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CHIROPRACTOR Ceres Darling Paarl Stellenbosch Worcester is where you can find help for your aches and pains, and general poor health.

Before consulting a DC for headaches, or lower back and leg pain, for example, you may want to know more about Chiropractic. I would.

Or perhaps you are on the verge of lower back surgery, and you're terrified. You should be; first weigh the complications of surgery, and then think Chiropractic first.

Whilst we are getting more medical referrals, and some patients are coming directly after an injury, they remain the exception. Most folk have tried everything else on earth, thinking that chiropractic treatment is painful and secondly dangerous. Did you know that our malpractice insurance premiums are a fraction of our orthodox colleagues? There are extremely few serious chiropractic iatrogenic injuries; doctor caused disease.

And in fact, chiropractic treatment for even the most painful conditions is rarely painful. There are exceptions; the management of a frozen shoulder or hip capsulitis does hurt, but always within what you can cope with. 

  • Dr Karen Cilliers, 70 Lyell Street, Ceres, 082 7104637
  • Dr de Bruyn
  • Dr Grobler
  • Dr Le Roux
  • Dr Athol McLean, 10 Pastorie Street, Darling, (022) 4922624


"Orthodoxy means not thinking - not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness."

George Orwell

The original basic premise of chiropractic is that a healthy body is dependent on a functional nervous system; for us that means ensuring that the spinal nerves are able to leave the spine freely without irritation by a facet or joint of Luschka, or being frankly pinched, for example by a slipped disc. 

That still stands but chiropractic has progressed far from it's early ideas formulated more than a century ago. 

Today there is much emphasis on proper rehabilitation of an injured joint, on adequate nutrition for hyaline cartilage, and the right fatty acids to coat each nerve with a myelin shealth. Without that, reinjury, arthritis and nervous system degeneration are inevitable.

More, you will find your chiropractor will be concerned that you are getting adequate omega 3 in your diet, that you are not eating hydrogenated fats and not consuming too many refined carbohydrates; it's sugar, white bread and rice, cookies and cakes that make us obese, not too much snoek and pilchards, avocados and olive oil. Controversially, new research is even suggesting that butter is back, and we should never have been sucked in by the margarine companies. 

You'll also be surprised to learn that many migraine headaches and facial pain have their origin in the jaw joints, and not the neck, and not the foods we eat. Does your TMJ click and pop? It usually starts after having wisdom teeth out under general anaesthetic, and other medical procedures in the mouth that force the mouth too far open.

Lastly, sports chiropractic, the care of infantile colic and the treatment of foot and ankle pain are common specialities in the chiropractic community. 

Head Neck Pain

Probably the most painful condition faced in the chiropractic clinic is an acute torticollis; you go to bed fine, wake up in the morning, and bingo you are unable to move. It is very, very painful, yet the treatment is surprisingly not so. 

Neglect and you will start regularly getting headaches and perhaps pain radiating down the arm. Worse, once you've had neck pain for six months, research indicates that no matter what treatment you have, it will never completely go away; you have it for life.

You have six months to deal with that neck injury. Why not go at once to your local chiropractor?

Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA)

All professions need a body to whom it's members are accountable. CASA upholds the standards within the profession and controls the day-to-day running of a large profession. There are nearly 100 Chiropractors registered with CASA in the Western Cape alone. We recommend you only consult members of CASA for your Chiropractic Conditions.

CHIROPRACTOR Ceres Darling Paarl Stellenbosch Worcester

The feet and ankles are fundamental to good spinal health. Sprained ankles, Mortons neuromas, Leg length inequalities ... all relevant to your overall health.

Lower back and leg pain

Fifty percent of most chiropractor's days is taken up by lower back and leg pain. Whether it's a straight forward sacroiliac syndrome, or a severely degenerate facet syndrome causing a lumbar stenosis, or a slipped disc, the management of the lower back is at the heart of chiropractic. 

Did you know that research proves that if you FIRST consult your medical doctor for lower back and leg pain, that you ar more likely to end up under the knife that if you FIRST consult a chiropractor?

Nutritional Corner

What we eat, and perhaps more importantly what we don't eat, has a profound affect on health. For example, did you know that a shortage of Omega-3 in the diet is the main cause of hyperactivity and behavioural problems in children. Don't think Ritalin, think more mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids in the diet, and perhaps supplementary with Omega-3 fatty fish or freshly ground flaxseeds, and Evening Primrose Oil.

The whole subject of polys is complex, partly because we actually get enough of them, in the main, and also because they are heat labile; in short, eat sunflower seeds, but avoid sunflower oil. By raising the omega 6 to omega 3 ratio in the diet your muscles and joints, blood vessels and organs will become inflammed.

And why is mandatory that all men SHALL eat a tomato every day? Think tomato soup recipe before the onset of one of the most emasculating male diseases... NOW! TODAY!

Whilst I have some concerns about the sustainability of Tim Noakes's Banting diet, there can be no doubt that it is colas and cookies, refined rice and wheat that make us hungry and obese, and there are more people dying of the ravages of obesity than starving to death. 

Refined carbohydrates should be kept for high and holy days; more fruit and vegetables, salads and the healthy fats is where you'll discover better health. 

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