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Aug 09, 2011
DR. B - You are SO right!
by: Carole Lynn

When you wrote: "Mostly likely it's an obscure complaint from your neurological system", you could not have been more helpful or accurate!! I was under huge stress (business-wise; and always), and there is no question but that my body was letting me know this. If not a holiday, I at least started to breathe deeply again and calm myself. YOUR RESPONSE WAS - if not a lifesaver - A HEALTH SAVER!! I bless you in my thoughts for your perceptive writing. You really care.

Dear Carole Lynn,
Thank you for kind sentiments. Glad that I wasn't so far from the mark.

I've learnt from 30+ years in practice, that usually before things go seriously wrong, our bodies start to warn us. Smart people heed the warning signs. Otherwise you get cancer, have a heart attack...

One of the things I LOVE about HOLLAND is that FIVE WHOLE WEEKS is the standard holiday for everyone. Executives get more. The Dutch work very hard, and then take good time out. To smell the roses.

I learnt form a psychologist friend that people in high stress jobs need to take three consecutive weeks of leave. The first week you are worrying about the things you've left behind. The week before going back to the saltmines you are starting to think about the year ahead. It's only the weeks in between that you get real soul-rest.

It's one of things that I personally think is crazy about America. Two weeks leave! Are you crazy! All work and no play made Tom a depressed, stressed, dull and boring boy.

Hopefully you've had a good summer!

Dr B

Dec 05, 2010
Thank you, Dr. B
by: Carole Lynn

Thank you, Dr. B. The answer to all your questions is NO. The answer to which part of the upper arm was affected: It was just above the elbows on the outer part of the arm and, within seconds, the outer jaw (both sides). It disappeared within seconds (and some deep breathing) but left that slight 'sensation' in my two pinkies (no Dutch background).

Like I said, if the symptoms remain, and you are concerned, get some professional advice.

Mostly likely it's an obscure complaint from your neurological system. Time to take a holiday and smell the roses, a low key Christmas. Obviously these are long shots, not knowing your background, but what is the omega-6/ omega-3 ratio in your diet? Each nerve is coated in fat, and it's vital that you have the right fats.

A random screen of blood sugar and cholesterol never did any harm. So many diabetics and potential heart attack and stroke victims walking the streets, not knowing that they are a time bomb waiting to blow.

Happy Christmas

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