Olive garden salad recipe

Olive garden salad recipe is a traditional Greek appetiser, nutritious and delicious. Enjoy it with tapenade, or hummus, or just an avocado; these are the anti inflammatory foods that will save our aching muscles and joints, and angry red blood vessels.

Your traditional Greek salad can be prepared in under ten minutes; literally. Its virtues are numerous but I might mention a few. First, your taste buds will be very happy with the choice you made, as will your guests. It is without equal.

Secondly, most of us on the traditional Western diet, have more than a little trouble with you know what. All the fibre means no more straining and worrying that you are going to blow a haemorrhoid tomorrow morning; just another benefit of your olive garden salad.

Let us not forget that it takes quite a while to eat this divine, simple dish; it is wonderful with good company and a bottle of wine. Take your time, and enjoy it; savour each mouthful. This is all about slow food, made fast and chewed thoughtfully.  

Five colours salad

And because it takes up quite a lot of space in the tum, there is less room for those desserts that really should only be eaten on high and holy days, and even then in moderation.

Last of all, I can almost guarantee that, if you enjoy a traditional Greek salad for dinner, you will have no stomach cramps in the middle of the night; goodbye heartburn, hello sweet sleep.

So, set your stopwatch; can you make a salad including a tapenade side dish in fifteen minutes?

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Reds and Greens in abundance

Reds and greens in abundance are a feature of our olive garden salad recipe.

Summer salad.

Olive garden salad recipe

Minutes 1-4: INGREDIENTS

  1. Carefully wash a green lettuce leaf for each plate. A bit of rocket would be fine too.
  2. Chop three tomatoes quickly into wedges.
  3. Thinly slice a few shallots, or green onion.
  4. Slice a small cucumber.
  5. Slice a paprika (any colour, sweet pepper).
  6. Chop half a cup of feta cheese into small squares.
  7. Crumble a handful of walnuts.

Minutes 5-8: PREPARATION

  • Place a lettuce leaf on each plate.
  • Jumble the tomato, cucumber, shallots and peppers over the lettuce.
  • Sprinkle at least ten olives, with pips, onto each plate.
  • Smother with the feta cheese, and add a generous handful of walnuts.
  • Dribble with olive oil, vinegar, and sprinkle with oreganum. Chopped parsley would be just as good, and capers would add a bit of bite.

Warn your guests about the olive pips. Eat them one by one, or you may be calling in the dentist. That would spoil your party.

This incidentally is our favourite olive oil decanter; cheap and no mess.

Olive Oil Benefits

There are huge benefits to go with your garden salad recipe. Every extra tablespoon of olive oil daily will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 10pc[1]; that's massive.

Olive oil decanter is perfect for your salad.

Minutes 9-10: AMBIENCE

Place the platters on the table, light the candles, call hubby to pour the wine and, don't forget the napkins. Salad can be messy. A small dish for the olive pips will remind your guests of the need to be careful.

Enjoy. Oh, and don't forget the olive garden salad dressing.

Minutes 11-15: Olive dips and Tahini

Salad obviously goes very well with bread, and a couple of very easy olive dips will make the party.

For more about the dips, click here …

  • OLIVE BREAD RECIPE + 4 delic olive dips.
  • Baba Ghanoush ... our favourite dip.

Tahini, a paste made from Sesame seeds, is particularly delicious with a salad. It is also rich in the monounsaturated oil, oleic acid, so necessary for healthy nerves. They, you may remember, are surrounded by a fatty myelin sheath. Loss of this covering is the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. Read more about Sesame Tahini.

Here's a tip. Many people will suffer from epigastric pain if they eat bread at night, particularly with a soup. However, should you consider a good olive garden salad recipe first, heartburn is usually much less of a problem, or none at all. It may also take a chiropractic adjustment to your mid-thoracic spine to really get on top of INDIGESTION HEARTBURN.

Making sourdough bread and taking kefir has greatly helped with my indigestion.

Experiment with other dressings; as a general rule, put them on the side rather than smother your olive garden salad; that way you can enjoy the subtle flavours, without over indulging in oily sauces. Those sold in your supermarket inevitably are loaded with undesirables; make your own.

These foods all feature strongly in the heart stroke diabetes research; did you know that simply by adding salads and a handful of unsalted nuts and seeds daily to your food would reduce your risk of serious illness by 15%?

Olive Garden Menu TAPENADE

If you find our Olive Garden Salad recipe a bit like rabbit food then this simple tapenade will spice it up; rich in Mediterranean goodness and made in a jiffy. For best flavour use whole black olives and pit them, but then it takes a little longer. Scroll down for more details.

In just fifteen minutes you can throw together a wonderful side dish of tapenada. Black olives, oil, a clove of garlic, a few slices of lemon and, if you've got them, a big spoon of capers. Then there is the optional stuff like Feta cheese. Use your imagination, never get hung up by a recipe; dd your favourites.

Use the Site Search tab in the main menu to find out more about "Olive Garden menu TAPENADE."


A handful of walnuts will add excellent nutrition and flavour to any salad. They have 5x as much omega-3 as any other nut, the very special fats that have been proven many times over to

  1. Lower unfriendly triglyceride fat in the blood stream
  2. Lower unfriendly LDL fat also proven to cause dangerous plague in blood vessels, and
  3. Raise the friendly, heart protective HDL fat.

Don't get the idea that all dripping is bad. You cannot live without the essential fatty acids, and research is now showing that the really serious neurological diseases are associated with meals very low in the friendly oils.

For more information about the dangers of low fat diets, see lower down. Walnuts also contain B complex vitamins, fibre and a host of other good stuff; and the taste, well that is just divine.

Headaches, bowel cramps and arthritis are also intimately related to the well-being of your colon; your olive garden salad recipe is one simple answer.

The boss makes what she calls a 15 dollar Greek salad for us at least 4 or 5 times per week. Yes, rabbit food say the critics, but remember they are not only renowned for sneaking into Mr MacGregor's garden; they also have lots of flopsy bunnies too. It is good for the prostate; impotence scares me.

Good health remember is all about prevention. It is not a good idea to wait until your doctor informs you that you have a metatstatic lesion of the bowel, and may have to have a colostomy, as a patient informed me yesterday.

While on the subject of the orifices of the body, your olive garden salad recipe should certainly include some tomato.

Did you know that a tomato a day, reduces the most prevalent malignancy in men by a massive 50 percent.


A little experiment

The transit time through the bowel should be around 24-30 hours, give or take a bit. Eat a food that strongly marks the stool (like sweetcorn, or beetroot) and watch to see how long it takes.

If it's taking two or more days, then the likelihood of bowel cancer, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis and polyps is greatly increased.


Pickled olives are soooo expensive, but you can make them in a jiffy, I'm not exaggerating for 1/100th of the price! Yup, literally.

A 6lb can of black olives costs €7 + 1 litre olive oil (€5) + 1 litre vinegar (€3). Just add a few cloves of garlic, perhaps a chili, some dill maybe, and a slice or two of lemon. That's it. Fifteen minutes of hard labour and you've got delicious cheap pickling olives for a couple months. All for less than $20. For more details: PICKLING OLIVES ...

  • Dangers of a low fat diet: TINGLING IN ARMS AND HANDS @ Bernard-Preston.com
  • Anti inflammatory omega 3
  • Causes of osteoporosis

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Anti inflammatory foods

Eggplant Recipes

Our Olive Garden Salad Recipe goes really well with fried aubergines which have also proved to lower cholesterol in the blood stream. For some easy to cook aubergine recipes, just type eggplant recipes into the search this site function at chiropractic help.

So why all this emphasis in olive garden salad recipe on what we eat from your friendly guide? I can tell you from 30 years of hard experience that your chiropractor finds it very distressing to have to tell his patient that the cause of his hip pain is a metastasis from the prostate, or the fracture in the spine is a result of nobody ever really emphasizing the need to take preventative action. There's nothing mysterious about the causes of osteoporosis.  

More, reducing our polyunsaturated seed oils, like that from corn and sunflower, by changing to EVOO improves the omega 6 to 3 ratio that is so inflammatory in the body.

Dipping daily into the anti inflammatory foods like extra virgin olive oil, chilis, ginger and freshly ground flax seed can only improve your well-being and save you from a lot of pain.

Eat right, maintain fitness, keep your spine mobile and supple and there is no reason why we should not reach a happy, healthy eighty. This olive garden salad recipe all on its little own will carry you half way there.

If we want a beautiful world for our grandchildren to live in then each and every one of us must do something for a greener planet. For example, planting some bee-friendly plants in your garden like peas and broccoli.

Collecting sunshine on your roof using photovoltaic panels, or building a small reservoir for storing water is actually not that difficult either.

Do you live in a winter rainfall region? You might think of growing an olive. It would also make a splendid tree planting memorial for a friend who has just lost a loved one. No better place to lay him or her safely to rest than amongst the roots of a favourite plant.

They will be able to imagine their loved one peeping out at them from the leaves every day. Well, that's what I do; my mum is planted under a yellowwood tree given to us. I greet her every day; yes, all the world's a bit crazy except for you and me.


Why all this talk of olive garden salad recipes on a chiropractic website? Firstly because olive oil is a natural anti inflammatory, with no side effects; that's good news for every chiropractic patient. 

And secondly because constipation and back pain go hand in hand. Prolonged sitting on the toilet and having to bear down hard has very negative sentiments for lower back pain.


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