Exercise class benefits arthritis

Water aerobics class in session.

Exercise class benefits arthritis weighs the effect of movement on degenerative and inflammatory joint disease.

Peter Oesch, the Swiss chairman of the allied European health professionals against rheumatism commented on two reports considering the benefits of structured exercise programmes in patients with OA and RA. A meta-analysis of 30 randomised, controlled studies revealed significant improvements in pain and physical function in patients with knee arthritis.

Studies involving more than 12 supervised sessions proved more effective than those with less than 12 sessions, but both were effective.

There was no difference whether the contact was on a one-to-one basis or in a class session.

Programs that produced a heart rate of at least 55% of maximum done for at least 20 minutes per week for at least six weeks improved aerobic capacity and muscle strength. Functional ability improved over the long term and there were no deleterious effects.

Exercise can also help the leg pain in pregnancy, a common complaint in the chiropractic practice.


Fibromyalgia also improves function just as an exercise class benefits arthritis.

What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome characterized by

  1. chronic pain,
  2. fatigue, and
  3. insomnia.

Fibromyalgia and exercise

In a randomized trial (2008) at the Radboud University, Netherlands, 216 fibromyalgia patients were divided into two groups.

  1. Group 1 was treated according to 'usual-care' control group.
  2. Group 2 was treated for two months in a twice weekly (3 hours each) of pool exercise aerobics relaxation therapy psychotherapy

Group 2 showed a 85% reduction in pain, fatigue, functional disability and anxiety.

After 6 months (4 months after the program ended), 57% of Group 2 (vs 29% of the control Group 1) maintained a clinically significant improvement.

Conclusion: Exercise Class Benefits Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and Obesity

Patients with fibromyalgia commonly have:

  • an elevated body mass index
  • are physically inactive, These are both major risk factors for metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome?

Fibromyalgia - other common findings

  • larger waist circumference
  • higher glycosylated hemoglobin (a reliable indicator of diabetic control)
  • raised low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL, the bad one)
  • raised blood pressure (systolic and diastolic).


Walking speed

Training yourself to walk faster, and dealing with the problems that slow you down, in the knee and foot, for example, research shows will add years of life; WALKING SPEED ...

Knee arthritis in the person less than 50

An extremely promising new distraction device is providing stunning results in the natural replacement of the cartilage in the knee and ankle, without major surgery. Read more … KNEE JOINT DISTRACTION

Ankle joint pain

The ankle joint is amazingly robust. Of course, the enormous stresses and strain on it from walking, jumping, running make it surprising that we don't have more ankle joint pain.

It is particularly vulnerable to obesity - as is the knee - when you end up with bone on bone as the hyaline cartilage wears away.

It's also vulnerable to injury. We put enormous challenges to our ankles; look at these two case files, one a severe fracture, the other a runner's injury. Ankle exercises too have much benefit.




Sacroiliac joint inflammation

It was a Swiss chiropractor Dr Fred Illi who first is credited with establishing that the sacroiliac joint is a freely movable joint. Much contrary to medical opinion of the time (in the 1940's) which considered it an immovable joint and incapable of causing low back pain. New medical research now confirms that sacroiliac joint inflammation is probably the cause of about 30% of lower lumbar back pain. Just as exercise class benefits arthritis so too it helps the SIJ.

At Chiropractic Help we strongly advocate mobilising and adjusting the fixated sacroiliac joint when it becomes stuck, it may well be the cause of your leg pain during pregnancy, and not waiting for that dreaded inflammation to set in. Other research confirms that fixated joints become arthritic joints called Immobilisation Arthritis. An exercise class benefits arthritis too of course. Hyaline cartilage starved of nutrients first causes pain. If you don't listen, then irreversible degenerative arthritis sets in. Pain is believe it or not your friend. It's trying to tell you something, and just turning it off, or ignoring it, is very silly ...

From Chiropractic Tips you'll get some simple exercises to mobilise your sacroiliac joint. If they don't loosen it up, then see your chiropractor. Not in six months' time; by then it may be half way set as in concrete.

  • MAIGNES SYNDROME EXERCISES ... for the lower back.


    Rotator cuff

    Just as exercise class helps arthritis in the shoulder, so it would help a rotator cuff strain.

    The focus of any exercise program should be where you've had injury, or even perhaps a family weakness. Whilst there has been massive research on the lower back which proves that if your mother has lower back pain, there's a 60% chance of you having as bad complications. If your father - 50%. If they both have lower back pain - 90%.

    We're not sure, but we should presume the same for shoulder problems. These rotator cuff exercises are relatively simple ...

    Make your own arm exerciser for only $5 and half an hour of your time.

    Otherwise, it's frightening how quickly a rotator cuff injury can lead to shortening of the capsule, frozen shoulder extreme loss of range of motion and severe pain lasting on average three whole years. The lack of movement sets you up for immobilisation arthritis ... far better exercise at home, or alternatively an exercise class benefits arthritis. Most of us would rather spend ten minutes exercising at home.


    Even the organs of balance in the inner ear benefit from exercise. Vertigo Dizziness are usually caused by a blockage in the semi circular canals in the inner ear.


    EXERCISE CLASS BENEFITS ARTHRITIS - the neck is particular vulnerable to arthritis, mostly because of trauma and a leg length inequality (short leg) that causes scoliosis.

    With all the sitting that we do in front of computers, couch potatoes, behind the wheel of the car, simple neck exercises should be on the exercise menu for most of us.

    TMJ exercises

    EXERCISE CLASS BENEFITS ARTHRITIS - yes, you can get arthritis in the Tempero Mandibular Joint (TMJ) as well.

    The jaw joint is a highly complex and vulnerable joint. It causes migraine, jaw pain, facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia and a host of other pain syndromes.

    Exercise class benefits arthritis

    Exercise class benefits arthritis evaluates the influence of a structured programme in patients with osteo and rheumatoid inflammatory disease.

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