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If you cannot find what you are looking for, use this feature. It's a very large domain and finding something can be difficult; there are nearly 500 pages. Say, perhaps you are looking for what research has been done on the treatment of whiplash using chiropractic. You'd battle to find the page. Just type in here Research Whiplash

Illustration of how a whiplash affects the brainstem.

Bernard Preston DC

Bernard Preston's disguise, my alter ego, has become paper thin. At my other site you'll also find material on whiplash, and many other things that fascinate me.

Gliding, erecting a solar farm, vegetable gardening and the beauty and health of foods such as green beans and broccoli facts are all important to me. What's so healthy about radishes? They are definitely the easiest salad to grow in any summer garden but you do have to water them if you hit a dry spell. Have you ever thought about keeping bees?

You'll find all this and much more.

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

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