EDS, Hip Dysplasia, Hypermobility, Cam Impingement, joint subluxation

by Taylor
(Long Island, NY)

Does your hip look like this?

Does your hip look like this?


I am a 26 y/o female with right hip dysplasia, a left hip cam impingement, and bilateral labral tears.

Also I have bilateral joint space narrowing with bone spurs on both my patellas which are very superior, chronic lumbar pain, pain and hypermobility in every joint.

A "loose" diagnoses of type 3 Ehlers Danlos syndrome, right foot plantar fasciitis and bone spur, what seems to be chronic joint subluxations, the list goes on.

I was suggested a right hip osteotomy with an arthroscopic labrum repair but decided to seek the opinion of a medical geneticist instead. She indicated I likely have EDS but do not score high enough on the beighton scale for a clinical indication.

I have radiological images and a 3D reconstruction CT of my pelvis scan I can provide.

Hello Taylor,
All diseases come in mild and serious forms, and you can be pleased that you have only a 'loose' diagnosis of EDS.

Two things are important when one is suffering from any chronic, incurable illness; keep as active as you can, watch your weight and be fanatic about a healthy diet, rich in the anti inflammatory foods that supply a steady daily supply to decrease the pain in your joints.

Sorry, but you need to become a health nut; like me. Once you're on the road, it's not at all difficult but it means giving up sugar, white rice, white bread and refined foods for every. Every part of your life will improve beyond imagination.

With hip dysplasia the socket is too small and the ball may pop in and out; at our hip dysplasia page you'll find very specific exercises to strengthen the muscles that help to keep the head of the femur in the acetabulum; it's the only thing that will help with hypermobility, and the accompanying joint subluxation.

Those rough spots under the knee cap and in the CAM impingement need to be gently polished with mobilising exercises; if it hurts you are going too hard; be gentle; use the search function at chiropractic help to find patello femoral pain syndrome.

Were you very active? It's surprising to have labral tears so young unless you were very sporty.

This IS manageable, Taylor, but EDS and the continual tendency for joint subluxation will require your attention; no different really to someone with diabetes, or kidney disease; it must be very unsetting for a young person like you, but you can't fight it; go with the flow, work hard at it and you'll be fine. Regular daily exercise, weight control and an excellent diet is what's needed; and a strongly committed mind.

Have a small portion of fatty fish every single day for the omega-3, get it from your food, not pills and see our chicken bones bouillon page.

See to our foot pain page; you are going to have to start hunting for professionals who are passionate about helping people with conditions like yours; I see a lot of it in my practice, but it's what I'm enthusiastic about; it's a lot more complex that clicking joints; there's sure to be someone in your neck of the woods who's equally interested in subjects like hypermobility and EDS.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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