Avocado Benefits

Avocado halves and tomato for prostates

Avocado benefits include healthy monounsaturates, anti-oxidants and phytosterols.

This page was last updated by Dr Barrie Lewis on 13th November, 2020.

Anyone interested in healthy nerves must take seriously the health benefits of avocado. The brain is 60 percent fat and most nerves are coated in a sheath made of oleic acid, the most abundant oil in the fruit.

Deprive the brain or nerves of the healthy lipids, and you are in serious trouble. Do you need to lose weight? So, cut out all fat, is that not right? No, it is very wrong.

In fact, you will be constantly hungry; cut out all the fat and you will die.

It is interesting that mother's milk contains between nearly five times as much fat as protein, because the human infant brain grows at an incredible rate; much faster than the body.

Compare that with the cow, for example; the fat and protein are in roughly equal amounts. It is the body of a calf that needs to grow if it is to survive in the wild.

Interesting too that mother's milk varies markedly depending on what she eats. If mother is trying to lose weight by cutting out all the healthy fat in her diet, her baby too will suffer from a deficiency of brain food.

If breast feeding mother enjoys a diet high in omega-6 PUFAs, the circulating oestrogen in her blood stream makes both her and her female offspring more likely to get BC; it stimulates adipose tissue in the body to secrete a hormone called oestradiol.

Conversely, if she consumes food that is rich in omega-3 PUFAs both she and her female offspring are less likely to get a malignancy of the breast. She can get it from fatty fish, freshly ground flaxseeds, free range eggs, walnuts and avocados.

By and large, ironically, it's too much refined carbohydrate, not fat, that makes most of us obese, rather than too much of the healthy foods like avocados and olives. That is why the Banting diet is taking off.

Avocado Nutritional Value

In 100g of the flesh of an avocado, 100g of olives and sunflower seeds your body can enjoy the following foodstuffs, vitamins and fibre.

A word of caution: 100g of avocado benefits is an average helping (half a fruit). 100g of olives is a huge helping (about 35), and munching your way through that weight of sunflower seeds will keep you busy for an hour or two.

In reality a helping of avocado (half an fruit) has far more nutrient value than a helping of olives (say 10) or sunflower seeds (say one teaspoon).


Avocados contain extremely high quality fats. Zero cholesterol. They are especially high in oleic acid, the fat coats your nerves with a myelin sheath, and omega-3 PUFAs. What is oleic acid?

Likewise, because 100g of avocado benefits contains about 160 kcal, do not think that it is less fattening than sunflower seeds. Not so. "Per helping," the nutritional value of avocado is much higher, it contains far more fat, and more nutrients too, especially the highly desirable phytosterol beta-sitosterol, in the prevention and treatment of prostate enlargement. Bernie's healthy spinach dip contains half an avocado ... use the site search function.

What are phytosterols is a question you may be asking.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very strong anti oxidant; it is another of the avocado benefits.

Another of the avocado benefits, it is the high values of substances like magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. Anti oxidants help mop up the free radicals that cause malignant disease... 'nuff said.

Avocado fat is also rich in the antioxidant vitamin E in good mixtures of alpha and gamma tocopherol.

Type 'avocado fat' here for more information.

They have different functions, but inhibit each other, so taking just one form (as in tablet form, usually only the alpha form) or using corn oil only in your cooking (has gamma-tocopherol) is not advisable. The other form is not properly absorbed.

For your vitamin E enjoy more avocado benefits.


One avocado contains more protein than a 100ml glass of milk, and it is more digestible and won't cause the allergies that arise from dairy products. Being high in protein and low in carbohydrate the avocado health benefits are perfect for our FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS; the sensible way to lose weight permanently.

Fruit like avocado and vegetable high in protein is a subject that should interest all of us.


Avocado is a relatively low carbohydrate food and much of it is tied up in the fibre. That makes it perfect for those who are banting. Plenty of good nourishing fat and some protein.


Homocysteine is a compound you quite likely know little about. It is a toxic breakdown product of our protein metabolism, and the body immediately converts it to another (safe) substance called SAMe. The process is dependent on vitamin B6, B12 and folate - they are particularly high in these avocado benefits, even better than in broccoli.

The Western diet is often woefully deficient in these vitamins, and the levels of homocysteine is often very high, causing many of our chronic diseases; could an avocado a day keep your doctor away?

Avocados are part of the solution to the homocysteine that ruins our cardiovascular system.

Eggs in general are the best source of vitamin B12, vital in the prevention of homocysteine build up, but only free range eggs have large amounts of omega-3. It's all dependent on the best chicken feed; plenty of greens.

Avocado Benefits

Avocado benefits include the delicious flavour and they are loaded with nutritional value; good for the prostate always important in chiropractic practice; perfect with the banting diet.

Not the best pic, I confess; you can't see the avo and Panera bread under the tomato.

Avocado salad for homocystein control

In a key study, the NHANES survey of a large group of Americans found that those who regularly enjoy avocados had

  • a lower body mass index; they were slimmer.
  • weighed on average nearly 8 pounds less.
  • on average a 4cm smaller waist circumference.
  • a higher "good" HDL cholesterol level.
  • a 50 percent lower odds ratio of getting metabolic syndrome; insulin resistance.
  • NHANES study
  • Mexican Avocado soup ... use the site search function.

Macular degeneration

Avocado benefits include only small amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, the phytochemicals that protect the eyes against macular degeneration, but every bit counts. Half an avocado contains about 0.2mg of lutein and its twin sister zeaxanthin that are vitally needed in the retina to protect against dangerous radiation.

That's only about 5% of the amount needed to protect you against macular degeneration. Type it in here for more information.

There are over 5000 of these phytochemicals; their role in health is not well understood. Enjoying a salad like that above gives you reasonable protection against deficiencies causing serious diseases like macular degeneration, read blindness.

Kale and spinach incidentally are the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Zeaxanthin macular degeneration, along with lutein, is an important consideration for every single human being. Read more at this influential journal at a report entitled hass avocado composition and potential health benefits.

Make your own bread

A bread machine loaf smeared with avocado is divine.

You might think it a fag to make your own bread, but with the aid of a machine, you can do the preparation for a delicious homemade loaf in only six minutes. Of course it then takes five hours to bake; nothing nicer than to enjoy avocado benefits on a slice.

Incidentally, my granddaughter's first preference is for bread and avocado for lunch. Get them started on healthy living at an early age; she is only four.

Oddly, avocado has a lot of fat yet research consistently shows that avocado eaters weigh less and have a lower BMI, and suffer less from metabolic syndrome. It's refined carbohydrate, like supermarket bread and white rice, in the main that makes us obese.

Best of all is a loaf made the old fashioned way using sourdough; find out more at low GI bread. Search for it here.

Soup, salad and sandwich

Enjoy your avocado benefits in a soup, salad and sandwich lunch. The added fat helps to absorb certain minerals and vitamins. These mushroom soup recipes should regularly be on the menu if there's a man in the house; the selenium is vital for a healthy prostate. Don't get it from a supplement; let your food be your medicine.

Growing avocado trees

Growing avocado trees from a pip doesn't make sense; they take much longer to bear and the trees grow so high you can't pick them.

Pinkerton avocado tree for abundant living.

Avocado benefit trees are cross pollinators, and dependent on bees. Hence our decision to plant a third tree; the other two are a Hass and a Fuerte.

Our Hass has produced about 1000 avocados this year; the Fuerte fruit  will start to ripen in April. At five rand apiece our trees are certainly paying their way; that's half a dollar each. Don't try growing them in Chicago though.

This Pinkerton is two years old, and will probably bear for the first time next year. Update at avocado benefits; the Pinkerton did flower and was well pollinated by the bees but the small fruit which formed all fell off. The tree is still too young. Next year there'll be a bountiful first harvest, I have no doubt.

It's now five years old, and we have over 100 avocados; they are rich and creamy.

You do need a largish garden, but the smaller grafted varieties like a Hass tree aren't enormous. Grow it on your boundary with a neighbour perhaps; then you can both enjoy the benefits of avocado, which include better prostate gland function. 

In short avocado, olive oil, and sunflower seeds are all excellent sources of the healthy fats.

I am less sure of sunflower oil; we eat very little as I cannot find it cold pressed at an affordable price. Loaded with omega-6, it throws the fatty acid ratio out of balance and that means inflammation. We enjoy only the seeds in our low GI bread. 

It is vital to remember the omega-3 fatty acids; they are even more important in the diet but alas not one of the main benefits of avocado; the small amounts do help. 

For omega-3 you need fatty fish like salmon and mackerel recipes, walnuts and freshly ground flax seed.

Is your child suffering from one of the behavioral syndromes or attention deficit? There's very interesting research done in an English school on the benefits of a mixture of fish and evening primrose oil. Remember the brain is made up of sixty percent fat.

After four months on the combined oils the parents reported reduced inattentive behaviour, hyperactivity, restlessness and impulsiveness, whilst no improvement was reported in the placebo olive oil group.

A closer look at fish oil, ADHD and kids with learning difficulties

In the table above you'll notice that avocado contains little omega 3, the presumed benefit in fish oil for attention deficit. Fish oil, walnuts, flaxseed and sunflower seeds are the best sources.

Magnesium heart

There's strong research that foods rich in magnesium reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease by a massive 50%; we call it magnesium heart food. 

Whilst green leafy vegetables are the main source, avocado and sunflower seeds have large quantities of magnesium. Type magnesium heart here for more information. 

Banting Diet

For forty years we've been led astray by an unproven opinion that was assumed by all and sundry to be fact; namely that a high animal fat diet was the cause of raised blood cholesterol. It turns out astonishingly that refined carbohydrates are the villains of the piece; the Banting diet restricts all starches.

Worse, starches stimulate the appetite centre in the brain making you constantly hungry. The change from the traditional American diet to meal plans low in fat and high carbohydrate is why we've become so obese. They make you constantly hungry.

It's complicated biochemistry and I've no doubt there'll be another few twists in the tale. If you too have your doubts you might want to think about this Banting diet rebuttal.

Avocados oddly are an excellent way to start losing weight, and promoting super health.

Wellness living

Wellness oddly is not the focus of much attention by many; it would seem that we have no concern that we might get malignant disease, or have a heart attack and drop dead long before our time.

It makes no sense that so many folk would choose to be ostriches and pretend that disease and pain happens only to other people. Avocado benefits is but one tiny yet important part of that process. The fruit fats, and cold water fish yield huge benefits to the joints, heart and mind.

It is all about caring for our bodies so that we do not die long before our time; that happens to far too many people.

Add to that the pain and expense of serious illness and we have good reason to focus on wellness. If you do not look after your body, just where are you planning to live?

Our food should include either olive or avocado benefits, and preferably both.

Why all this at a chiropractic help website you may well be asking? Wellness is in part utterly dependent on a normally functioning nervous system. That's at the very heart of our philosophy. They are coated in a myelin sheath made of oleic acid, one of the main substances found in avocados; make sure your body has plenty of these fats.

And keep the high glycemic carbohydrates like commercial bread, potatoes from cold storage and pasta reigned in; they are what raise blood glucose. Public enemy number one when we're talking about nerves.

Interesting that folk who enjoy a high fat with low carbohydrate diet actually consume less calories; they have more energy and aren't constantly hungry. They lose weight easily.

Long term memory

Professor Tanya Lawlis of the University of Canberra emphasises the importance of norepinephron in the transfer of important facts to long term memory. Its production requires the amino acid tyrosine which is particularly high in avocado benefits, as well as meat, lentils and lima beans; sesame seeds too, but do grind them.

Whole sesame and flax seeds can be problematic if you have any diverticuli in the bowel, and in any case they are not digested unless you chew them very thoroughly. 

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