Olive garden salad dressing

Olive garden salad dressing is about a piquant additive that complements without smothering the subtle flavours of your favourite greens. If you have no special salad then this dressing will make them simply unavoidable.

Because raw food, salads and fruit, nuts and seeds are an essential part of the healthy diet; cold pressed oils and juices. It's a subject close to the heart of most chiropractors.

Olives and olive oil.

In yours too, I hope, if you're making preparation for a vibrant old age with all your marbles intact.

Really, don't you too want to reach a healthy, happy eighty  or even ninety without a history of heart attacks, strokes and cancer? Eat more salad.

It was Helen's 15 euro salad that rescued me from my misery; are you too all bunged up?

As you will have realised, this website is not about Cordon Bleu cooking, but about slow food, made fast, and that tastes simply out of this world. This dressing will take five minutes to throw together, and should keep for a week or two.

To be honest, I make it fresh daily. It's that easy. Certainly keep the bottle sealed, in the fridge, to reduce oxidation of the perishables like the lemon juice.

I hate prescribing exact details as fun cooking is about balancing the ingredients to suit the hopes and desires of your own taste buds. So add and subtract at will; feel free to experiment.

Bread experiments are wonderful too if you're into baking the daily loaf; it takes me less than five minutes, and that includes grinding the wheat. Whoever said preparing meals has to be a long and arduous, time-consuming business? The secret is to keep it simple. Leave the Cordon bleu to the professionals.

Olive garden salad dressing

Olive garden salad dressing contains anti arthritic and heart-friendly goodies. Did you know that every extra tablespoon of the oil every day will reduce cardiovascular disease by 10pc? That is staggering.

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  1. 500ml bottle of extra virgin olive oil, pour off about half a cup into your olive oil decanter. To the bottle, add
  2. A finely chopped clove or two of garlic
  3. Several finely chopped twigs of fresh sweet basil.
  4. A good slosh of Balsamic vinegar*.
  5. Half a lemon squeezed, include the pith if you like, and a little slither of the rind.
  6. Perhaps a whole chili. Some like it hot; we use peppadews.
  7. Sea salt and freshly ground pepper.
  8. Refrigerate.

Here's an update; whilst I love balsamic vinegar, it always seems to be loaded with artificial chemicals that I avoid. I no longer use it.

Extra virgin olive oil is the only source of oleocanthal, a natural Cox inhibitor, an anti-inflammatory without the nasty side effects of the drugs.

In fact any dressing that you haven't made yourself must of necessity contain preservatives; it simply won't last for months even in the refrigerator. And then the manufacturers see the necessity to add flavour enhancers and other chemicals.

Worse, they are almost always made from one of the vegetable oils that are over endowed with omega 6 fatty acids; they cause inflammation in the body. It's much the best to make your own using olive oil.

Anti-inflammatory peppadews.

Give the whole a good shake, and perhaps keep for a couple of days before using. You can add more garlic and basil if you like it stronger.

While there is no reason not to eat your olive garden salad recipe absolutely dry, I think a fine dressing will add much to your lunch, making it yet more palatable and delicious, and easier to chew and digest.

Many of the phytochemicals in your salad are better absorbed in the presence of fatty acids like you'll find in avocados and olives.

One beauty of a good salad is that you'll be less likely to suffer from indigestion heartburn even if you break the rules of gastronomic propriety. It's certainly also the cure for CONSTIPATION and all that goes with that nasty condition. Hemorrhoids, headaches, bowel cancer, and much much more.

Still having trouble?


Tapendade as you can see is in reality about olives and lemon juice. It's really just a lovely variation of an olive garden salad dressing; only the capers are different.

Type "Olive garden menu tapenade" into the Site Search function in the main menu bar.

Tapenade ingredients.

If you're looking for the healthy Mediterranean feel to add atmosphere for your guests then this tapenade is the perfect dip for your crackers, or tapas as they call it in Spain. A little aforethought is necessary, as you probably won't have capers in the pantry.

If you use pitted olives you can throw this delicious tapenade together in just five minutes. Literally. Pitting whole black olives, far better really, takes a little longer.

Together with a mixed greens and olive garden salad dressing, tapenade really makes a meal. Add a slice of our low GI or sourdough bread and you have the perfect lunch.

Butter is back remember so absolutely avoid the margarines that contain trans isomers; they are poisonous. If you enjoy salads like this on a daily basis you need have no fears of cholesterol.

Interestingly strong research shows that those who regularly enjoy eight different coloured foods have a 33 percent lower all cause of death. It improves your eyesight and so reduces car accidents and falls, makes your heart pump more strongly and cleans the atheromas from your blood vessels.

For the chiropractor they also reduce inflammation in your body; that's vital if you continually suffer from painful joints and muscles.

Another delicious way to enjoy sweet basil and olive oil is pesto, a piquant sauce that will liven up any dish.

For a short story about making this easy home recipe, click here; PESTO made in a jiffy with Santie and Janet, an excerpt from Bernard Preston's soap, A Family Affair.

Here are more OLIVE OIL BENEFITS for you.

Healthy living tips

There's no point of having a spine that's perfectly aligned with chiropractic, and you drop off the edge of the planet because you don't exercise, or eat garbage. Our healthy living tips are for those who one day want to sit under the trees they once planted, sipping ice tea, whilst they watch the grandchildren grow up; a large part of the deal is your greens brightened with many colours, and they need an olive garden salad dressing.

All these colours incidentally will provide the lutein and zeaxanthin that are demanded by your eyes, or else you get macular degeneration. Five million Americans are unnecessarily blind because they refuse to eat their greens.

Just add some of our "healthy hummus recipe," and a few cubes of feta cheese for protein and you have the perfect lunch; and of course our olive garden salad dressing.

Ever thought of making your own "easy sourdough bread recipe?" It takes me five minutes every morning.

For more information type these terms into the Site Search function.

Summer salad.

By all means add a boiled egg to this salad to provide extra choline; a deficiency causes birth defects, and the average Western diet gets less than half the recommended daily allowance.

Like butter, eggs are back and should never have been banished to Coventry; even the American Heart Association endorses them.

Every young woman should be considering choline food sources.

Chiropractic help

Even the very best of chiropractic help, or medicine for that matter, will not save you if your family eats rubbish. Consuming anti inflammatory foods like EVOO in your olive garden salad dressing on a daily basis is what protects not only your muscles and joints but the inner linings of your arteries and organs from becoming red and angry.

And to be honest the average salad, iceberg lettuce and few slithers of tomato, is deadly dull; that's what's dished up most often in the name of greens. Add colour and our olive garden salad dressing for a more tasty meal.

Better still, add a dollop of our homemade quick hummus.

For something on the lighter side, enjoy Teddybears' picnic; they too need chiropractic help, and a little raw honey in their olive garden salad dressing wouldn't go amiss!

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