Supra pubic, groin and muscle pain after prostectomy

by Carol Hart

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

Lighten up as you cross the femoral artery and nerve.

I really hope you can help me as I am at my wits end with worry re my husband.

On the 4th of May he had open prostatectomy for benign enlarged prostrate and apart from high temp post op, which he was given ciprofloxacin for he recovered really well, he's 70 but a fit seventy.

Day 11 post op we went to hospital for removal of clips and supra pubic catheter, which I had in for 3 years due to retention of urine which also led to kidney disease. Two days later he developed muscle pain all over, sweating with temp went to hospital given antibiotics for urine infection, has been back twice; had CT scan of pelvic area and apart from small collection nothing was seen. Consultant said he wished there had been an abscess then at least they would have a cause. He spent 4 days in hospital but still can not walk unaided, uses crutches, has difficulty lifting his foot over steps, can only sleep on his back; his left leg "falls" out of bed and he can't get it back in without lifting it.

I am so afraid of him developing a DVT or PE I have encouraged him to ride a 3 wheeler bike, which is ok apart from his unsteady gait, which seems worse when cycling. Then I encouraged him to walk in village where we live part with crutches part without; when we got back home 2hrs later !! he was exhausted and in lots of pain so I think walking has made it worse. Have you any suggestions as to what exercises would benefit him. I have been a critical care nurse (now retired ) for 27 years but I have exhausted every option I can think of; my latest theory is something to do with his symphyis pubis/pelvic ring. Thank you in anticipation.

Hello Carol,
I would ask for an orthopaedic opinion. The question is whether this is related in some way to the prostate surgery, or is a hip condition.

I'm interested in the leg falling out of bed and him being unable to get it back; is he unable to lift the leg because of pain, or paresis of the muscles?

In the CT of the area, was there any comment on the hip joint?

With him lying on his back, using a little oil, run your thumb from the ASIS through the groin and down the medial thigh; how does it compare with the right side.

Whilst sitting, can he raise his thigh off the chair? Weak, or painful; where?

Lying on his back, if he pulls the knee to the chest is it painful and stiff in the groin? If he drops his knee into the lotus position?

Using a needle, prick the lateral thigh; compare sides. Is there a difference?

Obviously I haven't a clue, being unable to examine him, but these are the preliminary thoughts that would be going through my mind.

If you live in the Dordrecht area, see if you can make an appointment with Dhr Glen Potgieter; otherwise there are many excellent chiropractors in Nederland.

Is there any lower back or sacroiliac joint pain?

Let me have some answers.

Dr B

» Supra pubic, groin and muscle pain after prostectomy

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Aug 19, 2017
Osteomyelitis after prostate surgery
by: carol

Thanks for the suggestions anyway re my husband.
Culture results came back which showed Pseudomonas Infection !! of his pubic bone, everyone has apologised for delay in coming to a diagnosis, apparently it's rare and they have never seen it before! My husband remains on IVAB also morphine pain. He's now walking well and, thanks to having appropriate analgesia, he has little pain. Once again thank you for advice.

Hello Carol,
Alas nosocomial infections are not uncommon but at least you live in a country where it was discovered, acknowledged, diagnosed and treated.

Tomatoes and avocados are the prostate's best friends; for the lycopene and sitosterol; then selenium in foods such as broccoli and mushrooms; even if he doesn't still have one.

Hopelijk gaat het goed in the toekomst.

Dr B

Jul 25, 2017
Infection post prostatectomy
by: Carol

Concerning my earlier post and problems my husband had post prostatectomy, since CT scan which only showed small collection and some inflammation but not enough to cause the problems my husband had.

Since then he has been referred to Neurologist and Rheumatologist. Neuro referred my husband for MRI Scan as she felt it was to do with surgery. The report showed, not a small collection but moderate one, inflammation of his pubic bone and infection.

We have now been referred back to the urologist for IVAB, then oral long term, also aspiration of fluid behind pubic bone to ensure no infection of bone.

Hello Carol,
It's as feared a medical problem; there are a great many large muscles attached to the pubes; any pubic bone infection would make walking very painful, as in a fracture, in fact.

I wish you both well; chiropractic alas has no role to play, but a healthy diet is vital at this time especially.

Dr B

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