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Apr 26, 2013
spinal cord lump the size of an apple

spinal cord lump the size of an apple

Put up my laptop,trying to see,if any help is on offer, all movement this painful,been told lump on lower spinal cord the size of a apple

won't do op fell; though garage roof 34years ago,

years of trying to tell docs weakness, pain in back and legs

but 6 years ago a lady came off her drive and crash into me,so yet again pain then headaches all the time ,

had stroke,which mri scan showed lump on spine now wheelchair most of the time due to numbness,wobbly,weakness when moving tingling gets stronger all over my body

can someone please give me some help on stopping tingling.

thank you so much much for page I THOUGHT i was going mad trying to explain what my body was feeling,now due to your page i see others in this way too.lyn

Hello Lyn,
Ex-Dargle Lynn Davies? Probably not.

Gosh, where to start. What have you been told is the likely diagnosis of the lump on your spinal cord? Probably too risky to biopsy.

I wish I could offer something positive. Alas not.

When you have a condition that everyone has given up on, I always say: "go back to basics".

Eat properly and healthily. Plenty of green veg and fruit, the correct fats and limited animal protein. At our Healthy Living Tips page you'll find plenty of ideas.

Obviously walking is difficult, but try and walk, with a stick or walker as much as you can every day. Swim? Stationary bike? Keep as active as you possibly can.

Fighting with anyone? Deal with those painful outstanding issues that you know need to be settled.

Fighting with God? Deal with that too.

Lower back exercises. The most important thing for your lower back is to exercise, exercise, exercise. Every morning, in bed, before you get out of bed, and as often as you can during the day. At Lower Back Exercises you'll find something basic and simple that takes no more than two minutes. Do it.

I'm afraid I don't have a great deal more to offer, Lyn. Yes, one thing: omega-3 foods.
Fish oil ...
Flax seed nutrition information ...

A long shot to be quite honest, but it's worth a try. Good healthy stuff in any case. I take them both regularly myself.

Too little, I fear. Jammer. Let me know what the diagnosis of your apple is.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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Jun 21, 2012
by: Mike

I thought I would update this thread.

After many years now, the tingling is still there and even worse now my feet get super hot, burn, and insane joint pain. I did a bone scan and very bright large clusters around each pain point on my joints. The results shows medium uptake at big toes, ankles, left shoulder.

Last week I did a blood test and some abnormal ranges.

MPV 11.4 fl, Vit d 54 umol/l, anti-ccp 27.2iu/ml, bilirubin 35umol/L

this is the firs ttime my blood comes back abnormal. The bilirubin i was told is gilberts disease a while back but i dunno..

im waiting on a rheumatologist apt.

my feet hurt so bad I can't walk on them when they get hot and ive taken weeks off work and school to heal after bad flare ups.

Good luck everyone.

Doc - THanks for the reply, rude of me not to follow up. Also, thanks for this outlet and communication.

My neurological tests are all "great" as my neuro says. Its not my spine, rather when any part of my body is over extended or any exertion on the nerve causes the symptoms. Ive had 5 MRI's.

I can deal with the tingling, the pain in my feet now is ridiculous.

Hello Mike,
Seems to me that a rheumatoid consult is the right thing after that positive bone scan.

Does turning of your head still provoke tingling? That's significant.

Did you try the B12 shots and omega-3 oil?

It's amazing how much can be done with foot pain, more difficult in your case as it seems you might have an inflammatory condition. Nevertheless, if you can find a chiro who works with feet, you would probably get considerable relief.

It it turns out to be one of the inflammatory arthritides, then you just have to become a health nut. Lots of fruit and veg, much less red meat, more fish and fowl and legumes like hummus for protein. Plant some bush beans, it's not too late.

Thanks for contributing.

Dr B

Jun 21, 2012
tingling in hand face and feet
by: Anonymous

I too have had these symptoms for over 2 years now. I am going to ask my doctor to test my blood and give me a mri, so many things it can be, my friend told me I am having mini strokes but i highly doubt that. I have severe anxiety and fibromyalgia, i also lack b12 and protein as I choose to not eat red meat and cut out salt not all the way but i dont add it to anything i eat. i am a vegan and i try to eat right but i guess im not healthy all the way because i am lacking b12 and protein. im worried its serious.

Mar 18, 2011
tingling in hands, face and legs, feet
by: Anonymous

I have the same as Mike. I am a 48 yr old female. Have had tingling in hands, legs and face, and pain in middle toes of both feet (not at the same time) when sleeping off and on for days.

I have been to a Chiropractor without relief. Went to doctor and he has done blood work, testing for B12 deficency, calcium and diabetes. Today, where I had the tingling, I now ache, very little tingling today.

When you're miserable all over, and nothing seems to help, I always suggest going back to basics. Take a walk EVERY day, take a good hard long look at your diet, cut out the crap, if necessary get the extra pounds off, eat much more fruit and veg, take a holiday, talk to God... all the basic stuff that makes life happy and healthy.

Good luck.

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