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Nov 10, 2011
Pronator Teres
by: Amethyste

Hello there :)

I dug my fingers into the muscle and yes, it is a bit tender, mostly toward the interior of the forarm (when palm is facing up)... I assume I need to tend to this huh?

I'll do some research on the net and see what I can find...

THank you again for the wonderful care and time you took to answer!


Hello Amethyste,
If you go to our carpal tunnel page you\ll see how the median nerve passes between the two bellies of the pronator teres- it's one of the sites where the nerve get's tethered. The other two in the inter scalene triangle in the lower neck, and the third (where medicine places all its attention) in the wrist.

Try massaging ther pronator and stretching it.

Dr B

Nov 09, 2011
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I have been wearing wrist supports when I go to sleep and it has helped the tingling tremendously! I also found that I was vitamin D3 deficient, so now that it is back to normal, my skin is less puffy as well.

I do work in an office and I think the culprit is my kboard/work station setting... I need to rethink how it is working...

As I play the theremin, I have been mindful of my hand positions and actually, it also made me re-think how I approach the instrument too.

THank you for your reply - I truly appreciate your time!

PS: I am French Canadian :)

Hello Amethyste,
I wondered what would come of it all!

Two thoughts:
A vitamin D deficiency is likely to get much worse now that winter is approaching. Make sure you are eating plenty of fatty fish

Place a small table under your elbow at the computer to support your mouse arm. At roughly the same level as your desk.

Your chair may be too low also, the wrists should point slightly downwards at the computer.

Type "pronator teres" into the Search this function at C-H. Dig your thumb hard into that muscle. Is it tender?

Glad you are finding relief.

Dr B

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