Dips made with cream cheese

Dips made with cream cheese is about making tasty, healthy sauces to go on salads and crackers.

All about delicious dips made with Eggplant, Garbanzos, Cucumber and other healthy foods. Whilst it's not essential to use a dairy product in a dip, mine will use cream cheese or yoghurt, or alternatively olive oil, tahini and avocado.

Cream cheese dips

This page was last updated by Dr Barrie Lewis on 7th April, 2021.

Cream cheese

This is the first of our dips made with cream cheese; it forms the basis of several later recipes.

Blend the following ingredients together

  1. A cup of thick yoghurt.
  2. A cup of cream or feta cheese.
  3. A couple of tablespoons of olive oil.
  4. One TBSP of finely chopped onion. If it gives you indigestion, lightly parboil it first.
  5. Two or three tablespoons of chopped parsley.

Here are a couple of additional extras; add half a clove of garlic, a spoonful of avocado, salmon or chopped olives, a slither of hot chili, or a couple spoons of hummus.

Garnish with a leaf of rocket or parsley, and a couple black olives. It's delicious on our low GI bread.

Make it your own. I hate recipes. They're so confining, like a straight jacket. But they do give you ideas, and a starting point; tonight its thick yoghurt, cream cheese, olive oil, half a dozen freshly cracked pecan nuts, parsley and fresh origanum.

Enjoy it on home made bread. You don't make your own bread? Five minutes or less to mix the ingredients, and hey, the smell and taste of your own loaf baking will certainly get the juices flowing.

I can't imagine why, but the breadmachine is apparently the most under-utilised kitchen appliance. We bake virtually every day. Five minutes is all it takes to make our Panera bread menu recipe; try it, you won't be sorry.

Promise, no more indigestion from the chemicals in the supermarket loaf.

Dips made with Cream Cheese

Dips made with cream cheese is about delicious recipes made with eggplant, garbanzos, cucumber and other healthy foods. Slip in a couple halves of pecan nutrition to add a rich flavour and texture. 

Cream cheese dips with bread.

Olive pate

The joy of dips is that they are healthy (if you stick to using natural ingredients) and in the main so quick to make. They fit perfectly in with our philosophy of HEALTHY SLOW FOOD, MADE FAST.

  • Take for example this Olive Pate; you can literally throw it together in five minutes.
  • Or this Tsatziki, so easy with Cucumber. Scroll down ... CHIROPRACTIC HELP Friday Fun Stone in my Clog ...
  • One of my all time favourites is Hummus ... made from Garbanzo Beans (aka Chickpeas), but there some aforethought is necessary. They have to be soaked overnight. Thereafter it's dead easy. Seriously, we have a Chickpea meal at least twice a week. Healthy, cheap, tasty, what more do you want? More about Hummus. CHICKPEA GARBANZO BEAN DIP ...
Authentic hummus recipe dip with radish.

Make your own hummus in only four mintues, literally. I like adding something spicy like chili or radish.

  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

Glycemic index

Nutritionally, recipes made with added protein and fat make good sense. Many of our carbohydrates, and especially rolls, breads, and cookies have a very high glycemic index; the sugars from the starch are very rapidly broken down and absorbed into the blood stream and then stored as adipose. Dips made with cream cheese lower the GI of your crackers.

The net result otherwise is an insulin rush, the hormone that causes surplus sugars to be stored as adipose. The refined crackers and rolls make you fat.

But adding a protein, or fat, or both to your crackers, as in these dips made with cream cheese lowers that glycemic index of the overall meal. You get less of an hormone rush, the food stays with you longer and you are less likely to become insulin resistant and diabetic.

There's a diabetes crisis in the Western world at the moment, and many nutritional scientists are saying it's largely due to the high glycemic index carbs that we are eating. White bread and refined rice top the charts. Eat them at your peril.

Is this your day?

Breakfast: Glass of OJ, Corn flakes or Rice crispies and a slice of white toast and margarine.

Midmorning: Tea or coffee with two teaspoons of sugar, or worse a cola, and a sweet biscuit.

Lunch: White bread sandwich with syrup or something sweet, or processed meat.

Supper: Pasta, potato or white rice dish, red meat and a sweet dessert.

That's a recipe for obesity, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.

Hummus interestingly has the lowest Glycemic Index on the chart (GI=6). That's because it is a carbohydrate combined with vegetable protein (from the chickpeas), and added fat from olive oil and tahini.


What's so special about PARSLEY? Scroll down ... Chiropractic Help: WHIPLASH and THE JOINTS OF LUSCHKA.

Baba ghanoush

This is a favourite Mediterranean dish combining the cholesterol lowering properties of eggplant, the blood pressure lowering properties of sesame, the anti inflammatory properties of olive oil, and parsley, a great source of vitamin K (bruise easily?) and the vitamins and minerals need to keep your toxic homocysteine levels in check.

Make it in ten minutes. Heavenly Baba Ghanoush ...

Scooped eggplant for baba ghanoush makes another wonderful dip.

Homemade bread

Bread gets bad press for a number of reasons; it's loaded with salt and chemicals. Some folk are allergic to gluten. It has a high glycemic index which means it's fattening and is complete banned if your are banting. It gives others quite serious indigestion, especially if eaten at night with a soup.

There is an alternative; using a bread machine it takes less than ten minutes, plus five hours, of course.

Then you can add the right amount of salt, avoid the chemicals and, by adding some fat in the way of olive oil or butter and hummus, you can turn it into a low GI bread loaf. Make it your own specialty; add honey, or olives and rosemary.

Should you suffer from gas, bloating and frank abdominal pain after eating bread, then the first step is to understand gluten. Learning about the sourdough method of baking enables most sufferers to get around this problem, even if they have Coeliac Disease.

Type "sourdough bread" into the Site Search function above.

Honey bread in the pan is just waiting for a cream cheese dip.

Cream and butter

Both have been considered bad boys until recently when a meta analysis of 80 of the main trials covering the butter / margarine controversy concluded that there is not a shred of evidence that changing to a diet low in animal fat reduced heart disease.

"Butter is back" is the buzzword. Type into the Site Search function in the main menu above.

Add to that the hugely popular, but controversial swing to the Banting diet to lose weight, and you have real confusion in the ranks. Are dips made with cream cheese actually fine, or are they strictly to be avoided?

To my mind, it is all about whatever else you are eating; follow the orthodox Banting diet, very high in red meat and animal fat and you will be in serious trouble, despite the weight loss and better blood glucose control. You will have more cancer instead. Eat plenty of your organic greens and yellows, and legumes and you will probably be fine.

Therein lies the problem with conventional banting; legumes like chickpeas and carbohydrates like butternut, despite their low glycemic index, are completely banned; in my humble opinion it's extremely dangerous to cut the carotenes out of the diet. 

So, follow our modified Banting diet, making sure that it is rich in greens too, and you can have your dips made with cream cheese on low GI bread and eat it!

Chiropractic Help

Why all this on a chiropractic website? Well, firstly I've lost so many patients over the years who have insisted on sticking to the B&W diet, meat and potatoes, that I've been forced to look a the bigger picture of health.That means plenty of coloured foods, and yes, even dips made with cream cheese.

And secondly, enjoying a low inflammatory diet makes patients respond so much better to chiropractic treatment.

That means keeping off polyunsaturate oils that are solvent-extracted at very high temperatures and making sure you have this anti inflammatory omega 3 regularly in your food.


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