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Chiropractor Port Elizabeth is well placed to treat your joint problems and many other conditions such as your baby's infantile colic.

Your DC is dedicated towards helping you improve your own health. Do you have unanswered questions about what to do when you know deep down that your problem is not improving? Or heaven forbid, getting worse? Here you will find many answers.

What is chiropractic, anyway, is a question you may well be asking.

The purpose of our therapy, the so called adjustment, is to restore normal movement to the spinal joints and then resolve any resultant biomechanical instability, and the physiological and neurological effects of the segmental hypomobility.

What does that mean in ordinary English? For a variety of reasons, for example injury, whiplash, a short leg and so on, spinal and pelvic joints become jammed up (fixated, subluxated) and this has major consequences for the movement of the body, and sometimes profound neurological changes, one of which is pain.

The word chiro means hand.

The Chiropractic adjustment is done in the main by hand, though your Chiropractor today may well use various modalities such as an activator gadget, and a table with drop pieces, and may also use acupuncture and other therapies.

Thompson drop table for sacro iliac joint treatment.

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Headache can ruin a life, literally. Chiropractic has changed that for millions of people. Few things have struck me more forcibly in practice than how chronic headaches have made many, many people's lives totally miserable.

Probably a week never passes when I don't have a new patient who has been suffering for thirty or more years from headaches. Chiropractic can and does change that.

If you are taking analgesics on a regular basis, and your doctor has nothing more to offer, and the other treatments that you have tried have been at best palliative, then it's time to try chiropractic. 

Chiropractor Port Elizabeth

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Neck pain anatomy and arm pain

Neck pain anatomy and arm pain go hand in glove.

During any 12-month period, neck pain will be experienced by 70% of the general population, and up to 48% in workers.

However, pain in the neck with associated DISABILITY is less common: 12-month prevalence ranged up to 11.5% in the general population.

Neck Pain Anatomy will give you some idea of the complexity of your neck pain ... and why you should be considering CHIROPRACTIC HELP. Neck Pain Anatomy ...

The neck is of course most often the origin of arm pain. Can you get relief of the pain in your arm by placing your hand on your head? Or does it aggravate the pain? This is very significant. ARM PAIN ...

Shoulder abduction relief sign.

Rib pain treatment @ chiropractic Port Elizabeth

Rib pain treatment in the chiropractic setting is adapted to the beautiful design of the ribcage. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

The ribcage was designed to give protection to the vital organs, in particular the heart and lungs. However, compromise was needed to enable us to breathe.

So these organs are surrounded by a cage of bone, interspaced with small gaps filled with rib muscles and some other structures including nerves and an artery.

The ribs have to rise, increasing the space in the chest, drawing fresh air into the lungs, and then drop again as we exhale.

But, this compromise has made the joints vulnerable to injury. A shower of sneezes is very traumatic and sometimes causing the so called sprung rib with very sharp pain in the middle of the back with every breath.

Lightly run your fingers along the attachment of the ribs to your sternum on the side of your pain. Are the cartilages tender? You may be about to get a painful condition called Tietzes syndrome that we see and treat on a frequent basis in the Chiropractic clinic. If it involves the chest on the left, patients often think they are having a heart attack.

Lower back and leg pain

Lower back and leg pain is where 60% of most chiropractors' time is spent. It's an epidemic in today's world, and extremely costly. In fact, in the USA uses up more medical dollars than any other condition. LOWER BACK AND LEG PAIN ...

Does your posture, stance, go all crooked sometimes? You feel like a flesh and blood leaning tower of Pisa!

Antalgia from a PL disc herniation.

Chiropractor Port Elizabeth

This is a very sure sign of a lumbar disc bulge, in this instance the so-called Postero Lateral Disk herniation with this young man leaning AWAY from the painful side. It's a serious sign and should never be taken lightly.

Pain and tingling down the leg may be only a sneeze away; or just a prolonged sit, enemy number one of the lower back when injured.

It's controversial, but in my book intermittent bedrest, with exercises and ice packs, is part of the care of an antalgic posture; it's important that it resolve within a few days.

More commonly it's the Sacroiliac Joint Anatomy that's the spoke in your wheel, producing a myriad of signs from local buttock pain, to pain in the groin, pain down the side of the leg. It's also frequently the cause of the Failed Hip Operation. Nothing wrong with the surgery after a hip arthritis op, but no sacroiliac joint treatment was considered necessary to loosen up the accompanying fixation in the SIJ.

Maignes Syndrome is a uniquitous condition producing radiating pain from the upper lumbar spine that can radiate to the buttock, side of the thigh and the groin. Everywhere at once! Specific treatment will be done by your Chiropractor and these Maignes Syndromes exercises may help. Always check with your Chiropractor that he is happy that you are doing them.


Spondylolysthesis casefile

Spondylolysthesis has two causes. The one is a childhood fracture in the low back, invariably undetected, and frequently causes no great dramas. The other, due to arthritic hyaline cartilage in the facet joints, is rarely stable, often affecting the nerve and causing spinal stenosis. Case histories are never straight forward.

  • SPINAL STENOSIS explanation ...

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You can easily and cheaply make at home a rich source of your own Glucosamine chondroitin sulphate mixture that helps for the restoration of joint inflammation and the healing of hyaline cartilage.

This mixture is made from chicken bones that you need to store in your deep freeze until you have enough to make a rich bouillon that you can use to make a delicious soup.

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Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA)


CASA is the association that has been established by Chiropractors. It has a dual function serving their needs as well as protecting your rights. Should you feel you have been mistreated, CASA is the place to begin, and thus we recommend you only consult CASA registered Chiropractors. It gives you a modicum of protection.

Our insurance premiums are extremely low in comparison with our medical colleagues because there are very few complaints and law suits against chiropractors.

You may get some temporary after-pain after your treatment but it's very rare that a chiropractor will cause you serious injury as happens after taking many medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs. Read more about doctor-caused disease, also known as Iatrogenic Illness.

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