuts, broccoli and celery are you? Start today, the first day of your new life. Take it seriously cause it is serious. Have a good look at our Healthy Living page at Dr B

  1. Ive bin diagnozed with hip arthritis bt also have a history of siatica(same side as my hip arthritis). I walk with a bad limp and lean 4ward. Is there anything I can do 2 improve this? Thanku Hello I'm not sure of your age, but both sciatica and hip arthritis are conditions that are treated in chiropractic clinics. Sometimes referral for orthopaedic or neurosurgical consults are necessar. That "forward lean" is critical as it thrown your whole body out of kilter. If it's a temporary condition, associated with acute lower back and leg pain, it's called an antalgia. If it's permanent then more difficult. In either instance it needs to be addressed. You can read about our treatment of both hip arthritis and sciatica at these pages:

    Hello M, Regretably I can't do anything to help you, but there is sure to be someone nearby to help you out. You have what seems to be a classic case of Tietze's syndrome. I take it you have seen the page on Tietzes at C-H, hence this letter. Is it also giving you indigestion? The diaphragm attaches to those the lower six ribs and so upset tum is often a biproduct of the problem. Tietze's syndrome is a dysfunction of the whole rib, hence you are getting pain all the way from the midback where the rib begins, all along its course to the breastbone. One big NO-NO. Never let anyone manipulate you hard in the midback. That will aggravate the condition. Talk to your local Chiropractor about that, as it took me 20 years to work that out. S/he may not know it either. You need help, Melissa, see your local DC. What you can do for yourself is: * Fill a polystyrene cup with water and put it in the deep freeze. When frozen tear away a little of the polystyrene so that the ice is proud. Take it to the shower or bath. First give yourself an ice massage over the offending rib-breastbone joint. When very cold, go in the hot water. Repeat a few times. Do it at least once a day, preferably more often. * Take a little massage oil or cream and gently run your index and middle finger, straddling the painful rib(s), starting at the breastbone and moving as far under the breast as you can reach. * Lying on your side, ask hubby to use some cream to rub all along the rib from your back towards sternum, under the armpit, under the breast (no hanky panky now!). Take him with you, by the way, the treatment goes all around the breast (mostly you can pull the breast tissue out the way with your own hand which gives you a modicum of privacy. But that rib needs a Chiropractic adjustment to fix this condition. Thought: It took me me 25 years to work out the treatment of this condition. If your chiro is floundering, suggest he skype me. I'm very happy to go thru the protocol with her/him. There's hope, Melissa. Really there is. This is something I treat on a daily basis, it's really quite common, just you have a particularly bad, and now chronic dose of it. Oh, btw, don't believe that bs about being a hypochondriac. That's we doctors do when don't know what else to do: blame the patient: IT MUST BE YOUR FAULT! This is a very real condition, just Medicine is not so good at handling musculo-skeletal conditions. Let me know how you get on. Dr B

  3. "I am sleeping with a pregnancy pillow but still wake up every hour with extreme pain in my thighs and roll to the other side to again wake up in pain an hour later, is there anything to help this.

    Hello Jennifer, Firstly, congrats. I hope things improve... Of course a diagnosis is necessary, and that means an examination which I can't do, but it sounds like you are getting pubic bone pain (check this out at the Search this site facility). Take a little test: Ask hubby to lie on his back with legs slightly widespread. Now, using some massage oil or handcream, run your thumb up his inner thighs, starting at the inner knee, and going all the way up to the groin and pubic bones. Assume his reaction is normal. It's a bit tender. Now ask him to do the same to you. Are you having extreme tenderness of the muscle in the inner thigh? Then ask him to do it again, twice, not too hard as it can be extremely unpleasant if this is the source of your pain. You may get a bruise. Repeat after a couple days. Then gently massage the pubic bones yourself. They are the origin of some of the deep pelvic muscles and it may be very tender. Then I would pull each knee to the chest, then both knees together, spread wide to make room for your tum, and pelvic tilt. See Lower back exercises at C-H. Really, the best is to consult a chiropractor experienced in treating pregnant women. Ask friends and family, even your GP. Because if you are having Meralgia paresthetica, an SI syndrome, maigne's syndrome, then this will only help partially. Use the search facillity... I hope this has contributed. Bit of a long shot to be quite honest! Let me know how you get on. Dr B.
  4. "I have seen two chiropractors and they both seem to believe that SI joint is fixated and that there is soft tissue problems. After 20 visits to the first chiropractor I only seemed to get worse and out of pure frustration I tried to diagnose myself with the help of the internet. The only diagnoses that I found that fit my symptoms(unable to: sit comfortably, stand still, lay on my side or ride in a car without pain) was too much movement in the SI joints. I have what they call "flare ups" quite often and any amount of activity is quite limited as I have pain in my sacrum and lower back which also radiates around my sides and into the groin area. When the "flare up" is significant it feels as though I can not get my balance in my hip area and no matter which way I move I am in pain. I fell last Oct. and have been suffering since. I have been sent to physical rehab, a chiropractor, a neurosurgeon, an orthopedic surgeon and now the latest chiropractor. I have had 9 visits with this chiropractor and have had 2 days without nagging pain but then again I was not doing anything and as soon as I do (walk, bend, reach, whatever)the pain starts in and stops me. I am then again on motrin or stronger meds as needed. Thanks for the info", M


Hello M,

Mm, indeed a complex history, so I'm not going to make a sublime superficial judgement. What I find interesting is the pain in the groin? What do the two chiros, and medical people make of that? My second question is "are you EVERY DAY doing a simple set of exercises BEFORE getting out of bed every morning?" If you haven't already, sign up for Chiropractic Tips. Sitting is the biggest enemy of the low back, so it comes as no surprise that sitting causes pain. My advice is sit less, particularly in deep luxury chairs, for example before the TV. But the pain whilst standing? Has anybody considered that? Is there a difference between a good fast walk, and a slow amble, shopping, and does the saying 'shop 'til you drop' take any particular significance? I take it X-rays have been taken, and show nothing of interest. No short leg seen on the X-ray and physical exam? What is positive, is that you make no mention of pain in the leg, only the groin. Thoughts:A Maignes syndrome may give pain in the groin. So too a hip condition. Pull your knee onto your chest and then rotate it. Does it do anything interesting? Try the Fabere position: is it restricted, does it hurt in the groin, sacroiliac joint? Do the Slump test. Does it hurt anywhere? Is it much tighter in one leg than the other? Ask your chiropractor to do a Femoral nerve stretch. Does that hurt more in the one leg that the other? My very superficial feeling is that this is indeed a sacro-iliac problem, and what's needed is consideration of such matters as a leg length inequality, exercise / rehab programme, and such things as less bending, less sitting and generally accepting that you have to slow down for a bit. Like a month at home with minimal sitting, lots of simple exercises, perhaps swimming, walking... but honestly, that's a very superficial judgement. I hope it has contributed.

Patrick faber or sometimes called fabere test.

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I have back pain on my lower left side of my back, above the hip. I feel it the most when I lay in bed or if I bend a certain way causing my lower left side of my back to ache/pain. I've been told by non professionals that it may be Sciatica. I've had this problem for over 2ys and it's not improving.

CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS The good news, William, is that you probably don't have sciatica. This little test will confirm whether you do or don't. Does it give you pain, IN THE LEG.

Do it gently.

Sciatica is a pain IN THE LEG, not the back, though pain in the back, untreated, often progresses to sciatica.

The sciatic nerve is a large nerve eminating from your lower back, it's as thick as your little finger, and going down the leg. When you have sciatica, you have pain, or tingling, or numbness, or weakness IN THE LEG. You make no mention of leg pain.

You'll be getting some exercises from our Chiropractic Tips in your email box. Do them faithfully every morning before getting out of bed, and several times a day. They're very basic.

I would do them for say a month. Meantime, ask your doctor for some STANDING x-rays of your back AND pelvis (also erect).

If you see no progress within a month (and frankly, you may not if you've had this for two years, but it's worth a try), them start to ask family and friends, even your doctor for the name of a conscientious local chiropractor. It's probably a mechanical dysfunction in the sacroiliac joints, or facet joints in the lower back. Only a thorough examination can tell. Here's an example of a complex case:

If you brows around Chiropractic Help you'll find oodles of info that may be relevant.

I hope this has contributed.

  1. "Do we need chiropractic aid all the time to keep our spine and back healthy? And how often we need it in life?"
  2. CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS That's a very interesting question, M. How to answer? Frankly various chiropractors would give you differing answers. Here's my honest take on the subject:

    If you have no curvature of the spine, have had no significant injuries, have no family history of hereditary conditions like a hip dysplasia or lumbarisation of the spine, no short leg, are reasonably fit and active, don't spend hours in front of a computer or in a car... then, no, I think think you need chiropractic care "all the time". In fact you may not need it at all.

    I could add to that, eat a sensible diet, and don't smoke, because both contribute to cartilage degeneration which increases the need for chiropractic care.

    But if you have one or more of the above, then yes, you probably will need periodic chiropractic care. How often depends on your particular situation, and that I can't comment on.

    I try to get all my patients away from "all the time". We haven't yet done research on how much manipulation may actually be bad for your spine, but I'm sure too much is too much. My rule of thumb is that a joint shouldn't be manipulated more than 25 times a year, but that's a thumb suck, and may be too high.

    Most of my patients with chronic conditions come every 6-16 weeks for a consultation. (about 2-3 months). A few every month, and colic babies once they are over the their spells of making Mama and Papa miserable, once or twice a year.

    I hope that contributes. Thank you for you interesting question.

  3. " sciatica tingling numb toes."
  4. Hello K,

    CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS The first thing is to establish that you really do have sciatica. There are other causes of numb toes. Please do this test, and let me know what happens:

    For example, a Mortons neuroma can also cause tingling toes:

  5. "My husband has been having severe pain in his right arm for a few months, his Doc said he has bulging disc C3-4 & C6-7. A few weeks ago his arm turned a reddish blue color and stayed that way for a few days, we went to the ER and they found no cause. Any suggestions on what this may be? Thoracic Outlet Syndrome maybe?"

  6. Hello K,

    CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS A bulging disc (was it diagnosed on an MRI?) would not change the colour of your husband's arm. This sounds vascular to me, and frankly serious. I'd pursue it. A thoracic outlet syndrome is a possibility, a very specific test called Adson's needs to be done. Any Chiropractor could do it, but frankly this sounds 'medical' rather than Chiropractic.

    A thorough exam, reflexes, sensory changes, motor weakness, an Upper Limb Tension Test ULTT and Adsons would all help with the diagnosis.

    Any lung troubles? Can affect the nerve and artery to the arm.

    A thrombosis is my first thought. Get an opinion from a cardiocascular specialist is my recommended course of action. Always better to be safe than sorry. Rest assured, a disc bulge will NOT cause a change in the colour of his arm. That's vascular.

    Do movements of the neck reproduce the pain in the arm?

    Does placing his hand on his head relieve or aggravate the pain? - the so-called Shoulder Abduction Relief sign.

    I hope this has contributed.

    Comment @ CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS This may seem very partisan, but I wonder if the average 'doc' knows how to test the strength of Opponens Pollicus, the Upper Limb Tension Test, Adson's Test, and the Shoulder Abduction Relief sign? And it's common knowledge that perfectly healthy painfree people can have bulging discs on MRI - what we call an 'incidental finding' - of no relevance to the particular case.



  7. "The bottom of my legs in the front tingle and my feet. My lower arms from the elbow down and in my hands tingle what could this be?"

    It could be any one of many conditions. I think your next step is to ask your doctor to make an appointment with a neurologist.

    Have you been tested for diabetes mellitus?

  9. "I am having extreme leg and hip pain during my pregnancy and can hardly walk. What can I do to help this?"

    Congrats on your pregnancy, even if things aren't going well.

    Can you be a bit more specific please for a sensible Chiropractic Answer . Where in your 'hip'? And where in your leg. Groin pain?

    Do this test and let me have the result please:

    Be as specific as possible.

    Which trimester, when and how did the pain start.

    Then perhaps I can give a more substantial answer.


  11. "How do I know if he is fixing half way to get more money?"

  12. Dear J,


    That's a tricky one. You have to follow your gut feel. There are rotten apples in every barrel, and I confess the Chiropractic barrel too. If you have a nagging feeling that your Chiropractor, doctor, dentist, lawyer ... are just in it for the money, then I suggest you move on.

    Good chiropractic is based on prevention. Is your chiro talking about exercise, rehab, doing the right things, avoiding the wrong things, or are you back in the parking lot before your wife has even switched off the ignition?

    Chiropractors generally have a pretty high ethic, and if you know you have a difficult condition that no one has solved, and you are making progress, then I suggest you just be patient. Ask more questions about what you can do to help yourself.

    If you have multiple problems, then you may find that your chiropractor won't or can't address all of them in the same consultation. You wouldn't expect your doctor either to deal with two month diarrhoea, and sudden black spot in your eye, and a pain under your foot all in one consultation, would you?

    Many of my patients have headaches, and a pain in the shoulder, and some groin pain, and the ankle hurts, and yesterday... we try to address as many things as possible, but sometimes it's just not sensible.

    I hope this has contributed. Good luck!

  1. Femoral Nerve pain in thigh. Lower back exercises. Improved leg circulation.
  2. Dear P,


    Apologies for the late reply to your question. A huge backlog ...

    The Femoral nerve comes from the high lumbar region, travels through the pelvis and exits to the front of the thigh via the groin. There are a variety of syndromes affecting the area relating to the high lumbars, and causing pain in the thigh.

    Most important about the Femoral nerve is that it is the innervation of one of the most important muscles in the body, the Quadriceps. Without a properly functioning Fem n. walking becomes very difficult, and a marked limp is evident. So, a slipped disc in the high lumbars is a serious business. Fortunately not too common:

    You might look at these pages:

    For exercises, over and above those you have received from Chiropractic Tips, I would recommend these. They're quite difficult and you might need help.

    On the subject of lower leg circulation, I'm afraid I don't have many specifics to offer other than those well known: Avoid standing as much as possible, if you're a smoker, well you know what that does to your arteries and veins ..., if you're overweight, go and take a look at this page,

    not easy I know, but the alternative is that horror, a varicose ulcer. Nasty.

    And have your cholesterol checked. Here are some simple ways to lower your cholesterol:

    One last thought: an arthritic hip also causes pain in the thigh running down to the knee. It can mimic a Femoral nerve problem. Is the movement of your hip restricted?

    That should keep you busy! I hope this has contributed.

  1. Hope What must she do? My friend was born in 1933; small frame, thin bones, osteoporosis. No arthritis, lucky thing.
  2. The most important page at this website: CAUSES OF OSTEOPOROSIS ...

    She suffered a #vertebra in about Jan this year, she says after a chiro treatment for a crook back, which had come on after sitting cramped in the back of a car. She says that healed fine. But she showed the dowagers hump, and had to wear a neck brace as well as the 'hip belt'. To be quite honest IATROGENIC ILLNESS is also a part of Chiropractic: "Doctor caused disease." Can't recall when, but her 'hip pain' was diagnosed as bursitis, and in fact, she had a huge swelling on the outer thigh. Surgery was done, can't recall whether on other hip as well. From there on it was downhill. More than after the fractured vertebra.

    She's been given physio balance exercises, because she does keep falling about. She's not good about properly manipulating the walker, not being really dexterous, though good at embroidery and painting.

    Astonishing for a trained nurse, she does not stick to an exercise programme, the balance moves or quadriceps drill, because 'it's too sore'. She did not recognise that her huge loss of weight and muscle tone is due to lack of movement. She has taken on the persona of an invalid.

    Today I visited her again; and this time had the opening to lead the conversation - she's very defensive - to the topic of exercise. I tried to show her about yoga breathing, stretching, and 'breathing through the pain'. She really wanted to know, and promised to be diligent about exercise. I undertook to ask you for advice about treatment of the bursa - a second opinion she had about 6 weeks ago said he'd never operate on a bursa, it's always asking for trouble. So............can / should she do leg exercises and walking - she takes to that jolly chair, and to her bed to avoid the pain of the bilateral bursa. Walking to the house gate, is all she could manage, about 100m.

    Any other ideas - supplements? Like some magic potion that would promote strength!!

    I reckon she's lost focus and actually doesn't know what to do.


    Dear K,

    Thank you for the questions about your friend. I'm afraid my thoughts are not terribly positive. Your friend has lost that all-important quality: HOPE. I feel that it's the beginning of the end.

    What can you do? Be there for her. It's not impossible that she will rebound, and then your contribution will be all-important.

    You are of course quite right. Exercise, movement are vital, but without hope, the desire to live, these are secondary.

    She's been badly managed apparently by both Chiropractic and Medicine. You, it seems, are the only important link back to sanity and better health. Good luck.

    Supplements? My best thoughts are a vitamin B complex, perhaps in the buttock, and this CHICKEN BONES bouillon ...

  3. Weight loss 
  4. I have severe osteoarthritis in my right knee, and spine and also my hips are very painful. I am very overweight so frightened to go into hospital in case of an G.A. It just seems a vicious circle - I can't do much because of the painful joints so its not easy to lose weight. I am 57 and will be having my 1st grandchild in May. Can you suggest anything apart from surgery to help me get about more freely and lose some weight.

    Dear J,

    The hard decisions in life are won between the ears. Giving up smoking, or heavy drinking, losing a lot of weight can all be done, but it takes a lot of courage and determination.

    The pain of giving up smoking and booze lasts about three weeks, but to lose 50 pounds or more really is a 6 month business. Because the crash diets just don't work, you lose it fast, and it all comes back with a vengeance.

    Three things are paramount:

    1) I want to keep my independence. I don't want to be invalided with a knee replacement. Two knee replacements. Maybe also a hip replacement. I WILL DO IT. Fear of a anaesethetic is not unrealistic - I personally very nearly died through a minor vasectomy. It's quite scary when a strange woman comes up to you at a cocktail party and says: "You won't remember me, but I'll never forget you. I nearly lost you." She was the anaethetist, and FIVE YEARS later she still remembered me vividly.

    2) I want to live long enough to see my grandchildren grow up. I want to play an important part in their lives, and I can't do that the way I am.

    3) I am the way I am, because I have broken the rules of sensible eating. SO, I WILL CHANGE. I SHALL DO IT.

    Two years ago my NJ cousin visited me here in Rotterdam, and could barely climb the station stairs, or the stairs in our home; her knees were that bad. Now, 50 lbs lighter, she's a different person. It really can be done.

    I don't know about you, but I'm a Christian. So is my cousin. The grace of God is sufficient for us in our weakness. She's proved it, you can too. Best of all she says: I can now get out of the bath! She's 62.

    Just go about eating right, and it'll come slowly off. Get into rabbit food, fruit and foods like Hummus, delicious and made from Chickpeas (Garbanzos). For some help look at:

    Good luck, and God bless. Do it! Or suffer, sorry to be so brutal. You already are.

  6. Jaw pain Hello, I first experienced tmj disorder after poor became much much worse after wisdom teeth extraction. i've been to dentists,prosthodontists who didn't help....the chiropractor that i was seeing didn't really one point after she used this clicking device on me i was in much pain...the only thing that helped somewhat was these stretches that a speech pathologist told me to i'm considering going to the university of florida's facial pain unit in the dentistry department i believe.....i do have forward head posture, my tongue has flattened out, my teeth shifted out of alignment so i can't bite right.....and i get jaw, head, neck, back, eye and ear pain. do u think it will be enough for me to go to that facial pain unit and use a posture pulley to correct my forward head posture? i don't know how to get help with this. C.
  7. Dear C,


    Your experience is not uncommon. The TMJ is a very complex joint, and it's hard wired with the neck where the sensory nucleus of the nerve that supplies the jaw is to be found - in part, you feel some of the jaw pain in your neck. And perhaps vice versa.

    And if your wisdom tooth extraction was done under a general anaesthetic, or even local with your jaw forced very wide open, it's often the beginning of problems.

    I was forced into studying the jaw joint because of patients with persistent headaches and jaw pain. Not all Chiropractors do, and some may be hackers. I was in the beginning! You have to start doing some homework. Shop around, and ask, which chiros can treat the jaw joint. Ask dentists, your doctor, friends and family. There's sure to be someone around. Also try the State Chiropractic association.

    I don't use the activator anymore on the TMJ (that clicking device), as my own experience confirms yours.

    I use a lot of exercise treatment as well, so I can well imagine the speech therapist exercises have helped. Keep on with them, though side to side exercises can aggravate the meniscus. Simply an ice cube on the jaw, alternating with heat (as in the shower) will help, as will deep massage of the side of the jaw (the masseter muscle), the side of the scalp (the Temporalis muscle), and if you can get someone to show you, the External Pterygoid, deep in the mouth.

    I'm afraid I have no knowledge of a posture pulley. The facial pain clinic may also bring you some good ideas, though avoid the complete remodelling of your teeth and jaw if you can possibly help it.

    I hope this has contributed. Just for fun I have enclosed a story from my next book that I have just finished this morning. Talk of coincidences!

  8. Rib pain Hello, CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS I have read thru your article about ribs being out of place.I have had a rib out of place for one month. During that one month, I have had it adjusted at least 10 times, and also have had massages, iced it, done stretches etc. I get relief for maybe an hour after it is adjusted, and then it goes back out. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! M
  9. Hello M,

    If you have had the rib adjusted 10 times in a month, and you still have pain, then you certainly should be concerned. Rib subluxations usually respond very quickly to chiropractic.

    Assuming that you are going to a Chiropractor with whom you have some experience, confidence, I would talk honestly to him/her about your concerns.

    If it's your first experience of chiropractic, then I would question the diagnosis. Are there degenerative changes in your back, is it a referral from some other condition. For example, bowel conditions can refer pain to the back. Once again, talk directly to your Chiropractor.

    Have X-rays been taken?

    I hope this has contributed to your concerns.

  10. Back exercises while pregnant?
  11. Hello LJ


    Congratulations on your pregnancy. A time to savour.

    Within a week or two you will get an email with some very basic back exercises from Obviously no exercise program fits with every back, so use them with discretion, and talk to your chiropractor to confirm that they are pertinent.

    You can get some rather more vigorous exercises at this link. Do them with a modicum of common sense. They are probably fine for you unless you are in the last trimester. Really exercises should be taught by a health professional, so if you are having difficulty then rather seek advice elsewhere.

    Enjoy the ride. My patients tell me it's wonderful once the morning sickness is over. Keep a good check on your blood pressure. Toxaemia doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it's very serious. Swelling of ankles, fingers, round the eyes ... are the first sign.

    Maignes Syndrome Exercises ...

  12. Morning neck pain and headache. Every morning I wake up with extremely tight neck and shoulder muscles on the left side and a crushing headache. Are there any stretches or exercises I can do to help? I am beginning to believe this is related to TMJ but I have not been formally diagnosed with this condition.
  13. Hello Carol,


    Perhaps I can contribute. Do you sleep on your tum? If you get it in the morning it suggests you may be sleeping with too many or too thick a pillow. Having both arms in front of you, and one thin soft feather pillow is my suggestion.

    It could be because you are grinding your teeth at night, which causes very tight side of the head muscles and headaches. A prosthetic from your dentist may help. If you press on your jaw joints, and the muscles of the jaw and side of the skull is it very tender?

    Rebound headache is another consideration; it's caused by taking too much medication. Does that sound familiar?

    At this page you will get some exercises. Scroll down a bit:


    Yes, it's possible, T. Whilst working on the molars sometimes your dentist may have to keep your mouth open for a prolonged period which puts a great strain on the jaw joints. (I should know - just had a crown and two root canals!) I recommend not having any dental work, unless absolutely essential, under general anaesthetic - you can't object that your jaw is being forced too wide.

    Try and move your jaw around, but don't make it pop or click, and then an ice cube directly on the joint, alternating with warmth (in the shower is a good time), may help, and massage the muscles above and below the joint.

    The sensory nucleus for the jaw joint nerve is in the neck, so you may be getting referred pain from the jaw to your neck, but that's not necessarily the case. The upper neck and and jaw problems go hand in hand.

    You might also try these TMJ exercises ...: Try this regimen for a few days. If it's not getting better, then you know what to do!

  14. Jaw pain after dentistry I went to the dentist and I think the jaw pain I am now experiencing could be from that?? True or false. I have also been having some neck pain. After reading your article on TMJ, maybe I just need to go to my chiro??!
  15. I hope Chiropractic Answers has contributed.

  16. Acid Reflux
  17. Hello V,

    Thank you for your question to Chiropractic Answers.

    The most common causes of acid reflux are a weak Diaphragm muscle and incorrect food combining.

    The Diaphragm is supplied from a nerve from the neck (C3-C4-C5) and neck adjustments may help, but if you've had the problem for thirty years ... then the best solution is not to drink fluids with or after your meals.

    More about the diaphragm > WHY DO WE HICCUP?


    The second requires a bit of diligent research on your part: Every time you get acid reflux (assuming you haven't drunk with or after your meal) write down what you ate. Soon you will see a pattern emerging.

    The 3am acid reflux problem is often related to bread, onions, fat and fruit puddings. You can be sure there will be others.

    Eating more at breakfast and lunch and less at dinner also helps. Gravity is on your side! Fill your stomach with a large dinner of bread rolls and soup, a fatty dinner and fruit dessert, and then a couple cups of coffee and you are gonzo!

    Sleeping on your left side may help, or with several cushions under your head and shoulders.

    Try to avoid antacids. They can have serious side effects.

    This webpage on Hiatus Hernia will give you more explanation about INDIGESTION HEARTBURN ...


    Good luck, it can be trying. If all fails, you should have a gastroscopy to ensure you don't have an ulcer brewing. I presume you have already talked to your doctor.

  18. I recently started going to a chiropractor and he said I was very tight. I have a lower back problem which he said my pelvic bone popped out . The first time did nothing to help me. Can he hurt me in any way. I have 2 more appointments this coming week and I am trying to figure out how to get through it knowing that I will be in pain much more than when I first went in. Can they damage someone for life?
  19. Hello L,

    Thank you for you for your question. It's quite legitimate.

    Firstly, let me say that I'm presuming you did your homework and chose the chiropractor you are attending with some diligence. ie not out of the yellow pages or a pretty website like mine!

    Assuming that's the case, relax, and let him get on with what he needs to do.

    Pelvic bones of course do not 'pop out' but in truth we use a lot of colloquial language that's not strictly accurate. Perhaps ask him for a more exact diagnosis. At the "Report of Findings" he should have explained to you what Chiropractic is, what he found regarding your problem, and how he plans to treat it, and what the prognosis is. If he didn't, ask him. You're quite entitled to. If he's irritated by your questions, vote with your feet. Go elsewhere.

    There is no treatment on the planet that is totally safe, and that includes chiropractic. However, far more dangerous is taking anti-inflammatories (more that 10 000 people DIE per year in the USA from stomach bleeds alone, caused by what we call NSAIDs.)

    Doing nothing is also not totally safe. The really nasty backs we treat usually have a long history of niggling, stiffness and pain. Eventually it goes down the leg, so it's neither sensible nor safe to do nothing.

    Has your chiropractor mentioned an exercise program? Rehabilitation? Research shows that manipulation (what we call an 'adjustment') plus exercises is even more effective.

    Damage you for life? Highly, most very unlikely, but yes I suppose a stupid chiropractor could injure someone.

    More pain? Yes, it's true that if you have had pain for a long time, you may have some temporary increase in pain. It shouldn't last more than a day or two at most. It's a time to be more careful and sensible with your back. Ask him what you may and may not do. He should have told you.

    Good luck, I hope this has contributed. You will quite soon be receiving some basic exercises. Do them faithfully.

    Spend some time browsing There's lots of information that will help you understand your problem.


    Chiropractic Help

  20. I am going through back & leg pain. What is the best medicine to have and what are the physio tips to be followed.
  21. Hello S,


    Pain. Ever thought that pain is your friend? It's telling you something is wrong, and simply turning off the pain with medicine makes no more sense than turning off a fire alarm. It just won't put the fire out, will it?

    First step. What is the cause of your back and leg pain? There are many causes of low back and leg pain. Perhaps start by doing the Slump test (see below).

    Of course it could be muscular, in which yes physio tips may be your best bet. But muscular conditions don't usually cause leg pain.

    Quite soon you'll get some exercises from Chiropractic Tips. Do them faithfully. Of course we hope you'll consider Chiropractic Answers rather than drugs and physio, though both have their place in the treatment of low back pain and leg pain.

    Good luck,

    Slump test ... Read more …


    There are four common causes of low back and radiating leg pain:

  22. Low back and Leg pain ... Read more …

  23. Lumbar Facet Syndrome ... Read more …

  24. Sacroiliac joint syndrome ... Read more …

  25. A muscular cause of buttock and leg pain. Read more … PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME

  1. so glad to be a part of your email family. Been suffering for a long time with very disturbing nerve pain from a sacral injury. Any contact in the groin area is so upsetting. (like a tooth ache that has to run its course)...If the pain starts after a bowel movement I am in agony for the rest of the day. Would ice on the genital area be of help? How do I break this pain cycle? Thank you.
  2. Hello E,

    I hope my CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS sheds some light. You're not too specific - for obvious reasons. Is it vaginal pain, or pain in the groin and muscles of the upper thigh you are experiencing?

    Key here is that it is affected by a bowel movement. That suggests to me that an internist should be the first step. Have you already done that?

    Is constipation a problem? Obviously easing the bowel movement would lessen your problem, what is not clear is whether this is a bowel condition, or from the muscles required to bring on a bowel movement. Either way, what you can do for yourself may be found in these two pages:

    The best friends for the large bowel are those containing SOLUBLE fibre (not high fibre wheat and grains), and the very best from CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS are the beetroot and apple, but in fact all fruit and many veg and salad contain soluble fibre.

    If the pain is really in the groin, the pubic bones and the muscles of the inner thigh, then this is probably a condition called Myalgia Paresthetica. Medically, it's accepted as being extremely difficult to treat, which I was taught way back in the last millenium in my training!!, but being curious about such things, I have started working with this problem, and find that it responds extremely well to a protocol of basic chiropractic in the back and pelvis, and muscle work in the groin. That's what CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS is about, seeking to apply the principles of good health to your specific problems.

    Read more about pain in the groin … UPPER LEG PAIN

Slipped disc symptoms

Slipped disc symptoms are the most common complaints at the chiropractic coalface.

I am suffering with slip disc problems and wanted to know how Chiropractic treatment helps me in overcoming this problem.

    Hello S,


    Chiropractic specialises in treating slipped discs, but it's never easy, and requires hard work on both your part, and the part of your chiropractic physician.

    The degree of difficulty is dependent of how much pain you have in your leg. If you have none (Grade 1), then it should be routine. At the other end of the scale, if you have no pain in the back, and severe pain in the leg (Grade 4), then it's going to be hard work.

    Start by signing up for our Chiropractic Tips. That will give you some simple back exercises that you must do very faithfully several times a day. They are an important part of Chiropractic Answers. Chiropractic Tips ...


    Good luck, try hard not to sneeze, that can aggravate it very suddenly. If you're a smoker, stop. Otherwise your chances of having an operation round the corner are very real. That disc needs all the oxygen it can get to heal. Smoking in any case knocks 10 years off the lifespan of the average smoker.

    Sit much less, especially in deep 'comfortable' chairs.

    Check this page out: Slipped Disc Symptoms .... Do follow the links at the bottom of the page.



Now for the tricky bit. Is it vaginal pain? Is sex extremely painful? This would point to what is known as a Pudendal nerve entrapment. Google this phrase and you will find some though not too much info. It is indeed a sacral nerve, so that fits with what you think, and I'm afraid that neither Medicine, nor CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS have any research proved answers. It remains one of the mysterious, and extremely difficult areas. Sex becomes well nigh impossible because of the pain.


Chiropractors are really the specialists in treating nerve entrapment syndromes, and what is known as a myofasciitis. It's what happens in the forearm as a nerve courses it's way thru a muscular tunnel in the forearm causing pain and tingling in the forearm and hand. So, it's logical we should be treating PNE's but we don't - because of the area involved. I know of only one chiro in the whole world - in Canada - who works with a gynaecologist, and is getting great results.

I at CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS have never done this, you understand, with a woman, but it is not dissimlar to what we do with men, except the entry point is the vagina not the anus. If you look at the Kegel link above, scroll down, you will see a graphic with finger in search of a muscle in spasm in the lower pelvic muscles. He, or better she perhaps, would do the same, working with a gynae, in search of the muscle entrapping the nerve - if that is indeed the cause.

Back to the bowel movement worsening your pain. At this link: UPPER LEG PAIN ... if you scroll down to the second picture, you will notice how the nerves to upper leg and groin area travel down from the upper lumbar spine, behind the bowel and into the front of the leg via the groin. Somewhere along that course is quite possibly where the problem is. In the upper lumbar spine, from a variety of conditions within the abdoman, in the groin itself, and in the upper leg. Some of which I treat on a regular basis, but some is definitely 'medical'. For example a TB abscess in the psoas muscle can press on the Femoral nerve that goes to the groin. Do you feel 'sick'? Or just in pain? Fevers? Should that be the case then CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS is not where you will find any solutions. It's definitely 'medical'.

I'm assuming you have explored the medical route thoroughly, without success. That being the case, then CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS suggests you shop around your area, talk to friends, your doctor, the local chiropractic branch and find out which chiropractors might be able to tackle this with you. I would look for a chiro who is used to doing specific muscle work with athletes. That would be a good start. There is a specific label here: A FICS qualification that some chiros have taken. He or she would be the one to seek out - a thinking chiropractor could apply what s/he has learned about muscles elsewhere in the body, and apply it to the deep pelvic muscles.

International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, Fédération Internationale de Chiropratique du Sport, FICS ONLINE ... But, just to warn you, it's a very big NO-NO chiropractors to do anything through the vagina. For obvious reasons. But working with a gynae there is no reason why a chiropractor should not be able to help you.

I hope that CHIROPRACTIC ANSWERS has contributed to getting you onto the right path. Good luck.





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