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Nov 09, 2010
by: Erin

Dr. B thanks for your response, it is greatly appreciated more than you may know. The pain was there (just not as strong) before I had the CTS surgery. Around 3 months following the surgery the pain returned, but being that it was only constant slight pain and sharp pains when I used it. I could ignore I just passed it off as side effects from the surgery for what would have been exactly 2 years in October. The surgeon that did the CTS surgery shut down his office and moved to Lynchburg 3 weeks after the stiches were removed and was not advised as to where my records went or who to see with problems. So ignore it I did.
Anyway, I have another appt with the Chiro on Friday morning, I will ask him again about the hand specialist and will see about making an appointment after I return from a relaxing Weekend in West Virginia. Thanks again...

A pleasure, E. Not sure that I contributed much!

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