Chiropractor Bethlehem Brandfort South Africa

Chiropractor Bethlehem Brandfort. There are well-established practices in these delightful Free State towns.

Dr Reg Engelbrecht DC, 20 Thomson Street, Bethlehem. 058 3034571

Dr Renee Higgs DC, 19 Water Street, Brandfort. 051 8211297

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

Map of the Free State.

Chiropractor Bloemfontein 

There are chiropractors in Bloem too... Dr Marlise Roodt. Chiropractor Bloemfontein ...

Headache Chiropractic 

Whilst headaches can occasionally be serious, the vast majority of chronic recurring headaches are caused by a problem in the upper neck for which your chiropractor is your best port of call. Consider for example this What causes headache CaseFile in which a lady was for years told her headaches were caused by arthritis of the neck. What causes headache CaseFile ...

Of course there are many causes of headache, meningitis being one of them. Headache, high temperature and a very stiff neck? Don't visit your local chiropractor, get to the emergency rooms NOW. Meningitis ...

The danger of Dual Antiinflammatory Drugs for headaches ...

"Losing one glove is certainly painful,

but nothing compared to the pain,

of losing one, throwing away the other,

and finding the first one again."

Piet Hein, Dutch poet (1905-1996)

Low back pain  @ Chiropractor Bethlehem Brandfort

There's heaps of scientific evidence now confirming that your chiropractor should be your first port of call if you have uncomplicated Low Back pain ...

What is perhaps more controversial is whether a chiropractor can help you with a severe slipped disc with radiating pain and a foot drop. But every chiropractor treats these on a regular basis, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.

Much depends on whether you are prepared to follow your chiropractor's instructions down to the last detail. One sneeze can ruin everything, so can sitting and the greatest factor, whether you go for chiropractic or surgery is whether you are prepared to stop smoking for two months. Discs need oxygen to heal. Slipped disc ...

Slow food, made fast 

Good health is much more than having your spine-in-line. Healthy joints demand the right juices for their 'hyaline cartilage'. That's the super-smooth shiny white stuff that lines the joints. Research done at Harvard Medical School proved that a chicken bones bouillon is extremely beneficial for 'hardnekkig' arthritis.


Good joint health is also about plenty of Omega-3 oils in your diet, and limiting Omega-6 oils, read seed oils. The best way of course is fatty fish like salmon, pilchards and sardines, but they are hugely expensive far from the ocean. That means more Fish oil ... but perhaps it repeats on you. Flax seed nutrition information is an inexpensive alternative.  Grind the seeds (less than R20 /kg) rather than flax seed oil as it goes rancid very quickly. Plus the lignans in flax seeds are vital anti-cancer food.

Flax seeds.

Try making your own dips. You can rattle up our Moutabel Baba Ghannouj literally in ten minutes if you have fresh brinjals, but you need my favourite seed paste, Sesame Tahini ... much nicer than peanut butter. Make it at home in a jiffy.

Our Smoked Salmon Dip recipe is without equal. Perhaps using smoked trout. Smoked salmon dip recipe ... rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

And of course strong bones need plenty of exercise. This next page I call the most important page at Chiropractic Help ... Causes of osteoporosis ...

The saying "prevention is better than a cure" has new meaning when talking about osteroporosis. Because there is no cure! And it's better that women should assume that they will get at least osteopaenia and take the right action when still young. Like walking regularly...

Chiropractic South African pioneers 

The Chiropractic Association of South Africa was first formed more than seventy years ago by the Payne twins, Alan and Ivan. Do you have any information on other chiropractic pioneers?

South African pioneers (chiropractors) ...

De lente

It's springtime in the Free State, the frost will soon be over. It's time to think about growing green beans ...   so easy.

The first fruits of growing green beans.


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