Vegan weight loss

Vegan weight loss is safe only if carefully and scientifically followed as serious deficiencies are possible.

It can be stated without fear of contradiction; go off meat and all animal products and you will lose weight. The average vegan is more than 10 pounds lighter than a carnivore.

Veganism is more than being a vegetarian; eating no meat products. Most theories come in various degrees of extremism; thus under Catholicism some will use absolutely no contraception, and some use it freely arguing that we have successfully populated the Earth.

Green beans first fruits.

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In like manner, some vegetarians will drink milk and eat cheese, eggs and perhaps even fish and fowl, whilst for others most of their protein comes from legumes. 

But veganism is more. It's really a whole lifestyle excluding the use of any and all animal products. No leather shoes, certainly no furs and no meat for any sort for food. Perhaps even no B12 injections, because it's very difficult to get from a vegetable source, though that could have severe health consequences. Pernicious anaemia is a fatal disease.

What is veganism?

The question is often raised; is it safe?

Vegan weight loss is safe if it's carefully planned. Simply excluding all the animal products you were eating, and continuing with what remains from your old diet is certainly not advisable. But, even if there are certain difficulties with a no animal products diet, which there are, because of the profound ill effects of obesity and disability associated with it, a change to veganism will certainly benefit your health if you are obese.

Obesity kills substantially more people than starvation according to the world health organisation.

Vegetarians who eat a few eggs, and perhaps some dairy products, don't have to be too concerned about the balance of grains and legumes in their diet, or about vitamin B12 deficiency which causes a very serious illness called pernicious anaemia. Tingling in arms and hands and legs is one of the signs, amongst many others.

But vegans have to plan their diets very carefully if they are not only going to lose weight, but remain healthy. (1)

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Is VEGAN WEIGHT LOSS an Extremism?

Whales Peta obesity.

It's the extremism of certain vegan groups like PeTA that raised the ire of many Americans recently. By likening fat American women to whales they have invited the anger of friend and foe alike upon their shoulders. Are VEGAN WEIGHT LOSS shock tactics justifiable?

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves.

We must die to one life before we can enter another."

Anatole France, Nobel laureate

Vegan weight loss

Vegan weight loss is an easier way to lose 10 to 20 pounds.

Whale spout
Beached whale.

To be a whale, if you are supported by water, is stunningly beautiful and healthy. The blubber is a vital way of protecting these warm blooded mammals from the arctic cold. But on dry land, beached, they suffer and die long before their time. That applies to those of the sea and human leviathans too.

First and foremost pain, spelled with a capital, because the obese are far more prone to degenerative joint disease, especially in the lower limb. Yes, vegan weight loss has a point. Obesity and arthritis go hand in manu. Or, should that be knee in genu?

And then come strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure and several dozen other miseries, faced on a daily basis by both medical and chiropractic doctors hard at work at their respective coalfaces. 

Counseling patients on the whys and wherefores of weight loss is time consuming and very stressful for doctors. It's much easier to just prescribe pills for blood pressure, insulin for diabetes, and then look the other way.

My point is that when it comes to our well-being we are the captains of the ships, making our own individual choices about healthy living; we neither can nor should expect our doctors to spend hours cajoling us on the dangers of smoking, obesity, driving without a seat belt, and not taking regular exercise.

We know these things. We either do them, or we suffer and die by our own hand; falling on our swords, so to speak. Unnecessarily, and long before our time, leaving a grieving family behind, we depart for other pastures. Perhaps not greener ones, considering that gluttony is one of the so-called mortal sins. 

Actually, obesity is not caused in the main by gluttony; it's from consuming refined and excess starchy carbohydrates.

Free weight loss programs from the chiropractic coalface are a helper. The vegan diet is just one of the other options; none are easy, because usually everything must change.

In the days when I could not avoid losing a patient for any reason, I confess to being a less than good doctor. I had my own needs to consider, and stayed well away from prickly issues, fearing that I might lose a good patient.

Now I am abrupt and direct. Such is the Dutch manner; it's called speaking the truth. In the process I lose a few angry and irritated patients. Too bad, because I save some from the misery that lies ahead of every obese person.

Yesterday I was consulted by three young women at the chiropractic coalface; let's call them Stephanie, Helene and Anja. Six months ago, they were 30 odd kilograms overweight. That gave them a body mass index of over 35; it's extremely serious. Back then all three had significant lower back pain conditions, and plenty of disablement. At thirty years old, they were miserable.

Vegan seed bread

Vegan seed bread is very easy to make if you have the right appliance; kneading is wonderful but time consuming beyond the average person today.

Normally speaking, if you're into vegan weight loss you won't be indulging in bread. However this seed loaf has a very moderate glycemic index because of the high natural fibre in 100% wholemeal, added ground seeds and a dollop of high protein hummus.

In moderation you can have your bread and eat it, even if you're desperate to lose weight; but you do need the genuine wholemeal, a bread machine and some homemade hummus; the latter we should all be making anyway, vegan or not.

Researchers reporting in the American journal of clinical nutrition, found that simply adding pulses like the chickpeas in hummus to your diet resulted in a significant weight reduction; it was a particularly powerful study called a meta analysis of 21 quality randomised controlled trials. (1)

Vegan seed bread is really something we should all be eating on a regular basis; it's not particularly fattening and has many of the vital minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins necessary for sparkling good health.

In particular it's one of the few sources of vitamin E, one of the four absolutely necessary to prevent frailty syndrome, the early progressive loss of vitality and weight, strength and fitness. It's not a good way to shed unwanted pounds!

Chiropractic Help

At chiropractic help I promote vegan weight loss, not because I'm a vegetarian, I'm not, but because most unrefined vegetables have a low GI which means they are not fattening.

It's the end of summer and I've been guzzling fresh corn on the cob and new potatoes; even they haven't added on a pound.

  • Stephanie took me seriously, and decided to follow our FREE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS. She has lost 19 kilograms and is a totally different person. Not only has her serious back problem cleared up, but she's managed to get a job and is actually a very attractive young lady.
  • Helene has lost 21 kilograms following a vegan weight loss diet. She lives on a large barge with her husband and three children, transporting diesel from Rotterdam to Berne in Switzerland. Although she had no serious lower back pain, she did regularly have a disabling ache. LOWER BACK PAIN 
  • Despite my bullying, Anya hasn't lost a pound. She's also a smoker, double trouble. Perhaps I have done her a disservice by fixing a very serious sciatica of some nine months duration, so now she sees no urgency to worry about weight loss. On average, women like her lose fourteen years of their lives.

Read more about chiropractic help and

  2. Tingling in arms and hands and legs too.

Instead Anya has opted for an operation where a tight restrictive band is placed around her oesophagus, inhibiting food from entering her stomach. It's made her feel nauseous and miserable... those who won't hear must indeed feel.

A beached whale?

Vegan weight loss, or our Free Weight loss programs, or any other way you can do it, By Hook or by Crook, Calorie intake for weight loss get it off or face having to swallow bucket loads of pills, operations, pain and an early death; a short story by Bernard Preston.

This has nothing to do with PeTA racism, sexism or any other extremism. It's all about pain. And pain does discriminate. It goes mercilessly for the beached whales. Are you one?

Whilst most obesity is due to poor diet rather than gluttony, some of my patients at chiropractic help are grossly obese simply because they eat far too much. Are you serious over indulgent? Or is boredom is the cause of your constant snacking?

May I humbly suggest you seriously suggest cutting back on 30 percent of what you eat, and making a donation to a street children's fund. That way you will save your life, by eating less expensive refined foods, returning to that which our grandmothers once served, and saving our knees and hips from painfully debilitating arthritis, and that of 10 African children who could survive on that saving.

One million children die every year in Africa of starvation. 

Dying to self is part of the process. 

So, Anatoly France's pertinent words invite the question. Are you ready to die to cup cakes, fizzy soft drinks, doughnuts, and generally foods stuffed with refined carbohydrate? Before you can enter the world of less pain and more well-being, some part of you has to die; unfortunately, in this instance, you cannott have your cake and eat it.

I can feel it, there's a titanic struggle going on in your heart. Make today one of the most important right choices you will ever make. Choose less pain. Choose naturally healthy cholesterol levels without statins. Choose a life without type two diabetes. Choose a life without heart disease, or a crippling stroke. Choose a life without pills. Choose vegan weight loss and get those pounds off. Die to cupcakes. Die to quarts of beer.

"Those who will not hear, must feel."

Dutch proverb.

Essential amino acids

Proteins are the building blocks of the tissues of the body. Without the proper spread of these substances, vegetarians can get a nasty disease called Kwashiorkor. Some of these are known as essential amino acid, and must be obtained daily from our food.

The children of vegetarians and anyone on vegan weight loss are particularly susceptible.

Google kwashiorkor if you want more information.

Sesami tahini is particularly rich in two amino acids that vegans find difficult to get. Delicitious stuff used in the making of hummus (chickpea garbanzo bean dip) and many other delicious foods like Baba Ghanoush. Yes, it's Mediterranean in origin.

Banting diet rebuttal

Banting diet rebuttal looks at the downside of the very low starch diet; that can be a problem for vegan weight loss as most legumes have their protein parceled in carbohydrate.

The latest fad sweeping South Africa is based on a very high animal fat diet, coupled with zero carbohydrate. Proponents claim that surprisingly blood cholesterol drops too. First prescribed by the revered physician Dr William Harvey for a morbidly obese Mr Banting, it was spectacularly successful.

The question at this vegan weight loss page is whether the diet has any meaning for those who eat no animal products. At Banting diet rebuttal we raise the issue of a high vegetable oil coupled with low carbohydrate diet for vegans.

It is certainly possible to get our fats from the olive and avocado, and cold pressed sunflower oil, if you can find it. However, legumes are on the banned list on the Banting diet, so it obviously must be adapted for those who won't turn to pork crackling and butter for their fats; and beans, chickpeas and pulses for their protein.

Healthy living tips

Healthy living tips and obesity are diametrically opposed. One simply has a poor outlook if your body mass index is over 30; vegan weight loss is one solution.

Thus almost any fad that gets weight off effectively and permanently needs to be viewed positively, even banting.

Having said that there is a far more healthy living tips way of achieving significant weight loss. Here it is. A lunch like this is vegan weight loss at its best. Just add a fresh dressing of homemade hummus and perhaps half a slice of low GI bread and you have the perfect meal.

Summer salad.

Add a good dollop of healthy hummus recipe and you'll find the pounds coming off.

Rather be sick and sore, and swallow bucket loads of pills? So be it.


Now it's my turn to put both feet in! Why is it that anything to do with sex, booze, cigarettes is a serious sin, but obesity is absolutely kosher? No problem with tucking into chocolate cake after church, but a glass of wine...

Scripture teaches that each Christian should consider him or herself the temple of God. Caring for the Temple is going to be the title of my next book. The fifth. You can find the others at the Bernard Preston site.

At church a month ago I met an old friend, a truly delightful lady, but complaining of a painful, arthritic knee as all the obese end up getting. Bone on bone. I wondered whether to say something to our friend, truly a beached whale, wife of a minister. Wrongly, I held my tongue. Last week she had a very serious stroke, and is struggling for her life.

Food abuse, just like alcohol and tobacco abuse knocks on average ten years off life. And the last years are a misery of pain, pills and disability.

Christian hypocrisy. Let's hear more from the pulpit about the sin of gluttony, padre!

"Their end is destruction, their god is the belly..."

Phillipians 3: 19

  • GREEN BEAN AND LENTIL SOUP[2] ... this is the kind of vegan  food that will never make you obese. Eat it every week. We do.

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  • FOOT PAIN ... the future for EVERY obese person.
  • Apple diet it's true, they keep the doctor away and should be included regularly on the menu, even the low carb diet. 
  • Frog in my Throat ... Scroll down to By Hook or by Crook, a short story about weight loss.

Another addiction, on a personal note

Two months ago I had to face the fact that, whilst I never get drunk, since I drink alcohol EVERY day, I was an alcoholic. And it was beginning to seriously affect my health. For years I had "refused to hear, and now was beginning to feel."

Painful gout in joints throughout my body and severe heartburn most nights had become my constant companions; the painful consequence of too much beer.

It was hard, I kid you not, but now in week 9 on the water wagon, I'm feeling a different person. Beer makes a good servant but a very bad master; it's never easy, but yes, faced with the awful alternatives, all of us can give up our addictions.

Update: Now after eight months I have been having a beer perhaps once a week, and truthfully not really enjoying it. But my mead beer I will brew once a year. Made from the gleanings of the wax cappings, honey makes a delicious healthy beer. How to start beekeeping - start keeping bees, enjoy raw honey and save the planet. 

  1. Veganism
  2. Green bean and lentil soup. Web:

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