CHIROPRACTOR North Coast. There is help available should you be on holiday in this dreamland; it's a World Heritage site.

What is Chiropractic Therapy?

If you are looking for a Chiropractor you will probably also want to know what Chiropractic therapy is all about. Read more by using the search function in the navigation bar on your left.


A central and vital theme of chiropractic is how to prevent and reduce the evil effect of subluxations on the cartilage end plates of bones.

There is much you can do at home too; rehabilitation exercises to keep the joints mobile after your chiropractic adjustment, and eating a chicken bones bouillon rich in glucosamine chondroitin sulphate is a simple, healthy, delicious way to give your cartilage the nutrients it needs to heal.

Hippos at a North Coast resort.

South Africa is a wonderland for nature lovers, and none better than the KZN North Coast. These hippos may look docile but they are amongst the most fearsome animals, despite being herbivores.

They can forage quite far from the water where they spend most of their time; should you come between them and the lake, or if they are with young, then you'd better beware; they are extremely dangerous.

They have no natural enemies but, should a crocodile threaten a calf, they have no hesitation in grabbing it in their massive jaws and lifting it right out of the water.

They suffer terribly from climate change when the rivers dry up and they lose their habitat; and their food as they forage along the banks. It's not only humans who experience the pain of the rise in carbon dioxide not known by planet Earth for 800 million years.


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Tietze's Syndrome casefile

Suffering from breastbone pain?

 There is much that Chiropractic can do to help you. Each rib is connected via three small joints to the spine, and one anteriorally to the sternum. Trauma, a good shower of sneezes (nice Dutch phrase!) and even a scoliosis can disturb the rhythm of the rib causing pain to course along the rib. If it's on the left, patients often think they are having heart attack signs.

The joint between the rib (costo) and the breastbone (sternum) give rise to the term Costosternal Chest Pain ..

Slipped Disc Symptoms casefile


It's amazing how often, out of routine, people get sick and, particularly after much travelling and sitting, may have a slipped disc. This slipped disc symptoms case file is routine in every chiropractic office.

Should pain or tingling in feet and legs begin then it's best not to delay - seek out your local chiropractor's advice. It's best not to assume that Degenerative Lumbar Disc Disease CaseFile like the below only happen to other people...

Turtles at Sodwana Bay

Leatherback turtle laying with eggs.

If you are visiting the North coast in November, then be sure to visit the turtles at Sodwana Bay; it's an incredible experience. Look up Ufudu tours on Facebook. These monsters weigh up to 350kg; they return to the exact place where they were born 16 years previously.

Nutritional Corner

What you eat and drink and, even more perhaps, what you don't eat will have a profound affect on your health.

For example, vegetarians generally tend to be healthier people, without all the cholesterol that we carnivores enjoy. However, if they are using vegen weight loss programmes they have to be very careful that they are getting adequate 'essential' amino acids (protein) and vitamin B12 in the their diets. VEGEN WEIGHT LOSS ...

Even on our FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS you have to be sure that you keep your 'essential' fatty acids in balance. For healthy nerves (coated in fat) we should be consuming a balance of Omega-6 / Omega-3 fatty acids of roughly 1/1. However, in our typical Western diet this ratio gets hopelessly out of balance, sometimes rising as high as 60/1.

So, it's best to limit the consumption of Sunflower oil for example, and eat more Olive Oil and fatty fish such as our MACKEREL RECIPES.

Looking for alternative protein sources has become increasingly important because of the epidemic of breast cancer, directly related to red meat consumption, amongst other things. Like post menopausal hormone treatment.

One simple and delicious solution is GROWING GREEN BEANS; I've just counted 45 tiny bean pods on one plant!

Green bean flowers are a prelude to the help every chiropractor would recommend.

CASA, or the Chiropractic Association of South Africa, represents my colleagues. I recommend you consult only those who belong; can you find them on this site?

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