(HILTON, South Africa)

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

Chiropractor Dr Barrie Lewis practises in South Africa.

Clinic ADDRESS: 56 Groenekloof Rd, HILTON, 3245

Clinic PHONE: 033-343-2549

Over and above the general things that all chiropractors excel in, (like headache, neck and arm pain, midback and rib pain, low back and leg pain) I have attended many chiropractic courses on diverse fields such as vertigo, sports injuries, jaw joint pain, and my particular interest currently is hip and groin pain, also in the child and young adult, and hip arthritis.

After seven intensive years of chiropractic in the Netherlands, I plan to work part-time in HILTON, giving me time to pursue research and writing, and perhaps continue with a PhD dissertation.

HOBBIES: Writing under the nom de plume Bernard Preston. I have had enormous fun writing three books, taking incidents and anecdotes from the Chiropractic Coalface. They are:

  • Frog in my Throat

  • Bats in my Belfry

  • Stones in my Clog

    I now have time to complete a fourth from a quite different genre: A FAMILY AFFAIR. In fact it's complete and available on your Kindle or smartphone.

    And a fifth is brewing: Caring for the Temple.

    Read more at of building a solar farm on your roof and other such backyard permaculture issues.

    Beekeeping, brewing mead, gardening, carpentry and perhaps gliding will hopefully continue as per prior to our Dutch sojourn; time permitting.

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