The H Factor


The H factor stands for homocysteine, a toxic substance produced by the body.

The homocysteine level in the blood is the best single indicator of whether we are going to live a long and robust life, or die young. A high measurement is a greater risk factor for heart disease than cholesterol levels.

Homocysteine has been directly linked to over 100 diseases including arthritis, Alzheimer's and malignant tumours; fatigue, depression and diabetes too. Those are extremely divergent conditions.

The cover of the book entitled The H factor by Holford and Braly.

Headaches, heart attacks and infertility too have been fingered in relation to high H factor levels. Even obesity, premature aging and strokes are amongst the many conditions that relate to this toxic substance.

The H Factor

You can reduce your H level in two months and dramatically increase your chances of a long, vigorous and pain-free life.

  • Dr James Braly MD

Dr Braly has been in practice for 40 years, and has remained at the cutting edge of new American research in natural medicine.

Disenchanted with prescription drugs and symptom-orientated treatments, he founded innovative naturopathic medical clinics in California specialising in an optimal nutritional approach to well-being, backed up by proper laboratory testing.

  • Patrick Holford

Holford's degree in Experimental Psychology led him to an interest in the role of nutrition in mental health and illness; and testing the effect of improved food on children's IQ.

Whilst working with Dr Linus Pauling he developed the Institute for Optimum Nutrition.

He is the author of 17 books; need any more be said?

How to lower your homocysteine level[1].


  • Reduce your risk of the top five killer diseases.
  • Extending your healthy lifespan.
  • Homocysteine cardiovascular; reduce your risk of heart attacks by 80%.
  • Cut your risk of strokes by 82%.
  • Malignant tumours; cut your risk by a third.
  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • and much more.

Backed by strong research this is a book for everyone who wants to reach a happy, robust eighty; full of energy with all of their marbles intact.

Many of the concepts are allied to the so-called blue zones of the world where longevity is the norm.

Homocysteine is a normal compound found in the body. It is formed by demethylation of an amino acid called methionine that is abundant in meat, fish and cheese; and other proteins.

Homocysteine should then be immediately re-methylated into another chemical, S-adenosyl methionine; it is a very important antidepressant, arthritic and ageing compound.

When this does not happen, we get sick and sore; and die prematurely.

This is a very interesting book for everyone who wants to be vigorous, pain free and enjoy watching their grandchildren growing up without Alzhiemer's Disease.

Your homocysteine levels can be dramatically reduced by some very simple dietary changes; read all about it. I recommend this book highly.

The H Factor

The H factor is more important than cholesterol levels, outlining the work of nutrients like magnesium and folate in dealing with this toxic breakdown product of protein metabolism.

Homocysteine is the one of the underlying causes of cardiovascular disease too.

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