Hip pain questionnaire

Hip pain questionnaire gives your chiropractor a measure of how you are progressing under his or her care.

Pain is obviously quite difficult to measure. This device  has been designed to give information as to how your hip pain has affected your ability to manage in every day life. Please print out the following, answer every section, and mark only one box which best applies to you at this moment.

If you get large swings in pain and disability during the day, you may want to repeat it later in the day.

The hip pain questionaire will then be repeated after some months so see whether the chiropractic treatment has had any measurable beneficial effect.

People suffering from hip pain often also have low back pain, but this is primarily a hip pain questionaire. Of course your chiropractor will also ask about back pain. Do your best to decide whether the pain is mainly

  • In the groin
  • On the side of the hip
  • In the buttock
  • radiating down the front of the leg towards the knee
  • In your back. Low in your back? Higher in the lumbar spine?

Why is this important? The Sciatic nerve... Help for Sciatica Pain ... originates from the lower lumbar spine (and sacrum) and tends to cause buttock pain, posterior thigh, calf, side of the foot or great toe pain and tingling. However the Femoral nerve emerges from higher in the lumbar spine and supplies the side of the thigh, the groin and front of the thigh and the inner lower leg.

Being able to describe accurately where the pain and tingling, or numbness is, helps your chiropractor identify more accurately where the problem is. Regretably only a few can afford the luxury of a scan to help in making the correct diagnosis.

Hip pain often causes groin and front of the thigh pain radiating down to the knee. Deciding whether this is a pinched nerve in the back or an impingement in the hip is vital to the correct treatment.

Femoro Acetabular Impingement syndrome

One last thought at this hip pain questionaire: Lying on your back pull the knee to the chest. Compare sides. Rotate your hip. Does the movement cause pain? Is it very stiff, or not at all? There are two pre-arthritic conditions causing the stiff hip; femoro acetabular impingement syndrome and Developmental Hip Dysplasia ... One presents with a very stiff hip, even in a young person, the other in a very (hyper)mobile hip. Can you sit in the lotus position?

Hip pain questionnaire

Hip pain questionnaire gives your chiropractor a measure of how you are progressing under his or her care. It was written originally for low back pain and has been adapted here.

Oswestry Hip Pain Disability Questionnaire

The Oswestry Hip Pain Disability Questionaire[1] is the gold standard for assessing the level of your problems.

NAME: Mr/ Mrs/ Ms




The time of day is important as most patient's pain and stiffness varies, often worse in the morning; so on repeating it several weeks later to evaluated the success of treatment, you must do it, say, again at 8am.

It takes less than five minutes to fill in this questionnaire.

Please fill in each and every section, and though it may be difficult choose only one option.

Go now to the following link, print out a hard copy of the page, and give it to your chiropractor.

  1. Oswestry Low Back Pain Disability Questionnaire

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