Colic Chiropractic

Colic chiropractic can help the seriously stressed family.

And what will this adorable creature grow up to be? A happy baby, or ... there is an answer.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that of 13 countries measured, the United States lies last (13th) in neonatal and infant mortality. The USA also lies last for low-birth-weight percentages.

A B&W diet? Fast food? Smoking, alcohol, drugs, insufficient omega-3 and too much omega-6?

A healthy fetus is where colic chiropractic starts.

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Infantile colic

Colic Chiropractic

is the answer to the 15% of families who have a miserable time of it. There IS an answer to why your baby is in so much distress.

Infantile Colic or huilbaby is defined by the RULE OF THREE :

  1. crying, fussing and irritability for more than three hours a day
  2. for more than three days per week
  3. for longer than three weeks

in any infant who is gaining weight normally and is otherwise healthy.

We must be skeptical even of our skepticism.

Bertrand Russell.


Colic chiropractic is one solution to the huilbaby.

A baby crying uncontrollably every day despite medical care gives cause for thought about colic chiropractic.

There is no evidence to suggest that colicky babies, in Dutch known as a huilbaby, become temperamentally difficult adults.

Normal infants cry an average of 2.2 hours per day, peaking at six weeks of age and gradually decreasing.

It is estimated the colic occurs in approximately 15 percent of babies. It occurs in both caesarean section and normal birth infants.


COLIC CHIROPRACTIC has the solution to the fairly typical signs which are:

  • Attacks of screaming in the evening, often a piercing, high-pitched shriek.
  • Associated motor behaviours such as flushed face, furrowed brow, and clenched fists, pulling of the legs to the abdomen, arching of the back.

Crying is concentrated in the late afternoon and evening. It often occurs in prolonged bouts, and is unpredictable and spontaneous. The screaming child cannot be soothed, even by feeding.

The cause of infantile colic remains unclear. Organic causes account for less than 5 percent of babies presenting with excessive crying.

However the following should be considered; constipation, cow's milk intolerance, gastroesophageal reflux, ear infections, urinary tract infection and abuse; chiropractors would like to add spinal subluxations and there's evidence to confirm it's not unfounded.

The fact that most infants outgrow colic by four months of age lends support to a neurological developmental cause of the condition, which fits exactly with chiropractic theories. 

DIAGNOSIS of Colic Chiropractic

The physician should ask about the infant's behaviour and the time of day and the length of the crying episodes. Parents should be asked to document this information of colic. A history of blueness in the face, or struggling to breathe may suggest previously undiagnosed pulmonary or cardiac conditions in the inconsolable, crying baby.

Documentation of frequency and quantity of spitting up is necessary to rule out gastroesophageal reflux or pyloric stenosis.

Chiropractic care for the colicky baby.  

The fact medicine suspects a neurological link in infantile colic is very significant. This is precisely why colic chiropractic is so effective. Subluxations cause neurological changes in the nerve bundles passing close by the troubled vertebra.

A chiropractors approach is thus quite different to the crying baby. Knowing that less than 5 percent of babies with infantile colic have an organic problem is reassuring.

Over and above the normal physical exam that every chiropractor will do, the examination of the crying baby should include searching for subluxations of the pelvis and spine, signs for muscular tension, for tenderness, and for an abnormal posture of the head.

Surprisingly, even in the very young, evidence of spinal fixations is immediately evident in the crying baby. The baby immediately reacts; these subluxations are extremely tender to the touch, just as they are most often in adults.


The short-term effect of spinal manipulation in the treatment of infantile colic: a randomized controlled clinical trial with a blinded observer. Google it.

This research was done in a private colic chiropractic practice using blinded National Health Service nurses. One group of crying infants received spinal care, the other was treated with the drug dimethicone. Changes in daily hours of crying were recorded in a colic diary.

By trial day 7, hours of crying were reduced by 1 hour in the dimethicone group compared with 2.4 hour reduction in crying in the colic chiropractic group.

By day 11, crying was reduced by 1 hour for the dimethicone group, whereas crying in the chiropractic group was reduced by 2.7 hours. A 270% improvement over the standard medical treatment.

Conclusion: Spinal manipulation is effective in relieving infantile colic. The treatment is extremely gentle, and not what we would normally associate with the word "manipulation".

While it is acknowledged that research samples are not as large as they could/ should be, the chiropractic research has been shown to be AT LEAST AS STRONG any research for the use of medical care such as Dimethicone.

Why do we Hiccup?

Hiccuping is a reflex contraction of the Diaphragm muscle, causing a sudden intake of breath that snaps the epiglottis closed. A hic. Irritation of the Phrenic nerve roots (C3-C4-C5), the nerve itself or one of the tissues supplied by the Phrenic nerve are the usual causes. It's common in babies. Why do we hiccup may be a question you are asking.



speaking, treatment is openly acknowledged to be limited. Feeding changes usually are not advised. Medications available in the United States have not been proved effective in the treatment of colic, and most behaviour interventions have not been proved to be more effective than placebo.

Colic Chiropractic on the other hand has solid research proving the treatment is effective. Care of the crying baby is very gentle. There is no manipulation. Having found the subluxations that cause most cases of infantile colic (or huilbaby), gentle pressure is placed on the subluxated vertebra by your chiropractor. An activator instrument may be used.

There is usually an early positive response in the chiropractic colic care of the child with inconsolable crying. Sometimes after just one or two treatments, though I won't promise that!

I must acknowledge that when this research first came out, I too was extremely sceptical. However, when the research was repeated several times over, with thumbs up for chiropractic colic, I started treating colicky babies with very satisfactory results.

Raw Honey and INFERTILITY CHIROPRACTIC has in the past been widely used for soothing your child's tummy troubles. However, this has now become controversial as it has apparently been proved that in very few rare instances babies less than one year old are susceptible to a serious infection from spores in raw honey.

Why this is controversial is because these self same spores are found in dust, in the air, in raw foods ... just how did they prove the spores came from the raw honey and not from a deep breath of fresh air? Follow your own conscience in the matter. Colic chiropractic takes no particular stance on the matter.

Sweet, sweet healing ...

"New Jersey firm sells medical dressing with natural antibiotic - honey." Asbury Park Press.

More than 4000 years ago we know the ancient Egyptians were applying honey to wounds. Now the U.S. FDA has approved a honey based dressing which experts say kills germs and speeds healing.

Colic chiropractic tentatively suggests that honey is good not only for adults but also for babies; there are anecdotal reports that honey may cause some serious illnesses in children, but the association remains unproven.

Google appears to frown on too many links, so phrases in bold, like that raw honey and how to start beekeeping above, need to be put into the Site Search function in the navigation bar on your left if you want more information.


"The value of marriage is not that adults produce children, but that children produce adults."

Pieter de Vries

Colic chiropractic

Parents of a colicky infant may think that they have poor parenting skills. It is extremely distressing to young parents whose infant is inconsolable. Parental anxiety and fatigue are common. Abuse of the baby is not uncommon, not the cause of the baby's screaming, but as a result of parents' feeling of total inadequacy and frustration; colic chiropractic has an important role to play.

However, there is no evidence that parental personality or anxiety or even skills causes colic. Colicky babies of skilled, professionally trained and experienced mothers have been shown to cry twice as much as babies without colic. It has nothing to do with how good or bad a mother you are.

If three weeks of inconsolable crying has passed, for at least three hours per day, three days in the week, then it's time to consider Colic Chiropractic.


Many women suffer from groin and inner thigh pain both during the latter stages of pregnancy, and after the birth. This can last many months, sometimes a year or more, inhibiting walking, waking mums at night, and even making sex very painful. Does this ring any bells? Pubic bone pain ...


A breast fed baby will be more intelligent and less likely to need treatment from colic chiropractic or medicine.

The distinguishing feature of mother's milk is that it is very rich in (surprise, surprise) fat. Why? Read more, if you want to have an intelligent child, rather than just a big child ... Olive Garden nutrition ...
Not that protein is unimportant.

Developmental hip dysplasia

Developmental hip dysplasia is difficult according to most authorities to distinguish between normal hypermobility. Some sonographic studies suggest that half of all children have DDH; it's a great concern for the paediatrician and colic chiropractic too.

Mostly though it's agreed that "true hip dysplasia" requiring treatment has a prevalence of roughly 1/200 hips; that's 1/100 children. Quite high I think you would agree, since many lead inexorably on to full blown early hip arthritis, and a lot of pain in the young adult.

So it's not improbable that developmental hip dysplasia, and other similar conditions can contribute to colic chiropractic.

Colic chiropractic should also include a brief examination of the hip joint using the test of Galeazzi, especially if there's a family history of dysplasia.

Of course not only subluxations of the spine will make your child miserable. A subluxating hip is also painful and, undetected will become extremely disabling. Listen for a deep-sounding "thunk" emanating from the hip joint as you change your baby's diaper. A Pavlik harness is part of the solution.

The incidence off HDD after a  breech birth is ten times greater... (1/100 babies).

Water for kids

I'm convinced with great passion that the good Lord gave us apples but food companies, out to make a good profit, gave us fruit juices. Research shows that you have to give children a food only about 5 to 10 times to get them hooked on it, says colic chiropractic. 

Feed them sweet drinks, candy and bagels, and they will for the rest of their lives they'll demand chocolate, cakes and dessert; rather make sure that water for kids is on the table at every meal.

So, what's so bad about sweet foods? The answer lies in a measure of all carbohydrates called Glycemic Index. GI tells how quickly a starch raises the blood sugar, stimulating the fat hormone, insulin, that turns glucose in the blood to adipose.

You see the body doesn't like high blood sugar. It does nasty things, ask any diabetic. So the healthy body quickly stores it as fat; and if you are insulin resistant then that glucose soars too high before being brought under control.

So, give your infant and small child water for kids and don't feel the need to give them apple juice for every drink; certainly dilute it if you do. Otherwise you'll likely have an obese child in the future, and a potential diabetic.

Leg pain during pregnancy casefile

It's a great privilege and honour to be asked to treat women who are "hoog zwanger". How I take my hat off to the female sex. Those last weeks are a great trial yet you take it in your stride, as though it were an every-day occurence. Unfortunately leg pain is one of the trials you may be facing... LEG PAIN DURING PREGNANCY CaseFile

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