Free weight loss programs

Free weight loss programs is about losing kilograms safely, and steadily, rather than through the crash diets which research shows bring only temporary loss, the pounds usually returning with a vengeance. Yoyo-ing also increases circulating blood fats, contributing even further to atherosclerosis, that nasty disease of the blood vessel walls.

Diets in general do not work because they avoid considering three huge issues.

  1. Hunger. Any weight loss program that leaves you constantly famished is doomed to fail. Satiety, or a sense of of fullness, of having had enough, is vital.
  2. Sustainable. If you are unable to go on enjoying your food in this way for the rest of your life, then you will not permanently lose weight.
  3. Wellness. A weight loss program that promotes large amounts of foods that research shows are not healthy may get the pounds off, but then you will simply get sick from other and perhaps worse diseases.
Scale screaming help calling for free weight loss programs.

Any diet that does not address all three of these issues cannot permanently improve your wellness. It's why 95% of folk have not lost weight one year later.

In fact, we think that diet is a dirty four-letter word that needs to be permanently banished from our thinking and the way we eat; they simply do not work.

This is a long and frankly arduous page; take your time, coming back to it perhaps once a week, trying each time to gain one more insight about how to get the pounds off. Rome was not built in a day.

Soon it will be summer time again in the Northern Hemisphere, the easiest period to lose weight; plenty of salads on the supermarket shelves. Get working in the garden too.

I am not a vegetarian myself, but there many compelling reasons why we should eat more fresh fruit and salads. More veggies too, including legumes like green beans and chickpeas for protein.

Why is losing weight so prominent anyway on a Chiropractic website? Because there is strong scientific evidence that losing just 15 to 20 pounds, or 10 percent of your mass, will dramatically reduce the pain you are experiencing in your joints.

If you can grasp the meaning of glycemic-index, then you can for ever banish the word diet from your vocabulary; research shows they do not work anyway.

What's potting in the garden[2] is our way of getting tasty fresh vegetables.

This page was last updated by Dr Barrie Lewis on 14th April, 2021.

High protein foods

High protein foods are the mainstay of many free weight loss programs.

Update: A new research study on a low carbohydrate-high protein diet following over 40,000 Swedish women over a period of 16 years reports that

  • for every 10% increase in protein intake, there is a 5% increase in cardiovascular disease.
  • And for every decrease in carbohydrate, there is an extra 5% increase in CV disease.

The debate appears to centre around whether there is a difference in increasing vegetable vs animal protein. The authors conclude: "Low carbohydrate-high protein diets may be nutritionally acceptable if

  • the extra protein is mainly of plant origin and 
  • the reduction of carbohydrates applies mainly to simple and refined carbs,

But, and it is a big one, "the general public do not usually recognise and act on these qualifications when choosing high protein + low carb diets."

The take-home from this is to add one helping of a legume like lentils or chickpea hummus, and remove a slice of commercial bread and you will gradually lose weight steadily and permanently.

"Eat right every day, and then you can splurge a little when celebrating."

- Our philosophy at Chiropractic Help

Fresh fruit and salad market is the place to find help with weight loss.

The only really good reason to lose weight is to be healthier. You will look better too, which is not unimportant, particularly as obesity often goes hand in hand with low self-esteem, but that's just a benefit on the side.

The choice is yours; accept your weight as it is, or take the responsibility for changing it.

These free weight loss programs are about doing it in a nutritious manner. After all, it is makes absolutely no sense to lose weight in an unhealthy way, in order to increase wellness. High blood pressure? Borderline diabetic? High cholesterol?

Forget the fad diets, the shakes and particularly the high protein diets. Oddly, also avoid the very low fat diets.

Lower down this page you'll see why a low-fat-diet is also an unhealthy way to become increase your well-being! Think rather of limiting your refined carbs.

Sugar, commercial bread and rice are where our problems often lie; cold-storage potatoes too. Our free weight loss programs are designed to limit these bad carbs and excess fats.

Two myths

1. Drinking more water helps you lose weight? Scientific investigation unfortunately hasn't confirmed this, and there is considerable doubt that it is so, but drinking more water is healthy anyway.

  • There is research however that if you make a soup, or liquidise your meal with drinking water, you will lose weight, even though eating exactly the same food, because your food stays longer in the stomach, so you will feel satisfied for longer. So, you'll find that our free weight loss programs include soups... 
  • Read more about Drinking Water
  • Read more about the Toscanini celery soup that the conductor demanded before every concert he gave.

2. Secondly, it is widely believed that the way to lose weight is by pounding up and down the streets before dawn or after work. All you are likely to get is PLANTAR MYOFASCITIS; horrid pain under the feet.

Exercise is is certainly good for us, and I don't want to discourage you, but you have to do an awful lot of running to lose just one pound of butter. Our free weight loss programs, changing what you eat, is far and away the best and easiest way to lose that flab permanently.

Pain, obesity and arthritis

I talk to every overweight patient - once only, firmly - because obesity means pain. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the bottom line is PAIN. In capitals. It could be an arthritic knee, or foot, it could be diabetes, it could be a stroke, it could be a fall. Read here the courageous story of an obese man who at 59 fell and broke his hip. It ruined his life. Period; alas you would now need to register to read it, so I've deleted the link. 

With a Body Mass Index of 32 he was certainly obese. More likely to take a tumble, he'd have fallen harder, and would take longer to heal. The pain was so bad that he became addicted to narcotics; the ANTI INFLAMMATORY DRUGS gave him an ulcer.

The long and the short of it? Get it off, or there's pain looming on your horizon. Worse, disability. Our FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS are the easier way, and certainly in terms of your overall wellness the way to do it.

Anti inflammatory chili is part of the solution to your pain along with extra virgin olive oil.

Dual anti-inflammatory drugs like taking aspirin and brufin together increases the risks alarmingly.

Why is that seriously overweight people ALWAYS get degenerative joint disease? Obesity and arthritis are kindred spirits, bed-fellows, so to speak

Savour your food. Our free weight loss programs include an encouragement to chew your food slowly, taking note of the colour and texture of the salads, and the smell and flavour of the main course. Give dessert a miss, unless it's just a fresh bowl of strawberries, or a quarter melon; those are the kinds of carbs that are not only allowed, but verplicht as we say in Holland. Compulsory.

A few principles

Most people who are overweight became obese not necessarily by eating too much, but because they enjoy the wrong kinds of foods. Consuming less will help, obviously, but changing what's on your plate is a much simpler way.

More important, it's a healthier way; and, done right, you don't need to feel famished all day.

Accept it, because it's going to be hard. Anybody who convinces you there is an easy way to lose weight is conning you. Retraining your taste buds to like apples and salads is going to be tough.

But the point here is that it will be much less painful than all that goes with obesity; high blood pressure, arthritic knees, painful feet, diabetes, heart disease and important for the chiropractor, backache; you name it, it's coming.

Don't think that because this is free that our weight loss programs are not profound or tried. You will lose pounds, permanently and safely.

Top of the list, dump that word diet permanently; none of them work. Just grasp the meaning of the phrase glycemic index and it will surely but slowly come off; the right way.

From correspondence.

  1. My feet don't hurt when I'm out working in the garden; they used to be the defining aspect of me toiling outside; and
  2. I perspire a lot more. I used to just fill up with water. My hands, ankles and my face would get flushed; now I really do sweat more. I don't like the heat or humidity, and still avoid it, but when I'm out in it, I really glow.
  3. I feel the cold a lot more; minus 50+ lbs of insulation really makes a difference. I used to walk around with my coat open all the time, but not now. But I know summers will be much better.
  4. But the best is it's so nice to be able to hop into the bath, sit down, soak and relax, flip over at will and get up; no problem. I'd stopped bathing, simply because I couldn't get in and out safely any more.

My endocrinologist is thrilled also. My cholesterol is down to 120.

I usually buy big bags of birdseed; each one is 10 kg. I've just put one on each shoulder; it's hard for me to believe that I've been carrying all that extra baggage all these years. No wonder my feet ached.

Now for the next 20 kg.

She has taken 8 months to do it. That's a healthy rate of weight loss; aim at one kilogram per week for the first 3 months. Then you can expect to slow down; your body gets more efficient, making it harder. Don't be discouraged, after quitting smoking, this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It can be done.

Exercise does not do much for weight loss, even if you are vigorous, but it certainly tones muscles and even exercise and cholesterol are closely related.

By all means exercise more, but don't expect it to take pounds off. Ask any long distance runner; they lose a few kilograms of water, but within a day or two have returned to their normal weight.

I know it's an anecdote, and of no scientific significance, but recently I hiked up the Rhino peak in the Drakensberg, and down again, 3500' and 21 kilometres, but did not lose a pound.

Rhino peak in the Drakensberg is 3500 feet above base camp.

Yo-yo diets

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine is unequivocal; for every 3-4 pound loss and regain on yo-yo diets means a 4% increased risk of heart disease. For those who fluctuated the most the risk was 224pc greater[1].

In short, it's less bad to stay obese than yo-yoing on any one of the many diets; none of them work. Remove the word for ever from your thinking and vocabulary. 

Researchers found that we tend to set unattainable goals; when we can only lose ten pounds of the forty that should come off, we become despondent and put it on again. This is unfortunate as the benefits of losing just that are enormous; but they must stay away.

Add pulses daily to your menu

Pulses are legumes that are harvested for the dry seed; thus green beans and peas are excluded, though I suspect they too would be just as effective.

Common pulses would included dried peas and beans, chickpeas, lentils and soybeans.

A meta-analysis of 21 different trials, reported in the American Journal of clinical nutrition found that simply adding a serving of pulses to your diet every day increase the feeling of fullness by 31%, decreased the LDL bad cholesterol and made for a significant reduction in weight within 6 weeks even when calories were not restricted[2].

Reasons given are:

  1. The fibre in pulses delays emptying of the stomach contents into the small intestine.
  2. Have a low GI reducing the glycemic index of the whole meal; thus the likelihood of a sudden rise in blood sugar is lessened.
  3. The protein in pulses promotes the release of stomach hormones lessening hunger pangs and increasing a sense of satiety.

My own favourite pulse is the chickpea which you can make into hummus in only five minutes, once you have the ingredients at hand.

Hummus from the supermarket generally does not taste good because of all the chemical additives used. Try this quick hummus recipe.

A photo of an obese woman on a bicycle in search of a weight loss program.

Pulses are controversial because of their lectin content. There are those like Stephen Gundry who recommend that we eschew them completely; I couldn't disagree more.

Weight loss for arthritis

But this lady's got the right idea. Low impact cycling and swimming and/or aquarobics are the right way to increase your exercise.

Why do the obese usually get arthritis?


So, how bad is the problem? Really, over-weight can be an irritant, a minor problem, or is it perhaps life threatening?

BMI gives you an objective measure of just how serious your problem is.

BMI can be classified as follows:

  1. Underweight: BMI less than 18.5
  2. Optimal weight: BMI between 18.5 - 24.9
  3. Overweight: BMI between 25 - 29.9
  4. Obese = BMI over 30
  5. Serious problem: BMI greater than 35. Heart attack, stroke, diabetes, knee and ankle arthritis await you.

To calculate your BMI, just fill in your weight and height and you will know the whole truth. It may be painful. Are you literally facing a stroke, death? Am I being overly dramatic? No! A good friend right now is in hospital, fighting for his life, after a bypass that went haywire. I have been pleading with him for over twenty years; he is only 60.

A little secret: At 72, I'm clocking in with a BMI = 26 and I am not concerned. Or should I be? Perhaps. I eat like a horse and am virtually never hungry except at the end of a long day at the Chiropractic Coalface. But I do eat right and I love my food. You can too.


There are a million and one diet books, free weight loss programs and zillions more on the net. Here are just a few thoughts.

The easiest way is to seriously limit your refined carbs. That means very little starches, like many breakfast cereals, supermarket bread and in fact all refined wheat products, potato (and particularly if it has been microwaved or boiled) and white rice; sugary foods; colas. Very little. Do not limit your low Glycemic Index carbs too hard. Fruit, salads, vegetables, hummus ... They don't stimulate an insulin rush, the hormone that stores fat, to the same extent as refined carbohydrate.

Now for something really interesting on retrogradation of starches; if you boil potato, leave it overnight in the fridge, and then reheat it, the molecules bond together making it difficult for the enzymes to digest; instead much of the carbohydrate it goes through to the colon where it's fermented not to glucose but healthy fatty acids.

Type resistant starch into the site search function at Chiropractic Help if you want more information; vital for every person who is trying to lose weight to grasp.

I particularly recommend tabbouleh bulgar wheat; it is a whole grain starch that is particularly resistant and with your salads makes a very wholesome meal.

Do not limit your healthy fats like olive oil too much. There is new research coming out now that a combination of high carbohydrate (particularly high GI carbs like sugary flour products - cookies and the like) with low fat diet is the cause of the serious neurological illnesses like Motor Neuron disease.

Enough protein to cover the palm of your hand at a meal is just fine. An egg, a small pile of chicken, fish, lentils, hummus, mutton stew ... but don't eat red meat more than once a day. That ups your risk of cancer.

High fibre, low GI foods are at the centre of any free weight loss program. Foods like these eggplant recipes.

So, here goes, sorry that the build up has taken so long.

Free weight loss programs

Free weight loss programs is about simple ways to get extra flab off permanently.


Soak one or two tablespoons of a rolled oats based muesli in boiling water for ten minutes. Add any nuts and seeds you love, and perhaps a few raisins, a few strawberries or slices of melon if you like. Zero sugar yoghurt is allowed.  It is good to add a tablespoon of freshly ground flaxseed; for the omega-3.

"Anti-inflammatory flax seed" is an excellent vegetable source of omega-3, but it must be freshly-ground. Find out more using the Site Search function key in the main menu.

An egg, or small piece of chicken, or fish are your high protein foods. No toast. I'm crazy, but I add a tablespoon of hummus to my cereal; then I'm not famished at 11 o'clock. Still hungry? Wait half an hour, and if still feeling short-changed have another piece of fruit.

The fad diets are very costly. Our Free Weight Loss Programs will save you money. Both in the short term and when you start adding up the cost of blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, diabetes medication; it will save you thousands. Instead you can go on holiday to the Seychelles or some other exotic place.

This page was written over ten years ago, and obviously one's tastes evolve. This eight colors eggs Florentine is now almost daily on the menu.

Fabulous "breakfast menu" will give you a lot more ideas. Find it using the Site Search function key.

"Blue Zones Project Communities have been able to increase life expectancy, reduce obesity and make the healthy choice the easy choice for millions of Americans."

- American journal of Lifestyle Medicine[3]

Obesity in Okinawa, for example, is at a relatively low 11pc; compared to 40% in America.


1. A very large salad, with as many fresh colours as you can find. Avocado is allowed, in moderation, even though it is high in fat; a healthy mono-unsaturated fat. Again add nuts and seeds, and some feta cheese, olive oil and lemon juice. A table spoon of drinking water if you like your salad damp.

A scoop of this quick hummus adds satiety for the whole day. Vegetable high in protein is recommended in my book unless you are morbidly obese; they also contain some starch, mostly of the resistant kind do they are okay, but still then your carbohydrate should for a period be under 50g per day.

Type more "easy lunch recipes" into the Site Search function key; it will take you to our other site.

A Greek salad is the way to lose weight.

2. A handful of chicken pieces, or fish.

3. ONE, no more, slice of whole wheat bread with olive oil, or tahini, and a slice of cheese or meat, is allowed on our Free Weight Loss Programs. For more about our OLIVE GARDEN SALAD RECIPE ...

It is become increasingly difficult to find truly 100 percent grain foods. They are one of the primary reducers of heart, stroke and diabetes. Corn on the cob is one good example, and another is that tabbouleh bulgar wheat.

Unable to find decent bread we now bake our own; that too you can enjoy without guilt on our free weight loss programs. You will find recipes at my Bernard Preston site. Use the site search at Chiropractic Help. 

Cold water fish, rich in protein and healthy fat, should definitely be regularly on the menu. The American Heart Association recommends fish at least twice a week. You can certainly enjoy fish on your free weight loss programs, I try to have fish at least THREE OR FOUR times a week.

  • FISH SOUP is wonderful; make enough for several days.


  • A LARGE vegetable soup, perhaps using our chicken bones bouillon, so easy to make and rich in glucosamine chondroitin sulphate. Add ONE teaspoon of brown rice, and a tablespoon (or more) of lentils. Blend your soup for better effect; it stays in the stomach longer. Make enough for three days.

At "fresh spinach recipes" you'll find Bernard Preston's favourite green soup, a great starter for any dinner; use that Site Search key.

There is a strong correlation between low magnesium and arthritis, and spinach is the richest source of this important mineral.

Enjoy many and as much non-starch vegetables as you like. Broccoli, cabbage, onion, carrot, asparagus, beetroot and butternut.

  • Another Greek salad if you like.
  • One helping of fish or fowl, and occasionally lean red meat (such as our Mutton Stew) are allowed on our free weight loss programs. Cut off the fat. This is your high protein food.
  • Sorry, no dessert, keeping your carbs and the unhealthy fats down.



Tofu nutrition and Lentil protein make excellent vegetable protein dishes.

In short, almost no carbs. You may be a little hungry and want more. Have more soup. That is the purpose - to make your body burn fat in the absence of carbohydrate for energy.

This puts you into a state of what is known as ketosis and, if you are doing it for any length of time, really should be supervised by an experienced nutritionist.

You can buy keto-stiks at the drugstore to see if you are going into ketosis. Do not go over 'moderate' unless you are on one of the many professionally supervised free weight loss programs.

Artificially sweetened beverages

Researchers following 66,118 French women for 14 years found that artificially sweetened beverages are an even greater cause of type 2 diabetes than sugar sweetened colas. (2)

Artificial sweetener side effects include not only an increase in diabetes but also glucose intolerance and metabolic syndrome. They do this by disturbing the normal flora in the intestine which has many other serious side effects too. 

Many folk find that tea bags and instant coffee are only palatable with added sugar or sweet and low, for example. We agreed and personally returned to making tea the old fashioned way and enjoying filter coffee; they are spoiled by sweetening.

Artificial sweetener side effects are indeed disturbing; these free weight loss programs make far more sense to those who strongly desire to reach strong and virile old age. 


I have been bullying a young rather obese young woman suffering with low back pain for about six months. Not only was her weight affecting her back, but perhaps even worse her self-esteem. At 31, already divorced with a child, her future was not particularly rosy.

I was astounded yesterday in the change in her demeanor. Having lost 13 kg she is really a very attractive young woman, now bright and full of enthusiasm. I thought to warn her. The young men are definitely going to be knocking on her door. Well done, Deniz. I am very proud of you.

How did she do it, I asked? Not by following my Free weight loss program but simply by cutting out snacking between meals. It all helps.

Several stories in Frog in my Throat reveal how difficult it is for doctors in general to get patients to lose weight.


You can enjoy a glass of red wine on our free weight loss program. One, as it contributes to a healthy cholesterol balance and the phytochemicals are also beneficial. Dry wines have very little carbohydrate. Beer unfortunately is a real no-no. 

ANECDOTE: Every year I go without beer for a month, just to check who is indeed the master. Beer makes a good servant, but a very bad master. I've lost 8lbs in three weeks! Beer is chock a block with calories.

Good luck. It can be done.

PS. Even if you were to follow something like this three days a week, it would have a very beneficial effect.

A few supplements will assist our Free Weight Loss Program. If you are seriously overweight, then you may be on the verge of diabetes, so Chromium tablets are necessary. Then a B12 shot once a week helps metabolise better, and I would take a B complex tablet.


One day we'll all be vegetarians, not too soon I hope. But there is no doubt, an acre land under legumes and grains will feed far more people than used for keeping cattle, sheep or chickens. The day will arrive and actually is just around the corner.

And without a doubt, we will be healthier. Meantime, it does make sense to make a change to more vegetables and fruit. Or even consider Vegan Weight Loss, an extreme but effective way to lose weight; use the site search function. But first, is it sustainable?


Whilst walking will not knock kilograms off, the other benefits are so numerous that walking should be a part of all FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS; unless you are serious overweight, in which case you should perhaps consider swimming or cycling.

For more about the profound good from a gentle stroll, click here: WALKING BENEFITS ...

Is something eating you?

"Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us."

Peter de Vries

Weight loss and infertility

Long before considering infertility chiropractic or the more invasive medical procedures, every woman who is overweight and unable to fall pregnant should first consider our programs.

The research is overwhelming; the obese woman will have difficulty falling pregnant. The body knows that it is not advisable for many reasons, including the likelihood of diabetic onset.

Arthritis and obesity

Arthritis and obesity is a two-part review of the scientific literature by Dr Matt Constas; free weight loss programs are not just about looking better. It means a lot less pain and disability too. 

These are good reasons to consider our free weight loss programs.


High protein / low fat / low carb foods

There has been much interest, and with good reason, since Atkins and beyond, in high protein diets for weight loss. Yet there are many twists and dangers. High animal protein is, in the light of breast tumours and prevention highly suspect.

There are two variations of these high protein diets:

  • one with low carbohydrate, and
  • the other with low fat.

Both have their merits, but keep in mind that many carbohydrates (like broccoli and chickpeas and apples) are extremely healthy and should never be excluded from the diet.

So are some fats absolutely vital for good health. Refusing to eat fish, because it's high in fat, or avocados, or hummus (because it's rich in olive oil) can only be detrimental to your overall health. It is definitely not all about weight loss.

Read more about avocado benefits.

Banting diet

Banting diet is one of the very successful free weight loss programs.

There is now overwhelming evidence that our joints, organs and blood vessels are becoming more inflamed since the US dietary guidelines were published in 1980; the recommended high starch, with plenty of seed oils has been our doing. Type "pathophysiology of atherosclerosis" into Site Search; it describes what is actually happening to the intima, the inner lining of capillaries.

And this despite the low cholesterol diets and cholesterol lowering drugs that are the rage. In fact, it would seem that the change to polyunsaturate oils like sunflower and safflower, and hydrogenated margarines have actually contributed to the problem.

What is certain is that raised blood glucose, and what is known as glucosated haemoglobin, is at the core of the inflammation.

When scientists disagree profoundly, then you we can be sure that no one really knows all the answers. But the high starch combined with low fat guidelines of the last thirty years have made for an obese people; and that means raised blood glucose and insulin intolerance.

There's nothing new about the Banting diet; it was first prescribed by the revered Dr William Harvey more than 150 years ago. It cuts totally across everything you have been taught. Butter is back, enjoy your steak and the fat on your pork chops, bacon and eggs every morning for breakfast, but cut out all the carbohydrate. It has its merits, and proponents claim they are never hungry.

I have doubts because of the increased risk of cancer from the red meat and high fat; Banting diet rebuttal. Free weight loss programs see no sense in attempting to lose flab in an unhealthy way.

Then read our Banting diet modified; it has all the benefits of banting without the risks; and how vegetarians can use it. Avoid hydrogenated foods at all costs. 

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes

No question of it but heart disease, stroke and diabetes are closely linked with obesity. These free weight loss programs are literally life savers.

Explained fertility

It is well-researched that both obese and underweight women have difficulty falling pregnant; nevertheless unexplained infertility takes up a large proportion of the families who simply are unable to start a family.

These free weight programs have an important role to play in infertility.

When browsing the links below use right click and Open Link in New Tab, or you may get a bad gateway signal.

  1. Body-Weight Fluctuations and Outcomes in Coronary Disease
  2. What's potting in the garden. Web:
  3. Blue Zones Project Communities

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