Chiropractor Amanzimtoti

Chiropractor Amanzimtoti helps you find your nearest DC.

At this page you'll find the names and addresses of your local DC, and scroll down for more Chiropractor South Coast and Chiropractor Durban. There is also a whole lot of info about Chiropractic and healthy living tips. What causes headaches and the like ...

Constipation is one of the many causes of headaches. All gummed up? It causes other serious things like diverticulosis and bowel cancer too. More soluble fibre is the solution and the beetroot is king. The amazing BEETROOT CONSTIPATION solution ..

Map of Amanzimtoti to help you find a chiropractor.

Find a good chiropractor

It's not so much that some chiropractors are better than others, though it's true that 50% graduated in the bottom half of the class!, but someone who's up on your condition. Some of us specialise in treating slipped discs, other colicky babies, some are really good at ankle joint pain ...

Do your homework, shop around, ask questions before making an appointment with the Chiropractor with the biggest Yellow Pages advert. Find a good chiropractor ...

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

Chiropractor Amanzimtoti

Chiropractor Amanzimtoti is conveniently situated on the South Coast of South Africa.

Situated just south of the Durban metro, Amanzimtoti is in easy reach of both the southern suburbs of Durban and the South Coast.

With one woman, and three men, you have ample choice of experience and ... some women may prefer to have a woman treat them. In particularly some conditions like Femoro Acetabular Impingement Syndrome require some deep treatment of the hip capsule, close to sensitive areas. Take your spouse along with you.

See the "pincer" deformity? That's not arthritis but FAIS.

Hip pain

Hip pain is endemic in our society; if may be coming for the joint itself, or it is often radiating from the sacroiliac joint and the lower back; it's often associated with upper leg, thigh and groin pain. Your chiropractor Amanzimtoti is well qualified to diagnose and treat your complaints.

Below you can see the large spur emanating from the socket; it used to be called arthritis but is now recognised to be a sign of femoro acetabular impingement syndrome.

X-rays showing the pincer type of femero acetabular impingement syndrome.
FAIS pincer.

Chiropractor Amanzimtoti

  • Dr Bridget F Bromfield, DC , 303 Kingsway (031) 903 8383 
  • Dr Farrimond, DC 
  • Dr Andrew Jones, DC, CSSP, MMedsci (Sports Chiropractic). 47 School Road (031) 903 4467

Colic chiropractic

There are few conditions more distressing to parents than infantile colic, the screaming child. Do you know the Rule of Three, Mum? COLIC CHIROPRACTIC ...

CHIROPRACTIC HELP Baby Colic Cures 2 (newsletter)

Slipped disc symptoms

Slipped disc symptoms are typically acute lower back pain, with difficulty bending forwards and to the side; if the herniation is into the foramen then extension, or bending backwards is very painful, often with a radiation down the leg. Most often your chiropractor Amanzimtoti is well equipped to treat this situation.

This could pertain to either the sciatic or the femoral nerve.

The symptoms of a typical slipped disc include pain on bearing down on the toilet, coughing and sneezing, collectively called Dejeurine's triad; if there is meningeal irritating then flexing the head onto the chest stretches in the lower back and can be very uncomfortable, for example, when getting into the car.

Sitting in a kitchen chair and straightening the leg parallel to the ground is usually painful, either in the lower back or the leg, or both.

Slipped disc signs might include loss of a reflex in the leg, changes in sensation and in severe cases, paresis or muscle weakness; for example, an inability to raise the big toe.

The pain can be so severe that you cannot sit, standing and walking are a nightmare and you have no option but to retire to your bed; these slipped disc rules should be followed.

See how the man below is standing in an "antalgic" posture? A temporary functional scoliosis, the sign of Pisa. He is learning towards the painful side, the left - the sign of a Postero Medial disk herniation ...

The Slump test for sciatica will often exhibit the crossed sign. Raising the right leg refers pain to the left side.

The antalgia seen in a postero lateral disc protrusion.
Pisa sign leans to the left.

Chiropractors treated the so-called slipped disc on a daily basis. Do you know the FOUR levels of slipped disc? Read more about Slipped disc symptoms ..


There is encouraging news from a university in Quebec. Research on white mice suggests that fish oil protects against these nasty diseases. Enjoy Fish Soup every week, and preserve your brain. That is quite apart from the help that a FISH SOUP rich in omega-3 will provide for your  arthritic fingers, for example.

  • How much fish oil ...?
  • "How to plant broad beans" for Parkinson's disease; dinkum, they produce L-Dopa[1]. To find this, copy and paste into the site search function at the top of the navigation bar.

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