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Chiropractor Hilton, South Africa, explains why and what your local DC may be doing, and where you can find him or her.

  • Dr Jane Ackerman - Lewis, 56 Groenekloof Rd, Hilton. 033-343 2549 
  • Dr Nicole Descoins, 21 Hilton Avenue, Hilton, 033 3431835
  • Dr Barrie Lewis, 56 Groenekloof Rd, Hilton.  033-343 2549
  • Dr Melissa Taylor

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

Chiropractor Hilton

Chiropractor Hilton in South Africa helps find your local DC in the Midlands.

The rationale for Chiropractic treatment

It's been long established that loss of movement in a joint decreases the flow of the synovial fluid that feeds the hyaline cartilage in the joint; this is at the very heart of the rationale for chiropractic treatment. It has profound implications.

  • The deficiency of nutrients and oxygen causes immobilisation arthritis, a condition quite distinct from other forms of rheumatism though the end result is much the same; painful, stiff and swollen joints. 

* Early symptoms of arthritis ...

  • The build up of noxious wastes, normally flushed away by the synovial fluid, forms a sea of inflammatory chemicals that bathes the joint and, in the case of spine, the nerves emerging from between the vertebrae. The result is also altered nervous system activity; in its simplest form causing tingling in arms and legs.
  • More profound is the effect on the organs of the body. For example, people with conditions in the midback, where the nerves emerge to the stomach, have a higher incidence of ulcers and heartburn. 



Hypomobility, a fixation, or subluxation in a joint in the foot for example completely alters the way in which a person walks. The knock-on effect is increased wear and tear in the knees, hips and back; all the way up the kinetic chain. A subtly altered gait can be the cause of your headaches.

These altered motor patterns, be it from the fixation in the subtalar joint in your ankle, the SIJ or any other part can play havoc with the whole body.

Invariably hip arthritis is associated with fixations in the sacroiliac joints. It is of course a chicken and egg situation, but in Chiropractic we believe that correct mobilisation of a locked-up hip, can save the spine and SIJ; and vice versa, can prevent degenerative changes in the ball and socket secondary to subluxations elsewhere.

Look at how the tilted sacrum in this lumbar casefile has led inexorably to severe facet arthritis and spinal stenosis. Altered biomechanics has severe knock-on effects distant to the subluxated or injured joint, short leg and many other conditions causing the altered motion.

X-ray of a tilted sacrum causing a curvature of the spine.
Scan showing how a tilted sacrum causes facet arthritis.

What is chiropractic?

We think understanding what is chiropractic is important.

The term CHIROPRACTIC THERAPY has evolved from two Greek words.

Chiro (hand) and Practis (the practice of). Used by the ancients, doctors like Hippocrates and Galen actively used and promoted manipulation of the spine; at chiropractor Hilton we still adhere to these principles.

Modern Chiropractic was founded by a Canadian, Daniel D Palmer, in 1895. Today, after Medicine and Dentistry, it is the third most powerful force of healing in the West.

What do Chiropractors do?

What does a DC do? A very diverse number of treatments, but at Chiropractor Hilton we still use manipulation of the spine, exercise and nutrition.

A demonstration showing Teddy being adjusted.

Dr Barrie Lewis

Barrie Lewis DC graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. Here, Tweety gets an adjustment at Chiropractor Hilton.

Tweety gets a chiropractic adjustment.

Chiropractors use a variety of manual methods to "adjust" (or manipulate) the joints primarily of the spine and pelvis, but in fact of any of them in the body, including the jaw, the ribs and feet that may be causing your foot or ankle pain.

Dr Jane Ackerman, DC

Jane Ackerman is the first third generation chiropractor in South African. Her grandparents, Dr Unity and Dick Lewis, from Lincoln and Palmer were pioneer DCs in SA.

She too practises at Chiropractor Hilton.

Lower back exercises

Many patients suffer from chronic, recurring episodes of LBP. One of the secrets is to go through the rehab programme. Exercises done faithfully every morning in bed before arising (they take less than two minutes) will do much to ameliorate the suffering and cost you may be experiencing from low back pain.

You can expect your chiropractor Hilton to absolutely insist you get involved in your own prevention programme. Only two minutes each and every morning, same as brushing your teeth.

Head neck pain

Ask any DC and you'll find that head neck pain is complex; there are so many variables. One person has fallen off horses umpteen times, another several car accidents. Some have a scoliosis due to a short leg and that stresses the cervical spine; head neck pain is inevitable. We see them all at chiropractor Hilton.

Today I had a new patient whose Accessory nerve was cut during surgery to remove a swollen lymph node beneath the jawbone; it supplies two vital muscles involved with head neck pain. The surgeon apparently graduated in the lower half of the class, and anatomy wasn't his forte.

Others has been to a DC or physiotherapist who hurt them, and so it goes. At chiropractor Hilton can you expect the best care available; still, head and neck pain can be very trying.

Iatrogenic illness, or doctor-caused disease occurs in every medical and chiropractic practice; we can't promise you that we are above it. Yet "first, do no harm" the dictum of Hippocrates, remains firmly in our minds.

Nearly 50 percent of the average chiropractor's day is taken up with people suffering from headaches or neck pain, the latter often radiating to the arm.

Behind most carpal tunnel syndrome cases for example lies an irritated nerve in the neck which is the underlying cause of the tingling in the lower arm, usually the thumb and two or three fingers; the pinkie is always spared. 

At Chiropractor Hilton you can expect a thorough examination. Unfortunately the research indicates that no matter what treatment you have, including ours, if you have had the pain for six months, it's there for ever. It can be relieved and helped, but it will come back; the solution is an occasional but regular consultation.

If you've had head neck pain for three or four months, then do something about it now; or expect to suffer for the rest of your life.

Tingling in hands along the median nerve distribution.

Another spot where the Median nerve may be pinched is in the forearm as it passes between the two heads of the Pronator Teres muscle.

Diagnosis is a vital part of Chiropractic Hilton. Treating the right tissue, at the correct level is obviously important. That means a thorough examination.

Tingling in arms and hands can also be caused by the pronator teres muscle.

Migraine headaches

Migraine headaches are complex, and caused by many different factors, but it's often in the jaw joint; we understand it at Chiropractor Hilton.

Do you have a clicking, or popping TMJ? And is there associated pain on the side of your face and head, and nauseous-making headaches?

At Chiropractor Hilton we specialise in the treatment of migraine headaches. Having wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic, with excessive opening of the mouth is frequently a cause of injury to the meniscus in the jaw joint.

The TMJ anatomy of the temporo mandibular joint needs to be carefully assessed to determine if that ear pain and MIGRAINE HEADACHE are coming from your neck or jaw joint; or is really an allergic reaction to peanuts, red wine or blue cheese.

Other conditions treated at CHIROPRACTOR HILTON

The ankle mortise and subtalar joints.

Chiropractic treatment for scoliosis

CHIROPRACTIC TREATMENT FOR SCOLIOSIS as in the case below is highly specific and gentle. This elderly lady could barely walk when she first consulted us; can you see the severe twist in her lumbar spine?

There are plenty of challenges at Chiropractor Hilton.

Scoliosis of the lumbar spine.

Chiropractic excels in the treatment of lower back pain, though it can be very difficult, and occasionally referral to a specialist is indicated.

Newsletter #28

This copy of our monthly newsletter features some simple lower back exercises and a few thoughts on the prevention of malignant breast tumours.


Much of the Western world eats too much red meat, despite a mountain of research associating it with heart disease, raised cholesterol and neoplasms.

The humble green bean is the alternative; they grow like weeds in Hilton. Next spring, plan to sow a few Witsa seeds every week.

Try this "green bean and lentil soup." Made in a jiffy, it is absolutely healthy and delicious. SLOW FOOD, MADE FAST is our  motto.

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The villages of Hilton and Winterskloof are renowned for their avocado trees. The most popular varieties are the Hass and the Fuerte due to their resistance to mild frosts.

The avocado is rich in healthy fatty acids, has zero cholesterol and has a similar amount of protein as a glass of milk; and is rich in fibre, many minerals and vitamins.

So rich are the avocado benefits that the fruit is certainly classed amongst the health foods. I try to eat one every day.

At Chiropractor Hilton you can expect searching questions about how much you exercise and what you eat; the ratio of omega 6-3 in your diet has a profound influence on your joints and muscles.

Chiropractor Hilton, South Africa

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