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  • Dr Malcolm Taylor, 30 Bonair Road, Rondebosch, (021) 6868238
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  • Chiropractic Conditions is a central page at our site. It provides you simply and easily with the sorts of diagnoses that the average DC would be treating.
  • Healthy Living Tips is another vital page at Chiropractic Help. Sparkling wellbeing is not just about having your subluxations adjusted. This link gives you some insights into different foods you could and perhaps should be eating.

A map of the Cape Town suburbs where you find a chiropractor.


CHIROPRACTOR Claremont Kenilworth Newlands Rondebosch

Whether it be trauma, such as a fall from a bicycle, a knee in the ribs in a rugby match, or a shower of sneezes, the ribs can also be subluxated. If it's the first rib, it may cause a condition called a Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which may cause pain and tingling that radiates down the arm, and the arm feels weak when working above the head, due to constricted blood flow. THORACIC OUTLET SYNDROME ...

I myself sneezed last night whilst twisted, and have sprung a rib. Every breath gives a stab of pain in the midback... I'll be seeing my colleague for an adjustment today for rib pain treatment.



A subluxated rib may also cause mild to severe breastbone pain, a condition called Tietzes Syndrome. If on the left side it may be confused with a heart condition, as in the case of this doctor's son. It may also be involved in indigestion heartburn because the diaphragm attach to the lower six ribs. TIETZES SYNDROME CaseFile ...



Probably the worst disease of all is not the great mystery it was even ten years ago. The Alzheimers and Exercise link, and the diet link is now reasonably well understood. ALZHEIMERS AND EXERCISE ...

Prevention is the word. Is your cholesterol high? You are at higher risk? Are you a couch potato? Is there a possibility that you could become an Anaesthetic Alzheimers statistic? Is your diet low in omega-3 fatty acids?


Take a walk today, start an apple salad recipe, have a glass of red wine for your cholesterol alcohol ... think Chiropractic before a back operation. All that delicious snoek. 



CHIROPRACTOR Claremont Kenilworth Newlands Rondebosch

X-ray showing how a spondylolysthesis can cause stenosis.

Lower back and leg pain is the single biggest health cost in the United States. The reasons are many and complex, but clearly all is not well in the State of Denmark. American obesity is certainly a factor, the couch-potato mentality, but let's acknowledge that South Africa is catching on fast to all that is dismal in North America. Interestingly two insurance companies found that inclusion of Chiropractic saved them billions of dollars in payments for lower back pain, and this after excluding surgical and imaging costs. LOWER BACK PAIN ..

Upper leg pain can be a diagnostic nightmare. Just this week I had a new patient - a neurologist, an orthopaedic surgeon and a neurosurgeon completely missed the fact that the pain in her groin was caused by hip arthritis and not the lumbar stenosis seen on MRI. Now, in addition to the original groin pain which still plagues her, she is suffering from severe back pain, leg pain radiating to the great toe (which began after the extensive spinal decompression).

Whilst the complications of Chiropractic certainly exist, they are nothing in comparison to the complications of surgery. Medical sites are quite frank about it: clots, complications of anaesthesias (Alzheimers Anaesthetic), infection, bleeding... COMPLICATIONS OF SURGERY ...



Spondylolysthesis most authorities now seem to agree is a fracture in the spine, usually occurring in early childhood, allowing one vertebra to slide forwards on another. Mostly it causes nagging low back pain and sometimes tingling in feet and legs. Very occasionally it is a serious problem... and sometimes in the older patient it is caused by wear and tear of the facet joints in the spine.

X-ray showing a spondylolysthesis of L4.




CHIROPRACTOR Claremont Kenilworth Newlands Rondebosch

Scan showing effect of an old ankle joint fracture.

The ankle joint is profoundly beautiful. Fearfully and wonderfully made. But also vulnerable to injury and a cause of severe disability. Read here what chiropractic can mean for an injury involving severe ankle joint pain, ankle exercises and much more ...


You'll find your chiropractor will show great interest in what you eat, and don't eat for that matter, whether your blood pressure is high and you are obese, a smoker, because things too have an enormous impact on your general health.

Just a Fish Soup twice a week for example, will have a profound affect on the hyaline cartilage in your joints, your mental health and the state of your nerves.


Hummus literally takes only five minutes to make, and is listed near the top of the SUPER-FOODS list that lower cholesterol, but you do have to find a local source of Sesame Tahini. SESAME TAHINI ...



CHIROPRACTOR Claremont Kenilworth Newlands Rondebosch

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