Our review process

Our review process is where trust begins; concerning wellness we are sure you are looking for information that is straightforward, reliable and practical.

Information that is workable too; going to the gym three times a week for an hour may be impossible, but could you do lower back exercises lasting two minutes every morning before arising?

There is masses of information on the net, but everyone has an angle on what is the truth. We always go back to the original research to elicit what the conclusions of the authors were.

Let us be honest; well-being is extremely complex and there are many confusions and complexities. Added to that, everyone is trying to make a living and so bias slips into the equation, often in a deliberately misleading way.

Alas, greed is rife in healthcare.

We do try hard to make our assertions and recommendation research-based. We do not shrink from what is known as iatrogenic disease; that which is caused by doctors, including our own profession.

We also try to look at the whole person; you are not just a spine and, in any case, the wellness of your back is fundamentally dependent on lifestyle, whether you exercise or not, and what you eat and drink.

We also look at the Brother Ass principle. St Francis described his body as being like a stubborn donkey; we know what to do, but somehow cannot commit. In that sense, well-being is a spiritual process; choosing the right thing to do is often very difficult.

Our mission

To help you make right choices about your spinal and general health, based on reliable, scientifically-based research. We are not anti-medicine though we unashamedly champion treatment that is conservative and in the words of Hippocrates, first will do no harm.

Our content

We are committed to creating content that is not overly complex, yet is comprehensive and helpful in the decision process that you are in.

We do strive to upholding high standards of journalism and will never deliberately mislead you. Where there are other opinions in conflict to ours, we will not withhold them from you.

Our review process

Chiropractic Help is now fifteen years old; it has taken a long time to outline accurately as possible the many conditions that we treat. We constantly review old information to ensure that it is still current, and in line with the profession.

Our sources

We have strict guidelines, ensuring that our sources of information are up to date, authoritative and not partisan. Each article is thoroughly researched and references are given, either within the content, or at the bottom of the page. 

Staying current

We are constantly on the lookout for new, current information.

Should you have issues with the content, such as inaccurate or outdated information, we encourage you to alert us of your concerns at contact.

Our style

Our style is direct, yet we try hard to remain compassionate, and not be uncompromising. Yet some subjects are so overwhelming important and beyond debate, that we do take a strong stand.

Smoking and obesity are two that come to mind. Doctors of all persuasions will want to remind you of some of the basics of wellness, even when it is painful and perhaps confrontational.

Brother Ass is one very stubborn body periodically.

Hagar and better health.


We peddle nothing at Chiropractic-Help. Our only remuneration is from my Bernard Preston DC books that you can purchase.

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