Chiropractic conditions

Chiropractic conditions covers a multiplicity of options to your painful joint problems.

At this page we will attempt to cover a great many of the common pain syndromes that may afflict a joint, ligament, capsule, and the nerves and muscles in the body.

Well almost; it remains controversial just how much chiropractic can help conditions such as multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy. There were many syndromes in which formerly we thought our profession could play no roll. Science has proved otherwise.

Like spinal stenosis for example.

Now we understand that the conditions chiropractic can successfully treat is far broader than we first realised. Ever thought of taking your tiny baby to your local DC? Is that quite mad? Science proves that infantile colic responds well to our care.

This page was last updated by Dr Barrie Lewis on 10th February, 2019.

Right choices

At Chiropractic Conditions we try to give you oodles of information so that you can make more right choices.

Whilst labeling patients is very useful in terms of deciding on treatment protocols, it is also fraught with errors. If your gut feel is that your chiropractor has made the wrong diagnosis, it's very important to discuss it with him or her; if only for your peace of mind.

Head and Neck pain

Whiplash of the neck can affect the brainstem causing a multiplicity of seemingly unrelated to chiropractic symptoms.

Tingling in arms and hands

Tingling in arms and hands is one of the most common chiropractic conditions examined and treated at the coalface.


Arm pain is certainly one of the most frequent complaints at the Chiropractic Coalface. There are many causes, from trauma, perhaps a long forgotten fall that injured the AcromioClavicular Joint on the tip of the shoulder.

Or perhaps a spurt of spring cleaning.

But most commonly is an old injury to the neck. Or first rib. By irritating the nerve roots that supply the arm, the muscles become weaker and vulnerable to injury, such as a rotator cuff syndrome.

Tingling in the arms and hands is a frequent result. Waking up in the early hours with tingling and pain in your hands?

The Upper Limb Tension Test is a simple procedure that you can perform at home to test for a pinched or irritated nerve in the neck.

There are numerous sites in the arm where the nerve can be irritated...

Sites of entrapment of the median nerve call for careful assessment by your chiropractor.

An MRI of the midback gives a lot more information to your chiropractor.

Mid back

  • BACKPAIN ... between the shoulder blades.
  • SCHEUERMANNS DISEASE ... does your teenager complain of an aching midback?
  • CHEST PAIN ...
  • TIETZES SYNDROME ... Another cause of breastbone pain.
  • The 'sprung rib'. Sharp pain on inspiration. RIB PAIN TREATMENT ...

  • Lower back and leg pain

    Lower back and leg pain is probably one of the most common chiropractic conditions treated at the coalface.

    A photograph of a skating accident causing a lumbar hyperextension injury.
  • LOWER BACK PAIN ... The most common malady facing the chiropractor on a daily basis.
  • L4 Lumbar spine ...
    Postero LATERAL disk herniation ...
    Postero MEDIAL disk herniation ...
    (Far) LATERAL disc herniation ...
  • Chiropractic conditions

    Chiropractic conditions is a navigation page to the complaints commonly treated; it is obviously not all inclusive.

    Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome and other Pelvic Conditions

    Pubic bone pain is always a challenge to the chiropractor.

    Hip arthritis and its causes

    Hip arthritis, caught early is certainly a chiropractic condition.
  • FEMORO ACETABULAR IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME - stiff, arthritic hip pattern in a younger person.
  • DEVELOPMENT HIP DYSPLASIA - the too-mobile hip with groin pain.
  • HIP ARTHRITIS ... Pain in the groin or side of the hip.
  • MAIGNES SYNDROME- buttock and leg pain
  • MERALGIA PARESTHETICA ... Pain and numbness on the side or front of the thigh
  • LEG LENGTH INEQUALITY ... a common cause of hip, knee and back arthritis.
  • Lower Limb (Leg) Pain

    Clarke's test is used by your chiropractor to evaluate kneecap pain.
  • LEG PAIN DURING PREGNANCY is a common complaint in the chiropractic clinic.
  • Pain and numbness in the side and/or front of the thigh. MERALGIA PARESTHETICA ...
  • Leg pain - one cause is known as INTERMITTENT CLAUDICATION - only with exercise.
  • Shin splints if often faced by the chiropractor treating sports injuries.

    Ankle and Foot pain

    Plantar myofascitis responds well to chiropractic treatment if he can assess and adjustment the bones of the foot and ankle.

    Find a good chiropractor

    Find a good chiropractor is no different to locating a medical doctor, or architect for that matter, with whom you click; and also whether he is skillful in regard to your particular chiropractic condition.

    It never does any harm to go for a consultation with no treatment; let him or her examine you, take a history, and then you go away and thinking about whether they have been thorough and are knowledgeable about your problem. Not every DC may be skilled in the management of sports injuries, or infantile colic, or vertigo for example.

    When is changing chiropractors a good idea?

    Common Medical Conditions that may respond to chiropractic help

    Infertility, shingles, facial pain, infantile colic, trigeminal neuralgia ... COMMON MEDICAL CONDITIONS ...

    It goes without saying that having a full grasp of a wide range of  conditions such as that listed above, demands a relatively long and arduous chiropractic education.

    Chiropractic research has validated what all DCs and their patients have long known. For biomechanical conditions unquestionably manipulation is potent and cost effective.

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