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Oct 27, 2012
Neck and arm pain after using laptop
by: Toby

I'm 30 years old male I spent 3 days leaning on my right side using a laptop and since then have Been in pain! Twitches spasms in my c6-7 area feels like pinching. Pins and needles tingling, and sharp shooting pain peck spasm tingling across back side of my shoulder numbness all along my fore arm and back of my hands. Pain killers hardly touch it! Had xray bones apparently looked fine. Booked in for MRI scan .. Waiting game! Been trying good posture small
Warm up exercises not much helping :( taking tips from Robin mckenzies book fix your own shoulder. When I hold hand on top of my head section c6-7 feels like a pinching. Will be grateful for any tips to relieve some pain! Am taking ibuprofen co co domal nasproxan diazepam. Thanks for any help Had this pain for nearly 4 weeks.

Hello Toby,
First off, laptops are not for extended use. All the ergonomics are wrong for the head, neck and arm. Don't do it again!
When you place your hand on your head like that does it also increase the symptoms in your arm? If so, I would expect to find a tethered nerve in the interscalene triangle. Use the Search this site function at C-H to better understand this syndrome, known as TOS.
But if relieves the tingling in your arm, then I would be looking for a facet or disc syndrome in your neck. Does turning your head to that side,and then looking up cause pain? Where?
Gather your X-rays, and the scan if you've had it done, and start hunting for a local experienced chiropractor. Ask friends and family, and your GP for a name.
Good luck.

Dr B
But if it actually

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