inner thigh and knee pain

by michelle

if you run your thumb from the ASIS through the groin and down the inner thigh is there pain?

if you run your thumb from the ASIS through the groin and down the inner thigh is there pain?

Inner thigh and knee pain requires more examination.

After gardening a week ago I experienced a really sore knee and thigh, but it all cleared within a few days; however since that time I feel pain in the top of my inner thigh/groin area; a dull ache. I can't really lift my right leg very high.

I feel it is improving, but how long before I go to the doctor?

Hello Michelle,
It's your call, of course, but in my experience most doctors will just prescribe anti inflammatories or pain killers. What's needed is a good examination to find out what's going on.

I don't believe in rushing off to the doctor for every snivel or a little pain to the chiropractor; this does sound like something more though. If it's improving of its own accord, you could certainly wait a week or two.

Hip conditions often radiate to the knee, so only an examination will distinguish between something in the knee, going up the thigh, or vice versa, or even from the lumbar spine. Do you have any back pain?

Just generally be careful for a week or two and if you are not happy that it's settling then consult someone; it's important it recovers back to your old self.

Some gentle exercises for the offending joint or muscle are now important.

I hope this helps; if you reply please not from your mobile; correcting your grammar isn't my favourite!

Dr B

» inner thigh and knee pain

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Aug 12, 2017
Can't lift leg; any ideas?
by: Michelle

I was in a car accident in 2009; I was in the passenger seat and had my right leg tightened against the wheel well as I was setting the papers for my new car on the floor, a few blocks away from the dealership; wham, 90mph impact into this wheel well.

I can no longer pull my leg to my chest and my leg falls outward/way from body. An MRI of my back shows "the back of a person much younger" minus one spot in my mid back of "little concern".

The doctors "didn't want to get involved", so claimed all my symptoms were MS (I was incredibly active before this accident). I am in my mid 40s.

I moved out of that town after "settlement" in 2014. In 2015, I had two hours worth of ortho surgery to my right knee (every tendon and ligament was broken or ruptured minus the medial); have arthritis in my hip and knee.

I have been told that my femoral nerve is trapped, but they can't figure out where; MRI doesn't show it. Meanwhile my thigh muscles are disappearing. The Ortho surgeon just gave me a steroid injection in my knee for arthritis and is talking about sending me to another state for the paralysis as my area doesn't have the expertise and testing. Any suggestions?

Mm, never lend a car, particularly a Ferrari! They are like toothbrushes!

Did you have another accident, or fall in 2015; or was that surgery relating back to the original injury?

Obviously, since I can't examine you, I'm shooting in the dark, but if you can't pull your knee to the chest, this is pretty clearly primarily a hip condition; it must have been graunched in the accident, or even a pre existing condition.

What you describe is consistent with arthritis in the hip. Ask what the Kellgren Lawrence grade is, or send me a copy of the x-ray of your pelvis to contact.

You say you can't lift your thigh; is that because of pain or weakness?

The quadriceps muscle frequently wastes with knee and hip conditions and you've got both. It's called arthrogenic inhibition; Google it. Not a true pinched femoral nerve.

There are only a few things I can suggest from a distance.

1. Exercise both knee and hip gently every single morning before getting out of bed, and last thing at night. That quad weakness will lead to falls. Do quad sets regularly whilst sitting. For the rest of your life.

2. Garner your chicken bones, freeze them and, when you have a pile, boil them to make a stock; much quicker in a pressure cooker. It extracts the cartilage; then turn it into a soup; your body will utilise the amino acids for your own joints. Google the research done at Harvard Medical School.

3. Make sure you are on a 'anti inflammatory diet'. Good anyway.

4. Find a swimming pool.

5. Eat plenty of fatty fish, but watch your weight.

Good luck; I hope this helps.

Dr B

» Can't lift leg; any ideas?

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