Barrie Lewis

Dr Barrie Lewis DC practises from 56 Groenekloof Road, HILTON, South Africa.


  • 1969 BSc (University of Natal) - Majors: Chemistry & Physics
  • 1970 University Education Diploma (Rhodes University)
  • 1974 BEd (University of Natal)
  • 1980 DC (National University of Health Sciences, Chicago
Photograph of Dr Barrie Lewis.

Barrie Lewis

Dr Barrie Lewis is also a prolific chiropractic writer under the nom de plume Bernard Preston.


After an enormously enriching seven years in the Netherlands, Dr Lewis and his lovely wife Jean, Maths teacher at the International School of The Hague, returned mid 2010 to their native South Africa.

One of the greatest pleasures, a privilege, was to help people in pain, and that he certainly wasn't going to forego. Full retirement simply wasn't an option, but it would be good not to have to treat 30 to 50 patients a day.

In addition, he wanted more time to continue writing his Bernard Preston books; gems, funny and healthful. Building this website too is high on the agenda; in 2015, it reached 400 pages with 12,000 per day being read. To find your way around, use the search function in the navigation bar above.

Barrie Lewis will be joining his daughter Dr Jane Ackerman in the Chiropractor Hilton practice at 56 Groenekloof Rd, Hilton, 3245.

No longer feeling as tireless as the red rubber ball he brought his granddaughter for a gift, he wants to spend more time on research on chiropractic for the hip joint, completing his fourth book, A Family Affair, and a fifth, Caring for the Temple is brewing. In short, he has many retirement sentiments.

A Family Affair is now complete and available as an ebook to be read on your Kindle, smartphone or tablet; it turned out to be a very long book, so it's published as a trilogy.

I've started my fifth book, yet to be titled; the subject matter is controversial; a puff of white smoke to greet the world with the news that the first married cardinal has been elected to the highest office in Christendom for a thousand years.

Passionate about healthy food, he was looking forward to growing many organic foods in his own garden.

Of interest is weighing thorny questions such as the use of placebo special needs, a practice widely acknowledged by half of medical doctors; a non-active treatment.

What is potting in the garden is all about sparkling living.

Chiropractic conditions

Over and above the general conditions that every chiropractor treats - neck pain and headaches, midback, low back pain and sciatica, Dr Barrie Lewis specialises in the treatment of

Lower back and leg pain

Lower back and leg pain is the most common complaint in chiropractic clinics; that applies in Dr Barrie Lewis' Hilton clinic too.

Doctors never learn faster than when they themselves get sick. Suddenly they are faced with all the dilemmas their patients are experiencing. My own femoral nerve damage taught me so much; severe pain on the side and front of the thigh, numbness below the knee, and weakness in the thigh muscle. Ouch, lower back and leg pain hurts.

Barrie Lewis is a better chiropractor for having been through the misery of a sequestered disc without surgery and come through it successfully with manipulative treatment and exercise.

Perhaps the most important lesson was that chiropractic can indeed successfully manage a grade 4 disc sequestration causing extensive hard neurological signs. Previously he considered this exclusively a job for the surgeon; not so.

The hallmark is severe leg pain and weakness, with minimal or no lower back pain.

As a general rule, when there is severe leg pain, and minimal back discomfort, it's often though not always going to be difficult. This sciatica without back pain is one of the exceptions.

Without arrogance, or complacency, here is my lonely road of faith.


  • Writer Barrie Lewis: Anecdotes from the Chiropractic Coalface under the nom de plume Bernard Preston.
Bats in my Belfry cover, written by Bernard Preston, his alias Barrie Lewis.
  • Beekeeping.
  • Carpentry.
  • Trout fishing.
The radial arm saw is used daily in Barrie Lewis' workshop.

Having experienced, almost on a daily basis at the Chiropractic Coalface, the dangers of the tapered Dutch staircases, he is building his own staircase in their new home in Hilton.

A staircase built recently by Dr Barrie Lewis.
  • Gardening, particularly growing and cooking organic vegetables. SLOW FOOD, COOKED FAST is Barrie Lewis' motto. Good healthy food that the busy housewife can prepare in a hurry. If your looking for pretty, pretty food, this is not the site for you.
Gliding is the sport of those who dare.

The Acromioclavicular joint is the second most likely (after the thumb) structure to become arthritic. In part, because of so much use - every time you move your arm - and partly because of so many falls on the arm and shoulder.

New research is now proving that when a joint becomes fixated, fluids vital for the healthy nutrition of the joint cartilage are not adequately replenished. This leads to diminished oxygen and nutrients and a build up of noxious wastes in the joint; for more about the clinical significance of immobilisation arthritis.

Non starchy salads are daily fare at the home of Barrie Lewis; like this pea and hummus dish.

There can be few more rewarding hobbies that growing your own food, sufficient to have ten coloured foods on your plate.

Whilst the benefits of antioxidants out of a bottle remains controversial, it's agreed by nutritionists world wide that we all ought to be aiming for a minimum of five coloured foods per day if we are not to get cancer. He aims for ten; over twenty years, eight gives you a 35 percent lower all cause of death risk.

He is also convinced that people eating food like this, with meat no more than once a day can indulge in butter and eggs without fear of statins.

At 75 he takes no drugs at all, though admits to a couple weeks of anti-inflammatories at the height of the femoral nerve damage saga that caused severe leg pain with paresis and numbness.

A K13 glider at Howick airfield is where Barrie Lewis spent many hours soaring.

A veteran of 500 glider flights, he finds there is no better way to relax, and enjoy the great outdoors than a day at the gliding club.

His greatest achievement was a 120 km flight in his ancient Ka6, achieving a height of 14,000 feet above ground level.

He believes in living life to the full, at full speed. He stops only to do the meanest Sudoku he can find.

He keeps his Dutch up, fulfilling his love of music by listening to reputedly the most popular classic music station in the world.

Blogging at Chiropractic Help and Bernard Preston.

Bernard Preston home page.

Attention deficit

It's no longer a closely kept secret that Bernard Preston is my nom de plume; I, Barrie Lewis, chose to use a pen name to protect the identity of very real people found hidden between the pages of my books; I suffer from attention deficit too, and have done all my life.

All my life I have suffered from ADHD; and despite it have live a very full and exciting life. I am greatly concerned today that at the whim of teacher or psychologist a child can be put on mind altering drugs like Ritalin.

Medication is very often a cheap and nasty alternative to facing up to some of the harsh realities of life. The obese type II diabetic doesn't need insulin; he needs to exercise and change his diet so that it excludes all high glycemic foods, and thus lose weight.

The hypertensive smoker may need blood pressure medication in the short term, but in the long term he needs to face the fact that smoking will knock many years off his life, and the risk of stroke and heart and blood vessel disease is high.

The hyperactive and attention deficit child, like Barrie Lewis was and is, doesn't need Ritalin; he needs a total change of diet, and possibly a school with small classes. There are alternatives; I have successfully used them without any medication.

Frog in my Throat is Barrie Lewis' first book of tales from the chiropractic coalface.
Stones my my Clog relates stories from Holland by Barrie Lewis.

Writing under the nom de plume Bernard Preston, Dr Barrie Lewis writes titillating Chiropractic short stories in the James Herriot genre. 

Written primarily for the general public they are not heavy Chiropractic textbooks, but rather light and in the main humerous stories, taken from his practice. 

The intention is to bring insights from the Chiropractic Coalface, always the desire to help draw us up to the higher place where health and well-being may be enjoyed. Be prepared to be challenged!

No question of it, both Drs Bernard Preston and Barrie are highly opinionated; read more at Hyde Park Corner.

Meet Bernard Preston

Growing butternut squash and a favourite soup by Barrie Lewis

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Inspirational Books by chiropractors for the general public.

  1. Chiropractic Help
  2. Barrie Lewis

Lonely walk of faith

I make no arrogant claims of faith, but I am a practising Christian. You might like to read a few thoughts from my take on our highly personal and unique lonely road of faith.

Another page about Dr Barrie Lewis.

I make no arrogant claims of faith, but I am a practising Christian. You might like to read a few thoughts from my take on our highly personal and unique lonely road of faith.

And from my own personal Leap of Faith lifted from Frog in my Throat, my first book of chiropractic anecdotes.

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