Staywell whole health information management

Staywell whole health information management in chiropractic help.

You want to stay well but not have to mortgage your house in order to pay for treatment. This is about keeping healthy by managing your problem in a sensible and morally ethical way. That's what Chiropractic Help is about. In fact, it's about saving you a heap of money; and pain too.

Unfortunately much of health care today is directed at big profits for doctors, and that includes some chiropractors, rather than what is for your ultimate good.

I read recently of a colleague who asked for a patient's file from a neighbouring DC with whom the patient was less than happy. That happens to all of us, by the way. Spines are so unique that one chiropractor's methods may be more appropriate for your problem than another's. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with changing horses. The response: "You're stealing from my children's college fund." Unbelievable.

If you have the slightest sense that your medical doctor, surgeon, chiropractor or dentist is more interested in your money than you, then my advice is that you move on, and the sooner the better.

Staywell whole health information management

Staywell whole health information management is about keeping well by caring for your problem in a sensible and morally ethical way.

Demonstration by a chiropractor.

Stay Well

But good health care is directed not only at helping you 'get well' when you are sick, but also to 'stay well' when you are outwardly healthy.

That means that periodically you will get VERY ANGRY with your doctor when s/he wants to speak about STAYWELL WHOLE HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT! That is a sign that s/he cares enough to confront you occasionally about habits that are detrimental to your well being.

If s/he doesn't, then they have probably written you off as a hopeless case, or are just too afraid of losing a patient. I personally am in the happy position of having more than enough patients, so if I lose a few, and I do, because I badger them about their weight, smoking or lack of exercise; or eating a black and white diet.

Then it doesn't hurt me personally. I figure if I can save only 10% from the misery that is coming, then it's worth the effort.

Free weight loss programs

You'll notice that free weight loss programs specifically excludes any use of the word diet; none of them work in the long term, leaving us depressed and anxious. 95% of folk have regained all the hard earned losses within a year, and many have greatly exceeded their starting point. Staywell whole health information management will have none of it.

Has your  doctor been confronting you about your weight? Be pleased! He is only trying to save you from a lot of misery; and cares. Most couldn't be bothered and leave us to continue on our merry way to diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and a stroke; and arthritic knees.

Adipose tissue becomes a source of circulating inflammatory chemicals and hormones; they make our tissues angry and red and by sticking to sites in the prostate and breast for example, greatly increase the odds of cancer. This is not small beer we are talking about. It's about pain, endless drugs and operations; and an early death long before our time.

There is perhaps one exception and that is the paleo diet, and its first cousin banting. Even there I have difficulties as they exclude the healthy carbohydrates and legumes, for example. That means more red meat for protein, and we all know what that means.

The best free weight loss programs rather emphasise grasping the meaning of the term glycemic index; how quickly starches are turned into blood sugar. Understand that and you'll lose weight permanently; I won't say easily as the tongue still has to be trained to start avoiding all those highly glycemic foods we love and got us into trouble in the first place.

If the tongue, unruly in speech and unrepentant in tasting refuses to be restrained, then it's pain and disease for us; we are the masters of our fates, the captains of our souls.

The Banting diet modified is based on these considerations.

Walking benefits

Walking benefits are truly sublime, but the obese have to take care; already the knees are creaking and a hiking holiday like this in the Alps is simply impossible. It's the disability of obesity and so many wonderful activities are precluded. The two weeks spent in Svendi, right under the towering Eiger and Jungfrau were arguably the very best of our lives.

Instead you are limited to a cruise ship with five meals a day.

Sign up for our lower back exercises; CHIROPRACTIC TIPS are free.

Cutting out the glycemic foods and gently, more exercise is the way to successfully get it off. Otherwise we wallow like a beached whale for the rest of our lives, mired down in drugs and pain.

A man walking in the mountains.


So the good doctor is always interested in a staywell whole health information management program. Take holidays, especially where you can enjoy a good walk.

Whole health

When as a very young Chiropractor, a favourite patient in the prime of life suddenly died, simply because I didn't have the balls to confront him about his weight, I made the decision to be a Whole Health doctor. It is hard I can assure you, so when your doctor talks about something you have no desire to discuss, know that S/HE CARES! They are not doing it for their benefit; they know they could be about to lose a patient.

That means, inter alia, what you eat, rather than how much, though that comes into the equation too, obviously. Have you read our Healthy Living Tips?

A lunch filled with healthy foods.

Hummus, made from Chickpeas (aka Garbanzo beans) makes a wonderful healthy delicious dip to go with your Olive Garden Salad, and on your sandwiches.


Good health care, this Staywell Whole Health Information Management  is also about information, as much as anything else. Hence CHIROPRACTIC HELP. What are your options, what will make a difference and what is scientifically proven to work? What is cost effective? That's what this website is all about.


Chronic conditions require management. That means STAYWELL WHOLE HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. It applies to chronic back pain, just as much as it has to do with diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis; depression and tooth decay too. Has your dentist asked you to floss daily? He knows it will hurt his bank balance if you do; be pleased if he nags.

The good medical doctor will require you to come under management if you have high blood pressure. It's very important. Prevention of stroke and heart attack is obviously far better than an attempt at a cure after the disaster.

The good dentist will invite you to come to have your teeth cleaned, gums and teeth checked a couple times a year. It makes good sense, and in a way s/he is doing himself out of good business. He could make far more money out of you by allowing your teeth to decay, and then give you a crown; or an implant.

Chiropractic management

So too, more specifically, the good chiropractor, concerned about Staywell Whole Health Information Management, will want to manage your condition correctly; in an ethically and morally defensible way.

I would propose two models to you, if you have a chronic condition, either:

    1. An Occasional, Regular treatment

    There is now so much evidence proving that joint fixations lead to arthritis as the joint is starved of oxygen and nutrients, so an occasional adjustment of any joints that have a tendency to chronically give trouble, and that should include these joints.

    I personally think this applies mainly to chronic conditions. If you had a stiff neck, once off, had chiropractic treatment, and it went over, then I from my perspective don't demand that patients come back for ever and aye.

    How often? Well, that depends on a host of factors, and you will have to trust his judgement; unless you have the feeling that he is just trying to squeeze more money out of you for his son's college fund.

Most of my chronic patients come for their occasional regular adjustment every six to twelve weeks. A few once a month, mostly the very elderly, and some, especially children, only once or twice a year. Staywell Whole Health Information Management is not about generating a huge income for your chiropractor but keeping you out of trouble.

I call it STAYWELL WHOLE HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT. It's for your benefit, not mine. Any benefit to me is incidental; the biggest is that I'm not dealing with a huge number of people in severe pain every day.

2. If it's not broken, don't fix it. But don't wait too long when you are in trouble.

If you have a few twinges, a headache or a snivel generally you don't need to rush off to your doctor or chiropractor. Do the sensible thing.

But, if you know you have done a mischief to your back, and particularly if you have pain or tingling in the leg or arm, then the sooner you get to your chiropractor the better. Don't allow it to become chronic. Research proves that once you've had neck pain for six months, it will probably never go completely away, no matter what treatment you have.

Hence, STAYWELL WHOLE HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT is an important in all of your health, not just your spine. Diabetes, heart and kidney disease, are preventable in the main; manage your health properly and there's a good chance you can reach a happy healthy eighty. More I cannot promise!

A woman experiencing a headache.


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