Teddybears' picnic

The teddybears' picnic is at the chiropractic clinic today? In the woods, surely, I hear you say.

These are old friends that have been donated by the children of Holland for a super-duper teddybears' picnic before going on the long trek to visit orphans in Africa and South America.

How about suggesting to your chiropractor that he starts a teddybears' picnic in his clinic? Then all those sad and lonely old toys can have a lovely safari in Africa. Watch out for the lions, Bears!

But of course they they must be given a clean bill of health before they can be sent on their safari.

A good examination is in order.

Millions of teddybears

PS. Exciting new series starts today. THE MYSTERY OF THE DISAPPEARING TADPOLES.

The great tadpole mystery

Type "WHAT DO TADPOLES EAT" into the Site Search tab above.

Chiropractic help

Chiropractic help is for kids too; but does it have a place at the teddybears' picnic?

Teddy being examined

Teddybears' picnic

Time out! It's important to be relaxed before you have your treatment, Teddy; a bit of Lego first, just to take your mind off things? Perhaps you will meet Tigger there, or Blackbear. What a wonderful picnic.

Teddybears' picnic at the chiropractic clinic

Mm, are you suffering from indigestion, Teddy?


I find some subluxations here in the middle of your back, and your spine is very stiff and rigid. I wonder if you could have Scheuermann's disease? You're so round-shouldered too.

Teddy being adjusted

Isn't it funny

How a bear likes honey?

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!
I wonder why he does?

Straighten up, bears!

It's really important for bears to be able to stand up straight. Otherwise they will not be able to reach the honey; for kids too. At CHIROPRACTIC TIPS, you will find some lovely exercises you can do for your back. Look and feel better.

Ask Mom or Dad to take a look at our Chiropractic Tips.

The day has not started well. Christopher Robin dropped his friend before they went off to the woods to the Teddybears Picnic, and he rolled down 15 stairs. He's getting terrible headaches now.


We'd better examine your head carefully and perhaps your neck needs an adjustment, Teddy.

Tweety receiving a chiropractic adjustment.

Oops! That is not Pooh Bear. Is that Tweety? How did he get invited to the teddybears picnic? It is probably Pooh's honey bread that he is after.

Brown-bear's got a problem too. A subluxation at the base of his neck. We can't let him go to Africa like that! What would those kids think? Some chiros consider he might have asthma as a result; but I have my doubts about that.

Teddy's upper thoracic spine being adjusted

Lucky only two teddies had subluxations, so now the doctor can relax; oh, and Tweety, of course. Whew, the cat's been at the cream again.

Off to Africa you go, toys. Look after those orphans nicely and have a lovely teddybears' picnic there too.

Web search engines like many of us are very bad at grammar. So I have been teaching you some very bad things at the teddybears picnic.

It should be teddybears' picnic, should it not?

Ask your teacher about a teddybear's picnic

Is it the same as a teddybears' picnic. It is important.

You wouldn't want your old toy going on a teddybear's picnic? Why not? Because they are terribly lonely for toys and it would be for you too.

But a teddybears' picnic is such a fun time for everybody; can you spot the difference? It is all about where you place that darned apostrophe.


Dyslexia does make life difficult, but did you know that many kids with the problem are actually very smart? Do you understand what it means "to get the wrong end of the stick"?

Ask your teacher. It's what happens in school all the time, particularly if your spelling isn't too good.

Christopher Robin is a very bright lad, but because he can't concentrate in school, he is always getting muddled. He suffers from a nasty condition called dyslexia, so his spelling isn't too good and he is always in trouble with his teacher.

But that all changed since his teacher recommended he start taking a mixture of fish oil and evening primrose oil. Ask Mom or Dad to type "dyslexia evening primrose oil" into Google.

But when Christopher Robin started teaching Pooh some Bible stories that he had learned in school, things started to go seriously wrong!.Just look at what he was writing! Ask Mum or Dad to help you. DYSLEXIA ...

Dyslexia writing

Teddybears' picnic

If you go down to the woods today,

you're in for a big surprise;

If you go down to the woods today,

you better go in disguise.

If you go out in the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

If you bring your teddy to the chiropractor today, you’d better go

in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was, will gather there for certain,

because today’s the day the teddy bears are having their

chiropractic adjustments!

If you go down to the woods today,

you're sure of a big surprise;

If you go down to the woods today,

You better go in disguise.

For every bear that ever there was,

will gather there for certain because,

today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

At six o'clock their mummies and daddies,

will take them home to bed,

because they're tired little teddy bears

Water for kids

Water for kids.

Even bears must drink more water, and elephants too. I wonder how similar a teddybears' picnic is to one where the ellies are cavorting about.

Drinking water for elephants

Did I tell you that that ogre Christopher Robin makes me drink water when we go on a Teddybears' picnic? He uses a lemon drop drink recipe; actually with a little raw honey it's simply delicious. Now that I've got used to it, it's really quite nice.

But I really can't get that apostrophe right. When is it it's and when is it its. Should it be Teddybears' picnic? Or Teddybear's picnic? It's just too much for a bear! But I do know it certainly shouldn't be Teddybears picnic, right?

But getting back to that water, Christopher has come up with some delicious other ways to drink water.

This is your friend Christopher Robin again. Don't you love snuggling up with mom or dad before going to sleep with a good book? I do!

When I ask mom to read a paragraph, it helps me get the pronunciation right. And then I say it. Gosh, that's more difficult.

But my teacher tells me my reading and writing are so much better since we started enjoying a book together in bed before my sweet dreams.

My dad says, if you can't read, and he tells me lots of people can't, then we are going to have a really hard time in school; and even more difficult after we leave.

I'm so glad I can read better now. School is much more fun. Poor Christopher's spelling! MORE DYSLEXIA ...


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