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Chiropractic Help, Issue #12 - Baby Colic Cures
January 29, 2010


The Rule of Three

Oops! Apologies for the first edition of this newsletter! Slipped right through my fingers!

The questions that mothers of all colic babies are surely asking is:

  • Am I being neurotic, or does my baby really have a problem?

    And secondly, are there any baby Colic cures? Yes, there certainly are.

    Here is an objective measure of your baby's crying:

    1. Has your baby been miserable for more than three hours a day,

    2. For more than three days a week

    3. For more than three weeks?

      If so, then no you are not being neurotic, and yes your baby has a condition called Infantile Colic. If your baby is approaching these limits (they are fairly arbitrary, after all) then you have reason to be concerned.

      At Chiropractic Help we get a lot of questions, mostly about musculoskeletal conditions but also plenty about pregnancy, pain in the legs during pregnancy, exercises during pregnancy and colic babies. Are there baby colic cures? Yes, ma'am!

      The question are usually centred around baby having a definite abnormal posture, associated with bouts of unbearable shrieking.

      • My baby arches his back like a banana (sideways).

      • She only reluctantly turns her head to one side.

      • He becomes quite hysterical whilst arching his back, obviously in pain.

      • Nothing helps, is often the cry. I can do absolutely nothing to console my baby.


        "When a true genius appears in this world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."

        Jonathan Swift

        Such was D.D. Palmer, the man who founded Chiropractic.


        I must confess that when the research first came out, more than ten years ago, that Chiropractic had much to offer to baby colic cures, I was very sceptic. Really? Yes, really, but I am now totally convinced after six years of treating colic babies that we have the formula for colic.
        In a RCT (standard research tool) two groups of babies were treated, one group with a medicine commonly used for colic babies, and the other with Chiropractic. Blinded, independent examiners from the NHS found that the Chiropractic treatment was 270% more effective.

        By 'blinded' we mean that the examiners didn't know which treatment the baby got when they did their assessment: Chiropractic or the Medicine.

        In the Chiropractic group, by day 11, the crying was reduced from 3 hours to 20 minutes. But the group taking the medicine were still crying 2 hours a day. That's fact!

        IS IT SAFE?

        Notice how this chiropractor is using a device called an Activator. It provides a very gentle impulse to the fixated vertebra. Just to be certain, I actually place my thumb on the subluxated joint, and then use the activator on my thumb. It's that gentle.

        When asked about the safety of Chiropractic, I often say that no effective treatment is without potential dangers and side effects. The exception to my rule is the treatment of colic babies. I'm astounded how such a gentle treatment can be so effective. I've not had one baby in six years who has reacted badly to Chiropractic baby colic cures.

        In fact the results are almost instantaneous. It's the exception, when Mum doesn't report improvement after the very first treatment, and it's rare that more than 4-5 treatments are necessary with a follow up in a month.

        Only 5% of colic babies actually have a 'medical' problem like impaction or pyloric stenosis. Even then, by encouraging Mum to do gentle colic massage of the abdoman, we can get results.

        But, yes, a good place to start is with your pediatrician, just to be sure your baby isn't in that 5%.

        In the Media

        Just recently the British Chiropractic Association has successfully taken a journalist to court for a stating that Chiropractic has no scientific foundation for the treatment of colic babies. The judge found in favour of the BCA.

        And in the Netherlands, Chiropractic has recently been linked to the death of a baby, after treatment by a supposed "Cranio Sacral therapist". Even there the TV producers didn't do their homework - the so-called therapist was an unregistered quack, not belonging to any national association. What he did can only be described as an unqualified stupidity and gross negligence.

        That's what happens when governments will not recognise alternative and complementary professions, enabling them to enforce proper registration, control standards of training, and monitor continuing education.

        That could NEVER happen with the gentle treatment that properly qualified Chiropractors provide. Never. But any treatment is only as safe as the doctor or therapist supplying it.


        What do we do?

        Everything of course starts with a general history and examination. How was the pregnancy, the birth? Is the baby gaining weight normally, is he or she breastfeeding? etc

        Incidently, did you know that breast fed babies are more intelligent? It's all about the fat in mother's milk ...
        And, don't forget that nursing mothers have a lower level of breast cancer too.

        And there's a general examination of all the limbs, the hips, the shoulder ... and of course the pelvis and spine. It's very gentle, and babies tolerate it very well.

        And then we fix your colic babies!

      • Read more about OLIVE GARDEN NUTRITION ....


        Love to read? What have I got myself into? is the first chapter from Bernard Preston's new book:

        Stones in my Clog is in the final throes of editing. A painful business I can tell you. Editors are not known for being kind. And rightly so!

        This story relates to how Preston found himself in the Netherlands, practising Chiropractic. It was here that he learnt to treat babies. And loves it. It won't be available for a few months.

        Nutritional corner: Baba Ghanoush

        This is a very easy Lebanese dish made from Eggplant. It's really delic. Did you know that Eggplant, or Aubergine as it's called in Europe, is a powerful cholesterol lowering food? Have a glass of red wine with it, much safer than the statins used in medicine.

        Personally, I make Baba Ghanoush almost every week. When brinjals (as we call Eggplant in South Africa) are in season. Fortunately in Europe, that's year round!

        Click here for more info about BABA GHANOUSH ....

        So delic with other Eggplant dishes too. Lowers your cholesterol too. More Eggplant recipes ...

        Until next month then. Promise not to fill your Inbox with information overload. And sincere apologies for the booboo with the first edition of the newsletter. Unforgivable!

        Should you have found this email helpful, feel free to forward to family and friends. Your doctor?! Our readership is rising in leaps and bounds, but for the considerable work put in, I would prefer it to go to 5 000 people!

        Yours in Better Health. Read a book today, preferably one of Bernard Prestons!, play a game of chess or bridge, or Sudoku, and save your mind. And go for a walk. MENTAL and PHYSICAL exercise have now been proven to greatly reduce the incidence of Alzheimers, the worst disease of them all.

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