tingling left arm. numb fingers and heavy dead legs

I hurt my lower back 2 weeks ago and could not move. I saw a chiropractor and she said I have some irritation. Now I have left sided arm and leg weeakness.

I saw doc at a and e and have tense neck.

I saw the chiropractor again and she worked on my neck. Been experiencing dizzy spells for 9 months after the birth of my second child. Now these dizzy spells are unbearable.


In short, dizziness, left arm and leg weakness. Careful evaluation is called for, I would recommend a chiropractor with an advanced neurological diploma, or a neurologist. This is beyond the scope of the average chiropractor and perhaps GP too.

Dr B

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weakness in the arms on and off over 6 months

by Janelle

Twitching eye movements have stopped but weakness in my arms and sometimes my legs and nervous feelings throughout body remain!
I sometimes shake when holding things like cups and when performing small tasks like hanging washing on line and taking it off. i have been asked to see a neurologist for further assessment as my blood tests reults all came back normal. Any thoughts would be appreciated! symptoms happen everyday!

Hello Janelle,

I think an assessment by a neurologist is the right way to go. It doesn't sound primarily like a chiropractic problem, though your chiropractor may be able to assist - weak muscles mean that your spine is more liable to "go out", I hate the phrase, but it's so used by the general public.

That shaking when holding a cup is called an intention tremor - it starts when you intend to do something, as compared to a resting tremor, like Parkinsons, that occurs continuously.

Also advice on a daily exercise programme is something your Chiro could help you with, and that's vital is this is a neurological condition.

It's good news that the eye twitches have stopped.

Make sure that you are on the best sources of fat. Your brain is 60% fat, and the nerves are coated with a fatty myelin sheath. That means use only olive oil (and small amounts of butter) in your diet, avocado is good too, and absolutely avoid hydrogenated fats. You need to become a fanatic there. Read the labels. Most margarines are high in hydrogenated fats, most snacks, crisps, peanut butter, marmite... eat natural. You want the right fats (called "cis") coating your nerves.

As to have your homocysteine levels tested.

All the best, Janelle. Let us know when a diagnosis is made, if one is.


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by scaredy cat
(inglewood, ca, united states)

I'm having sort of a warm tingling pain in my extremities, to start; I first noticed it when I was typing an essay. The pain came at the top of my RIGHT hand then spread to my forearm, upper inner elbow, and stopped sorta in the bicep area.

I figured it was CTS so I saw my physician and he said it sounds like early CTS. So I figured fine, will just have to be more careful.

However now I have the same feeling in my LEFT hand while I was playing my ps3. However, the pain seems like it's coming from my thumb(inner palm as well as on top of my hand opposite of my palm) and goes through my inner elbow, bicep and into my shoulder and the pit of my neck just above the collar bone (on the left side of my anatomy).

I did some googling and noticed that this could be a sign of "brachial plexus", ulnar neuropathy, or even multiple sclerosis. I don't know but as the stress is building up I've started to develop a spontaneous mild tingling pain at the top of my feet as well.

I'm pretty terrified, probably because read that these are early HIV symptoms. So I guess what I'm asking is can stress be the cause of this or is this just something to really be concerned about??

Help me please doc, I'm dying over here. By the way I've never had a history of anxiety or anything but now this thing is all i think about.

Hello Sacredy Cat,

Nothing unusual about being scared. It IS scarey when your body starts to do strange things. Best way is to stare the facts in the face... which seems to be what you are doing. Good.

HIV does affect the neurological system and produce strange symptoms, so if you think you could be positive, mostly we know, then get tested.

These arm symptoms seem to be related to computer and Play Station, so howabout for a couple days staying completely away. Does it make a difference? Go for at least a half hour walk every day (you should anyway!), does it do anything in the arms or legs? Couch potato? How much exercise do you generally get.

Make sure your elbows are supported at the computer. Small desk adjacent to your desk for you arm to lie on, particularly the mouse arm.

No neck pain? Do movements of the head and neck provoke anything in the arms?

Do moving your arms, shoulders provoke anything? Anything at night, early morning? That's when CTS is usually the worst.

The area you are suggesting in your neck, on the left is called the scalene triangle. Press around the collar bone, above and below. No lumps and bumps? The scalene triangle is indeed where the brachial plexus exits from the spine. The triangle is bounded by the scalene muscles, the first rib and the collar bone. A first rib subluxation, and tight scalenes can provoke this.

What's needed is a careful, thorough neurological examination. Find yourself an experienced chiropractor who can do this. I do every day.

Think too about diet. Your nerves are coated in fat and you want to make sure that you are not getting hydrogenated fats in you diet. Trans fats are nerve-toxic. Look to fatty fish, avocado and olive, nuts for the good fats. Mostly we eat far too much Omega 6 oils, put omega 3/6 out of balance. The all-American diet (Europe and England too, the so-called civilised world) is high in junk. When did you last eat an apple? Keeps the doctor away. Literally, scientifically proven.


When all else fails, get an MRI of your brain and spinal cord.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B.

PS. I doubt you are dying, but you bod is giving you a wakeup call. Take heed...

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Pins and needles starting in my finger tips and going up to my elbow in my right arm. I cannot carry anything in rt. hand without it starting.

by mary
(Bolton, lancs)

I do also have diabetes, blood pressure, underactive thyroid, arthritis and have had polymyalgia rheumatica 3 yrs. ago, but am still on 5 steroids per day.

I also have a heart murmer but it has never caused any problems.

Hello Mary,

All in all a complex set of symptoms. Firstly, do you have adult onset, type II diabetes, and are you significantly overweight? Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and polymyalgia are firm bed-fellows.

At this page ( https://www.chiropractic-help.com/Free-weight-loss-programs.html), scroll down until you come to Body Mass Index, follow the link, plug in your weight and height. Near or over 30? Then that's a large part of your problem. Get it off, cut out the carbs in your diet. Sorry, but the alternative is too ghastly to contemplate. Stroke, heart attack, pain...

Carefully decide which fingers you get the tingling in. If it's in the thumb, index and middle finger, then Carpal Tunnel is a real possibility. A first rib fixation (Thoracic Outlet syndrome) would cause the tingling in all fingers. In just one or two fingers, then it's coming from your neck.

These are things that Chiropractors treat on a daily basis. Shop around for a competent experienced chiro.

Oh, start walking EVERY DAY. At least half an hour. Otherwise, with all that cortisone, there's a fractured hip on the way, just to add your misery.

You can do it, Mary. There's heaps of research showing that exercise benefits arthritis and polymyalgia. Depending on your age, aim for a BMI not higher than 28.

I hope this has contributed.

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numbness/tingling in arms and hands

My job requires a lot of physical labor, I am lifting 30-50 pound bags 6 hours a day. For the last six months my arms, shoulders, and neck are EXTREMELY tight, literally hard as rock, and on several occasions I have woken from sleep to one arm being COMPLETELY numb from shoulder to fingertips. This worries me because nothing like this has ever happened to me, and I am scared that I have done permanent damage to my nerves. I had an x ray the other day, and I am going to begin physical therapy asap. I do stretch as much as possible -and it helps (when I stretch, my arms do not go as numb in my sleep).. but I feel like maybe it is time to find a new job. Please, tell me what you think. Should I be really worried, or is this something that I can fix?

Hello, thank you for your question.

The first step is to see what the X-ray shows. And the second is a careful thorough examination. How are the reflexes, is there numbness or weakness, are the nerve tension tests positive, do movements of your neck produce tingling in the arm, neck compression tests.

Frankly, I doubt you can cure this yourself, but yes you can do much to contribute to healing (and to making it worse for that matter). The chiropractor you consult will advise you...

An MRI may be in the offing. Sometimes the cause may not be seen on a normal X-ray.

If the tingling goes to ALL the fingers, then a "thoracic outlet syndrome" could be the cause.

At Chiropractic Help you'll find a page on making a home traction unit, one that you make ($10) or buy ($100). It may help.

Good luck, and I hope this has contributed. Let me know what the X-rays show. In fact, it would be fantastic if you could load them on this page, then others could see them too. You'll notice that you can upload up to four images. Or send a digital copy to me (put them up on a window and take a photo with your digi).

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Deep neck and shoulder pain , with tingling in left hand.

I crashed my ATV about a month ago. My neck started to hurt a few days afterwards. And as of a week ago the tingling started in my hand with pain in my shoulder all on the left side. When i wake up it feels fine. As the day goes on the pain and tingling comes and goes. Will this just heal over time or should I seek medical attention??

BRL: Turn your head and neck to the left, and then gently look upwards. What happens?

In which fingers do you get the tingling? Try pricking them with a pin. Is it different compared to the right hand?

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination. Sooner rather than later. The chances are pretty good that you are soon going to get numbness, and weakness in the arm. Try doing a press-up. Does the left arm battle? The triceps is most often affected, but it can affect many different muscles depending on the nerve affected.

The definitive test is called an Upper Limb Tension Test, rather difficult to describe. Adson's test is to see if the first rib subluxation is the spoke in your wheel: Thoracic Outlet syndrome. Then the tingling in the hand is "non-dermatomal" - it doesn't follow one nerve root. Plug Thoracic Outlet syndrome and Tingling in arm and hand into the search engine on most Chiropractic Help pages. It will take you to these conditions.

X-rays are indicated if it goes down your arm.

(PS: What's an ATV?!!!)

Obviously, being partisan!, I'd suggest you rather see a Chiropractor, but honestly, your medical doctor would not be a bad start if you don't know a good chiropractor. Ask your doctor- he will recommend someone.

Coupled with the Chiropractic adjustment I find a traction unit often helps. But it's controversial - research suggests that traction ON ITS OWN doesn't help, and no one has tested it TOGETHER WITH the chiropractic adjustment. See "home traction unit" at Chiropractic Help (if you are handy).

I hope this has contributed. Drop me another note in a couple of weeks, and let me know what progress there is, and what the X-rays show.

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Ongoing De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

by Erin
(Williamsburg, VA)

I hoping you might be able to give me some idea on how to proceed...
After 2 years of pain in my right wrist ( i am right handed, therefore complete non-use of my hand and wrist for work is not possible) upon overuse - In August, pain in my wrist became so unbearable that I could not touch the skin on my hand, wrist, or forearm, swelling became noticeably present, and the use of my hand and wrist became very weak - therefore, I decided to see an orthopeadic surgeon. My first visit I was diagnosed with DeQuervian's with just X-rays and a physical exam...I was told my symptoms were mild. I didnt call that mild, but OK. At that point he told me to take about 400mg of Motrin 3x a day and wear a splint - if it hadn't improved in 2 weeks - Surgery was my only option. 2 weeks later I was in the same situation and at that appointment he was attament about surgery, I refused and he gave me a cortisone shot despite me telling him about recent experiences with Cortisone (i recieved one to help with Carpal Tunnell - at that point I relized that i had a reaction to them). The cortisone shot as expected cause increasing extreme pain and 3 weeks later after the crystals disolved, no pain reduction was felt/ At that point after being dismissed when i called to tell the office that the cortisone was causing extreme pain, I started doing my own research. I discovered that chiropratic care was often helpful in cases of tenosynovitis and tendinitis. Since 1st of Oct. I have been under the care of a chiroprator with specialization in sports medicine. Trigger Point Massage, manipulation of the wrist joints, Ultrasound, Ice and Heat therapy, and the Graston technique have been used. The pain has subsided and but has since stopped subsiding - the pain has went from a 10 to a 6 or 7 in a matter of 6 weeks. The chiroprator seems to think that it should have improved more and keeps asking when i want to see the hand surgeon he wants to refer me too. Should this have improved more after being treated for 6 weeks or should i continue with the chiropratic treatment. Im just not confortable with the idea of surgery after failed carpal tunnell release. Could this be in relation to the carpal tunnel?

[Gosh, E, you have a hard time. I too have my doubts about De Quervain. How long after the CTS surgery did this begin?

My feeling that with a two year history, a 40% improvement is just a few weeks is pretty good, and I'd be inclined to press on with your Chiro.

But I'm a bit worried about that swelling. I recommend you take your Chiropractor's advice. See a hand surgeon for another opinion, and perhaps a vascular surgeon. Is there a vasculitis, even a clot, a thoracic outlet syndrome... in short you seem to be in the hands of a very competent chiro. Take his advice. Seeing a hand surgeon for another opinion doesn't mean stopping what your chiro is doing... continue with that meantime. Ask him about Adson's test, and the pronator teres, but he's probably already covered that.

Difficult to be quite honest to give solid advice. Stick with those doctors you trust.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B.

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tingling in hand

by Kenny
(new bern nc)

I fell through a hole in the floor and now my fingers have felt numb for over 24 hrs? What's wrong?

Hello Kenny,

Obviously not sure, but for starters, next time take more water with it! Falling thru a hole in the floor is likely to do damage.

If it's ALL the fingers, in BOTH hands, then we need to assume that it is central in nature. In other words, not an injury to the hand, or arm.

Do movements of your neck provoke the numb feeling in your hands. Try pricking them with a pin. Is it different left and right? Any weakness in your hands, for example when opening a bottle?

Usually, I don't recommend rushing off to the quack if you have a cough, or niggle, but with radiating symptoms from what appears to be a cervical spine injury, I do recommend you consult someone you know. Perhaps your GP, but of course you are more likely to be helped with a neck injury by a chiropractor, than taking medication.

Take more water...!

Dr B.

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first weakness in left hand fore finger and thumb and now numbness

by jayam

First weakness in left hand fore finger and thumb and now numbness

I have cervical spondylitis at C5 and sciatica both on right side since last 10 years, and I suffered severe pain in my right hand and right leg. All of a sudden now my left hand fore finger and thumb have become weak and numb. Can it be cured and kindly advise me what to do please. I am a 49 yr old female.

Hello Jayam,

You have obviously had an old whiplash-type injury in your neck that wasn't well managed at the time. Or perhaps just a severe accident that with even the best management would leave you with problems.

The thumb and forefinger points very clearly to the C6 nerve root. It is of course of concern that it has started in your other arm.

I'm not sure if there are Chiropractors in Mumbai, but this is this the sort of condition that Chiropractors treat on a daily basis.

Dr B

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Tingling in arm/hands & swelling of fingers

by Amethyste Spardel
(Lee, NH - USA)

For the last 3 months - I have been at a loss in finding out what is going on with my arms, hands and fingers. I wake up in the middle of the night, they are tingling - in the morning they are tingling, sometimes in the day, they tingle too. When I reach for my coffee cup and extend my fingers to contour the cup, I sometimes feel small little electric impulses in my fingers/hand. I also feel a general sense of tightness over my whole body and fluid retention.

What distresses me the most is the extreme swelling I have been experiencing in my left hand, especially in my ring finger - it looks like a vienna saussage! My ring size is a 5 3/4 and my finger has swollen so much in such a short period of time that wearing my wedding ring is almost impossible. The swelling is intense in the morning and as the day progresses, the swelling diminish lightly but never back to normal. In all honesty, I feel that something happened when I moved into my house back in August 2010. It was a lot of manual labor for 2 days...

I am active, I do 45 mins of yoga daily and 3 times a weeks, I go for a 1 hour brisk walk.

Could I have a pinched nerve? Could it be carpal tunnel (I work in an office)?

I'd be delighted if you could give some advice!! THank you so much


Hello Amethyste, what a nice name, Dutch? German?

I would have your medical doc check you out for an embolus, just to be safe.

That fluid build up is the probably cause of a carpal tunnel syndrome, similar to what many women experience in pregnancy.

A block of the vein in your neck as it passes near the scalene triangle is a possibility too. Any lung problems?

This is a medical problem, I think you need to be under the care of your doctor. Diuretics in the short term, then to answer the question: why is such a fit healthy person building up fluid? Kidneys checked, heart...

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Chronic shoulder and head neck pain

I recently went to 2 different chiropractors for chronic shoulder and head neck pain. One tightened me too much - I went back but I still had pain after another adjustment so I went to another chiropractor.

I had neck and shoulder pain. He adjusted me with something that he hit over my head, after putting something that looked like a small board with 3 boards going cross-width behind my back and told me to bite down and hold my head in. Afterwards he used a massage machine and one time used a laser to heal it more quickly. After several visits I quit the treatment because I felt so battered.

I now have severe head pain and neck pain. Is this normal treatment? Have you ever heard of this type of adjustment? Who do I see next to get rid of the pain. I really did not see what he hit me with over my head! Do I see a medical doctor or whom? Thank you so much. I will watch for your answer @ this web site.

Gosh, I've never heard of the battering rams used on you. No wonder you are sore! A mystery I'm afraid.

Chronic neck pain is never simple. After all, it all stems from something that happened years and years ago. And a certain amount of after-pain is not unusual but certainly shouldn't last more than a day or two.

Have you had X-rays? Did either of them ask to see them? If not, that says plenty in my book.

How did you find these two chiropractors? Did they come highly recommended by friends and family, or your doctor? Or the yellow pages?

This page might help you: https://www.chiropractic-help.com/Find-a-good-Chiropractor.html

I'm sorry you've had a bad experience so far with chiropractic. Do you homework now before finding a third... you know what you don't want! Take your X-rays with you, and if you haven't any, get some taken.

Don't expect miracles. S/he will have to work hard to get your chronic problems sorted out. Rome wasn't built in a day. Perhaps a woman instead?

Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Oh, one more thought: try the local branch of the chiropractic association for someone they can recommend.

Dr B

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burning sensation in right arm probably Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I'm a 49 yr old woman who suffers from diabetes. I've been having some shoulder pain especially when the weather gets cold or there is a draft.
About a week ago started feeling a burning sensation in my right forearm that starts in the wrist area and shooting up into my forearm which seems to be worsening especially if I write or type. I would like to know if this is serious, should I be worried?

I have been to my family doctor about it and he gave me a referral for an EMG of the forearm which will only be done in 6 weeks time.Is this a condition that I should go to the emergency for?


Most likely your doctor is sending you for a test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome test (use the Search facillity at Chiropractic-Help for more details) which is double entrapment syndrome, usually in the neck, forearm and/or wrist. Is the pain pattern in the fingers shown in the graphic? In some cases the pain is more in the arm than the hand, particularly if the entrapment is by the pronator teres muscle.

I won't say it's not serious but a few weeks delay probably will not be deleterious. No, I personally don't think it sounds like you need to go to the ER, but do understand I haven't examined you, and so am making certain assumptions.

Superficially, it appears that you have a problem either in your neck or with the first rib (Thoracic Outlet syndrome) which makes the shoulder and arm vulnerable. Hence you first had the pain in the upper arm, and now in the lower arm. They are probably connected.

What you need to face is: are you doing to go for surgery if the test for CTS comes back positive. There's no strong research showing that either chiropractic or surgery helps IN THE LONG TERM, but in the short term, FROM A RESEARCH PERSPECTIVE, surgery is apparently more effective.

How much chiropractic can help is just not well researched, so I'm not promising you the earth. Having said that, I treat shoulder and lower arm tingling and nerve signs such as the burning pain you are having on a daily basis with good success.

Personally, I would recommend you see a chiropractor first, just because it's so much simpler, safer and cheaper. If it's not successful you can still go for surgery.

But you will have to find a chiropractor who will address the other impingement sites: neck, first rib, pronator teres, carpal tunnel. Ask before you make an appointment just how much success s/he has with your type of symptoms.

An X-ray of your neck would be beneficial.

I'm assuming your diabetes is well controlled.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B.

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Occasional tingling in hands

by Joe
(Hbg, Penna)

About every other night or so, I am waking up in middle of night to tingling in either one or both hands. It started over a month ago with only part of a hand tingling but of lately it is the whole hand. And most of the day my arms feel uncomfortable, kind of achy (feels burny and tired). I also notice that i am more nervous (jittery). And can not relax.

Hello Joe,

There are in reality numerous possible causes of the tingling. In which part of the hand did the tingling start? Do you have neck pain? Does placing your hand on your head increase or relieve the tingling.

I'm afraid only a careful thorough exam (preferably by your local chiropractor!) will discover the cause. If it's affecting your whole hand then a "thoracic outlet syndrome" is a likely cause. Use the search facillity at C-H to read about it.

Get some X-rays of your neck, including "obliques".

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Upper Right Arm Dull Ache and ....

by Fred Fleuren
(Adelaide, Australia)

I've had this for a while now. The ache is spontaneous and is very dull and becomes uncomfortable, then appears to travel through my bicept when it feels cold. I get slight tingling also throughout the arm.

It than relaxes a bit but is continually there.

Any help or idea on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Fred,

The first thing is to decide whether this is a shoulder problem (does moving and using your arm hurt?), or is it a nerve pain from your neck (does placing your hand on your head increase or decrease the pain?).

Or both. Shoulder and arm pain often find their source in the neck or a first rib fixation which may cause tingling through the whole arm, as you describe.

The usual rule of thumb is: when you KNOW the problem is not going to abate of its own accord, then don't delay. Start looking for a good chiropractor in Adelaide. I'm sure there are plenty.

Ben je Nederlands, Fred? Er zijn veel Limburgers met de naam Fleuren. Aardige mensen!

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Tingling in left arm

by Roger Echelmeier
(Chesterfield, MO)

I have tingling in my little finger on my left hand. In past year my trainer has been able to correct by trigger pointing in my shoulder and neck, but now, it is coming back and he cannot correct, even though we do not feel tightness in the muscles in my neck and shoulder.

Hello Roger,
If you have absolutely no pain, tightness or tingling in any part of your arm, shoulder or neck, except the little finger, then I'd be looking for a local problem in the hand, and perhaps where the ulna nerve passes behind the elbow.

Sitting, raise your RIGHT arm parallel to the ground at the side (called abduction), with the palm forwards. Now stretch your right arm backwards, extend the wrist backwards, and slowly laterally flex your head to the LEFT. Careful! Remember what you feel in your right arm.

Now repeat with the naughty arm. Is there a difference? Be careful... this test can aggravate the problem. That points to a nerve entrapment / irritation somewhere along the course of the nerve.

When the tingling starts, place your hand on your head. Does the tingling decrease/ stop?

Turn your head to the left and then look up. Does it do anything in your neck or arm or finger?

Only a careful examination of the whole course of the ulna nerve will detect where the problem is. If it's now persisting, then it's time to find a thorough local chiropractor. Ask your GP...

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B.

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pressure in finger tips

What causes finger tip pain? When I wake up sometimes my finger tips feel like they have been squeezed and are warm. How come?

To be honest, I'm not sure. I assume there is no other pain in the neck or arm, just the finger tips. Is that right? And it's only when you wake in the morning?

Do you sleep on your tum? Any circulation problems? More details please.

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Tingling in arms and hands especially pain in left arm, and in the neck (trapezius area)

by Sean
(Darmstadt, Germany)

(Keyword: tingling in arms and hands)

Hello Bernhard,

About 5 weeks ago, I went for a motorcycle ride in cool weather, and thought that a draft had hit my neck, causing me to stiffen up. This had happened before, and generally went away in two - three days. This time, it did not.

After the first week, I went to see a doctor who gave me a shot for the pain, and subscribed muscle relaxants. The pain killers did not work, but the muscle relaxants just caused me to become "heavy" and not move much (the medication was Vicodin). I was not a fan of this stuff at all.

Meanwhile, I have stopped taking these meds, because none of them had helped.

I sought the assistance of the emergency room at a military hospital. They x-rayed my neck area, and rambled off something to the effect of my having an "slightly adjusted disk", yet proceeded to give me another shot for the pain (which did not help). The doctor had also recommended I attend a physical therapy, which I did last week for the first time.

The Physical Therapist asked many questions about my sitting, working, computer habits etc., and then again said that I had a "stiff neck" in other words. She tapped my arms, had me apply pressure to her hand with my face (pressing into the shoulder) and had me do a few posture exercises (sitting up straight, and then slouching back into a relaxed position).

She really put me on edge when she told me that my pain will never go away. When I asked her why, her answer was "well, your 44 years old and work a desk job".

I thought to myself, that cannot be the answer to telling me that I am always going to feel this way, and all that the treatment would do is extend the period of painlessness. Now, some of the areas of pain have gone away, but therefore are more concentrated on one area on my neck, and the tingling down my arm is more intense, whenever I sit too long in a bad position (or on a hard chair for example).

Oddly enough, I still work out on an elipitcal trainer (45 minutes every day) and can do gardening work without any pain or problems. In short, the more active I am, the less pain I have.

My big problem is trying to sleep. I constantly toss and turn, looking for a comfort zone without pain, in order to fall asleep. When I do fall asleep, and roll over, I wake up and go through the entire procedure again.

I have read myself silly on the internet, which I know can happen, but your the first site I have come across that allows me to ask a question. I don't want to buy the fact that I will always have this stabbing pain, and tingling sensation, and with summer coming...it really makes it hard to even look at my motorcycle, knowing that until this problem is treated, that I am not going to risk my life on two wheels.

I truly appreciate your taking the time to read my email, and welcome any feedback you can provide in helping me to the road of recovery.

Many thanks,

Ah, Sean, a man after my own heart. I've had a bike most of my adult life, and wondering which will be my next! Probably a BMW R80.

You don't say which bike, but if you have dropped handle bars, with the neck in the extended position, that could be the problem. The neck doesn't like prolonged extension. Otherwise, just a new activity after a long winter of discontent.

A couple of important questions:

  1. Which part of your arm tingles?

  2. Does turning your head to the left and looking up cause pain in the neck? And directly into the arm?

  3. Do you get relief from the tingling by placing your hand on your head, or does it get worse? (Tip: if the former, sleep with your hand under your head.)

  4. Did anybody test the reflexes, search for numbness and test the strength of the muscles in your arm? If not, sue for malpractice! Only joking. What was the result?

  5. The lady who told you you will have this for the rest of your life, doesn't read the research. Yes, after six months you will have it (probably) for the rest of your life. So you have four and a half months to get it fixed.

  6. Stretch your right arm out to the side of your body parallel to the ground, with the palm forwards. Extend the wrist and laterally flex your head to the left. Remember what you feel in your arm. Now repeat with the left arm - what happens?

Are the X-rays on plain film, or digital? If the former, take digi photos of them. If digital, open the folder (you may need help) and R-click copy, or Ctrl-Printscreen, save on your desktop and then paste them into the spot on the page (up to four photos).

Handy man? Look at the Home traction unit page at C-H. Can also buy them, I recommend the lying down type, not the sitting ones.

Let me have some answers and we'll take this further.

Dr B

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Pain in neck,right shoulder,arm pain and finger numbness

Arm started feeling a little uncomfortable a week ago yesterday then woke up last sunday and my neck,upper back/right shoulder was hurting so bad i could hardly move then by later that day my arm was hurting and fingers/pointer finger was numb.Was told may be a muscle spasm and prescribed pain pills, ibuprofin and tylenol which did not help so went back 2 days later which the neck and shoulder pain had let up some but my arm was hurting worse and finger still numb,gave a steroid shot which did not help at all. What does it sound like is causing this?


You have a potentially serious problem, I'm afraid. A pinched nerve in the neck, radiating to the arm is one of the most painful conditions faced at the Chiropractic Coalface. Nights are often the worst.

Does placing your hand on your head bring some relief to the pain in your arm? Shoulder Abduction Relief sign.

Start looking for a competent thorough local chiropractor. Ask friends and family, even your doctor. This is definitely not muscular. X-rays and possibly a scan will be needed.

The arm may now very rapidly become weak, most usually the triceps muscle. Don't delay.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Cortisone shots and Tingling

by Joshua Jones
(Rockville Maryland )

I just got a cortisone shot in the back of my right thigh.. I had surgery on my sciatic nerve in May 4,2010.

I was wondering if the Cortisone shot I got in my right leg could cause tingling on my right arm and hand..?

Hello Joshua,

Nope, I very much doubt if a cortisone shot in the leg could have anything to do with the tingling in your arm and hand.

Likely you have a cervical facet syndrome, possibily a disc injury or thoracic outlet syndrome. Muscular conditions in the shoulder can also sometimes cause tingling.

What's needed is a good thorough Chiropractic exam to find the source of your troubles. Even a carpal tunnel.

Plug these terms into the SEARCH at Chiropractic Help, and you'll find lots of info.

One spinal op is more than enough! Try Chiropractic this time.


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Tingling on the inside part fo my upper right arm

by Carolyn

Recently, I have been experiencing a tingling sensation on the inside part of my upper right arm. Initially I thought I had slept in a bad position but the sensations still continues a month later.

Please advise.

Hello Carolyn,

The inner part of the upper arm is supplied by the Th1 dermatome. That nerve comes from the junction of your neck and upper thoracic spine.

Do you have any neck pain? Do any movements of your head and neck cause neck pain, and more particularly the tingling in your upper arm?

Does placing your hand on your head (Shoulder abduction relief sign) increase or decrease the tingling? Or make no difference?

Put your arm out at the side, extend it backwards (palm forewards), extend your wrist and then laterally flex your head to the opposite side. Does it increase the tingling?

In all probability, this tingling comes from your upper back/ lower neck. It's a problem treated on a daily basis by chiropractors.

Cough? Smoker? Very rarely tumours in the apex of the lung can cause this condition. But it's unlikely... if you hear hoofbeats, don't think "zebra"! Think horses!

Get some X-rays of your neck and, if you have a cough, chest X-rays.

I hope this has contributed.

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Pins and needles

I have and am still experiencing numbing, through pins and needles, in my arms and legs. This sensation started 5weeks ago and whilst it isn't constant my symptoms have not changed too much.

I am now experiencing a very weak left arm sensation (even though it isn't actually weak). I have consulted my dr and have had full blood, electro lite, neck X-ray, lung X-ray, spine MRI (not head) and diabetes check. My dr has now advised that she doesn't know what it is and I should forget about it!! I do have a slipped disk in my lower lumber but have been assured that this wouldnt cause arm sensation. What do I do now!!?? Any advice would be gratefully received.

Hello Sam,
Your doctor has followed a sensible course of action, looking for the major things. With these symptoms being in arms and legs, we would be thinking of something 'central' rather than local. In other words a slipped disc in the lower back wouldn't cause it. I agree.

Presumably the spine (including neck?) MRI would have ruled out spinal stenosis in the neck which can cause leg symptoms. How old are you?

Is this a numb 'feeling' or is it objective. Try pricking yourself with a pin, comparing left and right, lightly stroking yourself.

That numb feeling in your left arm. Do some press-ups - does the triceps tire quickly? Open bottles, wring out a towel, holding a pen, scissors. Any real weakness in the arm, or again, just a subjective 'feeling'.

I would presume your doctor checked the reflexes, and they were normal. If increased, there is reason for concern.

Thereafter I'd be thinking of conditions like an Arnold Chiari malformation, where part of the brain descends into the foramen magnum, very uncommon, causing bizarre symptoms in arms and legs. And a brain MRI. It's certainly 'central', meaning brain and spinal cord.

For the time being, I'd take your doctor's advice, relax, and get on with life. Try not to be neurotic about it, but do be on the lookout for other neurological symptoms. Headache, numbness in the face, walking oddly, poor coordination, stutter of speech and swallowing, difficulty doing buttons.

Ask your spouse to carefully lift your big toe up and down, and then stop up or down without brushing the second toe. Can you tell, with your eyes closed whether the toe is up or down?

Can you stand on your heel, toes, squat on one leg. Weakness. Gait quite normal?

If your spouse puts something, say a paperclip, pen, key in your hand with eyes closed, do you know what it is?

Relax for a bit, watching out for these sorts of things. If it progresses, definitely ask for a consult with a neurologist.

At this stage, I don't think yours is a case for a chiropractor, until a diagnosis has been established. Thereafter, it's odd but chiropractic does help the most unusual conditions.

One last thought: nerves are coated in a fatty "myelin sheath". Make sure you are not eating any hydrgenated foods (most margarines, chips for example). The trans isomer is known to be very toxic to nerves. And absolutely avoid the high carbohydrate / low fat diets - they are associated with nasty neurological diseases. Get plenty of fat from fatty fish, olive and avocado.

Good luck, keep in touch, and let us know of developments.

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Pain and tingling in shoulder blade, upper arm, and fingers.

by E

areas where I feel discomfort the most

areas where I feel discomfort the most

Hello, I am a 26 year-old male who has been experiencing pain and tingling in the area where my neck and shoulder meet, along with in the wrist, hand, and fingers. This has been going on for over a year now.

I did data entry at my job for 5 years and that is where I first started experiencing discomfort in my hands, though most of my issues are on the right side. I have had 2 EMGs 8 months apart, 2 MRIs (one of the neck and one of the brain), an x-ray of the neck, and cortisone injections in my wrists. The tests have all come back fine and I have seen many different doctors who can't seem to pinpoint an issue or come up with a diagnosis.

The symptoms used to be only in my hands and wrist so they thought it was CTS, but over time my symptoms have changed and worsened. I have experienced tingling in all of my fingers. My arms feel easily fatigued. I feel it is difficult to sit up straight, I can't sleep on my side anymore because my arm (from my armpit all around) and neck feel pain and tingling sensation, where it feels like I need to move to relieve it but no matter what way I move the arm it doesn't feel right. I'm only able to sleep on my back, though sometimes when I do (and I am unsure if this is related) from the top of my rear down to my toes I feel an uncomfortable numbness, but it doesn't happen all the time.

I have been unable to work or enjoy my hobbies such as playing guitar, because any bit of work or activity I do seems to make them worse. Particularly the spot on my wrist (which is circled in the photo I borrowed from you) and the area in my neck. Up until these problems I lead an active healthy life-style and exercised every other day by doing pull-ups, push-ups and lifting 10-30lbs. dumbbells, so I have always had good body strength. However, I have been unable to do this workout routine.

I still try to stretch a little to keep limber, but I don't know if I am hurting anything by doing so. Any help or advice you can offer would be appreciated.

Dear E,
Don't feel all alone. I'm getting dozens of letters from folk with similar symptoms, and of course they are every-day complaints at the Chiropractic Coalface.

There are several significant factors here. The first is that you do have neck pain. That is certainly the origin of your complaints. Do a little test: place your hand on your head. Does it relieve or aggravate the pain and tingling in your arm? "Shoulder abduction Relief" sign.

The second is that your symptoms cover more than one dermatome. That immediately tells me this is not the usual pinched nerve root problem. Hence all your scans were negative. Your insurance should be mad - these were largely unnecessary.

However, considering that you are feeling stuff in your lower limbs too, that MRI has the benefit of ruling out what we call "long tract signs". Something like a tumour in the spinal canal canal pressing on the spinal cord.

I think it's time for a thorough Chiropractic examination. Be sure to ask him/her to do Adson's test, and to test for a first rib fixation. A Thoracic Outlet Syndrome is a definite possibility.

Start talking to friends and family, even your doctor and find a conscientious Chiropractor in your neck of the woods. Take your X-rays and scans with you.

I hope this has contributed.

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arm pain

by scott buchans
(uvalda ga)

my left arm an hand feel like there going to bust open my finger lock up an can use them

Sorry, Scott,

Could you try writing in English please, not American! If you want a sensible answer, give me some details that I can understand. When it began, does it hurt? where? What relieves the condition, what aggravates, is there disability... get it? Neck pain? Accidents?

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Sharp shooting pains down left arm to fingers

by Kris

Intermittant very painful sharp shooting pains that go down my entire left arm, ending in fingers (middle and ring finger. Thumb and index finger are not affected. Little finger sometimes affected.) The pain is on the backside of the arm and is awful but only lasts a few seconds. Depending on severity of each "incident" sometimes my arm/hand/fingers are weak for a few seconds after this happens. Right arm is only VERY slightly affected the same way.

I believe this was originally caused by a really bad mattress that pinched my shoulders (side sleeper) unmercifully and cut off blood circulation to whichever arm I was lying on (predominantly left). I suffered on the mattress for over a year, about 4 months ago got a new one. New one isn't much better, (now my mid and low back hurt) but it doesn't crush my shoulders the way the other one did. However, in bed is when I get the pain the most. Oddly I do not have to be lying on the left side to get the pain in the left arm. I can be on my right side or on my back and still often get the sharp pains in left arm. Mostly I sleep on my stomach with arms down at my sides (straight) and head flat on mattress turned to the left, to avoid mid/low back pain and crushed shoulder/arm pain.

Have a long history of cervical neck issues and a good chiro who can adjust satisfactorily.

Haven't been to see him in 6 months. Last time I was there I told him about sharp arm pain and he thinks it's arthritis and said I need an x-ray. I didn't get the x-ray yet. I don't think it's arthritis I am about 99% certain it's due to the bad mattress(es). The pain is getting unbearable. I have an appt with him tomorrow and hope he can adjust something to relieve the pressure on whatever nerve is causing this.

I also spend too much time slouched on the sofa in front of the computer and get no exercise anymore.

What do you think?? Thanks for your input.

Hello Kris,

You've already given me the answer to your question! You have a typical C7 dermatome pain in the arm and if you don't get it sorted the arm will become lame and weak.

The underlying cause is almost certainly sleeping on your tum. Very bad for the neck. Spend the money, get a decent bed, one pillow. Or you'll spend ten times as much on chiropractic and surgeons!

I agree with your chiro. When the pain goes down your arm, X-rays are definitely indicated. The chances of foramen narrowing are pretty high.

My experience is that an occasional regular treatment is far more effective than waiting until you have so much pain that you can't wait any longer. Folk who come for a treatment every 6-10 weeks need less treatment in the long run.

Get moving! I know it's winter, but a walk every day, perhaps some skiing, will improve your health enormously.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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tingling in the arm from shoulder to tip of fingers

by Aster
(arlington va)

I have a tingling and burning sensation from top of shoulder to tip of my fingers on my left. It's been going on for a month. I had a leg injury three months ago. What could it be?

Hello Aster,

The question is which fingers? If it's all your fingers, then think of a Thoractic Outlet Syndrome. If it's in the thumb, index, middle and possibly ring finger, think Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If it's in the thumb and forefinger... you get it? It's complex and only a thorough and careful Chiropractic examination can tell where the tingling comes from.

It's unrelated to your leg injury, but it's possible that when your leg was hurt, you had an injury to the neck at the same time. Or the limping has upset your equilibrium.

So, start looking for a careful and thorough chiropractor. There's sure to be one around the corner. But do your homework, talk to friends and family, even your doctor.

I hope this has contributed.

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Weakness numb feeling in left arm and lower left leg and left foot area

by Aaron

Well I knew something wasn't right with the feeling in my arm. It's been about two years since my neck injury... Had two vertebrae bruised in a spinal injury when I fell unconscious.... now my jaws kinda locks up after I yawn... my head kinda shakes uncontrollably a couple times throughout the day... and I wake up to my arms tingling and numb... please help... all the information on this page matches the symptoms I've been feeling... doc say I have bone spurs in neck from injury but that's about it. Im 27 otherwise in good health... the fall was from an overdose of drugs. Thank you in advance.

Hello Aaron,

You are right to be concerned. Firstly, note that all drugs are dangerous, but sometimes are necessary. Try and stay away from medicines. 200 000 people DIE every year from the side-effects of medicines in the USA. DEAD.

Bony spurs at your age are most unusual, and unlikely to cause these symptoms. If it's affecting your legs then I'd recommend a consult with a neurologist. An MRI is indicated. You have what are called 'long tract' signs and it needs to be followed up.

You don't sleep on your tum, do you? That's very bad for your spine and could be contributing to the feelings in the arms in the morning.

The stuff in your jaw is probably unrelated, a TMJ syndrome that needs to be dealt with separately. But that shaking of your head... see a neurologist.

How much cold water fatty fish do you eat? The Omega-3 is vital for your brain, spinal cord and nerves. Eat fish, or take capsules, or both.

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"Incidental finding" on x-ray.

by Kim
(Nashville, TN)

During a recent visit to the chiropractic for daily headaches for over a 6 month period, she did full spinal x-rays. During the consultation, she explained that I had an "incidental finding" of a large amount of calcium buildup on my left side two floating ribs. The best way for me to explain what it looked like was ....the ribs were normal from the spine out but the last 1/2 - 2/3 was basically much whiter than the rest. There was no evidence of a spur or anything else that I could see. Any ideas, concerns, etc.....

Hello Kim,
I think an opinion from a radiologist would be in order. Just to be sure... incidental findings can occasionally be very significant. I doubt your chiropractor would have any objections.

I hope this contributes.

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Tingling in hands, feet, and face

by Mike
(Ottawa, Canada)


I have been suffering from this problem for 3 years now. My neurologists ruled out many of the diseases that would cause this and have not given me any answers. I have had MRI's of the neck and brain, Xrays of my spine, full blood work, and everything comes back normal.

I first began to feel the symptoms in my left hand pinky finger after waking at night with my palm and pinky numb. I thought I had cubital tunnel syndrome so I slept with a splint and it got better. However, After a hard summer working landscaping, I was hunched over for 8 hours a day for 3 months weeding and fixing flower beds. The week after my last shift, I started to feel tingling in my left foot pinky toe for 1 month straight, after that I began to feel tingling in both hands and both feet as well as eye twitching and tingling in lips, forehead and back of the head. It just kept on growing, I also started having muscle spasms in the tricept, thigh, buttocks, that would be visible and my muscles would just start shaking. Today, I can go for weeks with feeling only hand tingling and minor foot tingling, and then flare up and whole body starts tingling. I also get a weird tightness and dry arthritic feeling as the tendons in my hands are scraping against the sheeth. Drs have ruled out all arthritis and RA.

So now three years later, I have tried homepathic treatments, acupuncture ( currently having treatments along the spine and it works to help symptoms but not eliminating the problem), and ART from a chiropractor.

I have been told my radiologists that my spine is not the problem, i have no signs of entrapments but a very mild disc bulging in C5 on the right side but they said it is not of concern.. Also, I have no pain in my back or neck.

However, I have noticed that if i bend over for extended period of time, sit on an improper chair, or turn my neck on the left side I get tingling in my feet, or face. If I keep my arms stationary and rotate my shoulders my hands flare up.

Is it still possible that I have some spinal issues that would cause this even though my xrays and Mri's came back fine?

I want to seek chiropractic help but it is expensive and would appreciate some guidance.

Thank you for your time.

Hello Mike,

Yes, these are unusual symptoms. I take there is no sign of a B12 deficiency, or diabetes. Would have come up in blood tests.

The most significant is that turning your head to the left provokes the symptoms. It's of particular concern that it causes tingling in the legs.

I would ask for a second opinion on the MRI scan of your neck, and particularly the base of the skull. No sign of Arnold Chiari malformation?

Have you had any manipulation of the neck? Does it relieve / aggravate the symptoms, or are you getting only ART? Your chiropractor may feel anxious about manipulation of the neck in the light of these symptoms, hence only doing ART. I use a lot of ART but it's unlikely to help your problems. Does your chiropractor think this could be coming from your neck? Are tests like Kemps, and Adsons negative.

Are there absolutely no neurological findings? Reflexes all normal, no numbness, no weakness?

It's a long shot but I'd go for some B12 shots, and eat plenty of fatty cold water fish like salmon, olive oil and avocados. Important for the conduction of the nerves.

My best shot, I hope it has contributed.

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by Tory Gross

I've been having Gastritis but at the same time I am experiencing numbness and tingling in my arms, hands, legs and feet. I also have tingling sensation that radiates down the left side of my back. The doctors so far can not tell me anything. It has been effecting my vision and ability to work. I was just wondering if this could be all from a neurological system?

Thank you,


Hello Tory,
It's good news that the doctors have found nothing. Do you know if you've had a B12 test? Gastritis often causes a malabsorption syndrome, a decrease in Intrinsic Factor from the stomach, essential for the absorption of B12.

A B12 deficiency causes a nasty condition called Pernicious Anemia, characterised by some of these symtomps you are having.

Make sure you are getting plenty of the good fats, particuarly in fish oil, olive oil and avocado, essential for the lining of your nerves.

Take a good long look at your lifestyle. How's your diet? Eating the required coloured fruits and salads? Avoid all hydrogenated foods - the trans isomers in the fat are very toxic for your nerves.
Ask a nutritionist to evaluate the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in your diet.
Getting regular exercise?

When you are not well, and you know you are not well, but nobody can find anything, then go back to basics: diet, exercise, stress, when did you last have a 3 week holiday? Chat to God periodically? All these things can contribute to poor health.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Tingling in side of upper arm near elbow and then a strange feeling in outer jaw

by Carole Lynn
(New York, New York)

I was at the kitchen sink rinsing my stockings and suddenly had tingling in side of upper arm near elbow and then a strange feeling in outer jaw (both sides and both arms). I stopped. Managed to call for my husband. Immediately sat down and tried to calmly breathe. It went away almost immediately although I have this peculiar sensation still in my outer jaw and my two pinkies. Yes, I have a mild scoliosis with a lower right shoulder that I concentrate on raising through my back shoulder blade and isometrics.

Hello Carole,
My first thought is don't be alarmed, this too will pass, unless you were sweaty, nauseous and have a history of high blood pressure, or heart disease. If it were only in your left jaw and arm, then certainly there would be cause for concern.

Which side of your elbow gives you the tingles? Near the funny bone (ulna side), or the outer elbow? The inner part of the forearm and ring and pinkie fingers (you must have a Dutch background to know about pinkies!) belong to the so-called C8 dermatome, lower neck. Does turning your head and looking up cause any pain in the neck, and more important does it immediately bring on the tingling in your arm?

Do your jaw joints pop or click, or cause pain? Gum chewer?


I hope this has contributed. Obviously, like any new condition, should these symptoms persist, you should seek advice from a doctor or chiropractor you trust.

Trying to raise that low shoulder is a lost cause by the way. Rather ask your chiropractor if you have a short leg, and would a shoe insert contribute?


Dr B

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Tingling in upper arm

by Brad
(Arlington va)

Tingling in upper arm

I have tingling in my upper right arm that is activated by straightening my posture. For instance if I sit and actively straighten my neck for mediation (meditation?) or standup and actively correct shoulder slumping. I have been working with a chiropractor who suspects nerve entrapment.

I am 55 and have arthritis and not the world's healthiest spine. Any thoughts on useful modalities to heal?
Thanks very much,

Hello Brad,

You make no mention of neck pain, so I presume that turning your head to the right doesn't hurt in your neck, and doesn't radiate immediately to your arm. Neither does turning right, and then looking up. Correct?

Does raising your arm, and placing your hand on your head increase or decrease the tingling? Does stretching your arm backwards start the tingling?

No shoulder pain when you move your arm?

The only clue you give is that correcting a slumped shoulder increases the tingling. That suggests to me that we may be dealing with a First rib syndrome, aka Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Type it into the Search this site function at C-H.

Frankly, I'm not sure Brad. I don't have enough information. Ask your chiro to check the first rib, and to do Adson's test and the "Hands up test".

Advanced arthritis in the neck could be the cause.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr b

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numbness in left hand and fingers when bending my head down to floor.

by sundar

When my head bends down to the floor my left hand and fingers started getting numb.
What cold be the reason? And what is your suggestion for a cure?

Hello Sundar,

Thank you for your question. There are numerous possibilities and the first step is to get an X-ray of your neck.

Careful examination of your spine, looking for loss of reflex, weakness and numbness is vital. And various orthopaedic tests, like the Cervical Compression tests and the Upper Limb Tension Test.

You could have a slipped disc in the neck, or it could be degenerative spurs that are invading the foramen, and there are other possibilities.

I don't know how many chiropractors there are in India, start at the hospital, and take a copy of this with you.

At this site you'll find a home traction unit that you can make to help yourself. It's not difficult.

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