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Treat the cause of the pain with mobilising adjustments and exercise, rather than the symptoms with anti inflammatory drugs which may give you a bleeding ulcer; have you ever had black blood in the stool?

The first DCs came to South Africa in the 1920s; nearly a century ago. Spinal manipulation goes back to the mists of time; it was used and advocated by Hippocrates, the father of medicine too.

It fell into disrepute for various reasons in the Middle Ages; the modern profession was initiated by Daniel D. Palmer in Iowa in the United States.

In 1895, the same year coincidentally that Rontgen discovered Xrays; there has been a happy association between the professions with radiographs being used to examine the spine for disease and anomalies.

Pinched and irritated nerves emerging from the spine cause paresthesias and discomfort in the limbs; more controversially they certainly supply the organs, but it's the brave DC who claims to be able to cure the patient with a thyroid condition for example. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that vertebral adjustments can help with otitis media, asthma, constipation and indigestion, for example, but little hard scientific research.

Every DC has infertile patients who fall pregnant, but it's again the brave chiropractor who claims to be able to cure that malady; there is quite strong evidence though the babies with infantile colic respond well to our gentle treatment.

Teddy being adjusted in the best way.

Chiropractor FishHoek GrassyPark Noordhoek SunValley

Chiropractor FishHoek GrassyPark Noordhoek SunValley finds there's help in your neck of the woods for the pain.

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Tingling in arms and hands

Diagram showing how a cervical rib can penetrate the inter scalene triangle and cause pain and tingling in the arm.

There are many causes of tingling in arms and hands but a good many of them are associated with the so called inter scalene triangle, a narrow passage in the lower neck through which very important structures pass to the arms and hands. A scalenus muscle spasm, a first rib fixation, cervical ribs and other conditions can cause either the artery or the brachial plexus to become compromised. The result is pain and tingling in arms and hands. Your chiropractor FishHoek GrassyPark Noordhoek SunValley is there to help you.

Typically the ache in the arm is worsened when raised above the head, whereas the patient with a pinched nerve in the neck gets relief.

Dr Henry Gray was a most remarkable man. In three years he made sketches of the whole body, astonishingly accurate, and then sadly whilst caring for a relative caught the dreaded smallpox from a patient and died aged 34.

Some chiropractors tend to rail against vaccinations, and periodically I have my own doubts after patients have reacted very badly, but it is a fact that the scourge that was smallpox has been wiped off the planet.

Two of Chiropractic's greatest critics, Singh and Ernst have written a compelling book, Trick or Treatment, in which they give us a hard time because of the opinions of a minority of DCs concerning vaccination.

My own opinion, for what it's worth, is that the benefits outweigh the severe reactions when it comes to prevention of serious diseases like polio.

What about giving vaccinations against the flu? Personally I would never recommend it. A patient recently had an attack of a very severe disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome, one of the known side effects of the influenza injection.

Are you interested in some anatomy, guided by an expert? At the next two pages you can look first at the life of Henry Gray, and then at the second take a tour with him over the human body. I recommend both.

And then at pages like Neck pain anatomy and Atlanto Occipital Joint anatomy and ankle joint pain anatomy you can get some idea why the whole medical and chiropractic world holds this man in such respect.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and tingling in feet and legs consumes 60 percent of the average chiropractor's work day. It is our specialty, and even medical research is now grudgingly admitting that manipulation and exercise for the injured lumbar spine is better than drugs and surgery.

Your chiropractor FishHoek GrassyPark Noordhoek SunValley is there to be of service.

Worse, if your first port of call for low back is your medical doctor, research proves that you are more likely to end up under the knife that if you first consult a chiropractor. Vital days and weeks, sometimes months and years are wasted, giving dangerous anti inflammatory drugs, and perhaps if that doesn't help, two or more such medications, during which time the condition becomes chronically inflamed and immobilisation arthritis sets in.

Most important is to discuss fully your expectations. Recent research in Switzerland reveals huge discrepancies between what the surgeon anticipates, and what the patient expects after a spinal operation; obviously disappointment, depression and anger is frequent.

The same applies to your consultation of a chiropractor; the truth is that nothing, neither medicine, manipulation or surgery is likely to cure any difficult, chronic condition. Like incurable diseases such as diabetes, your chiropractor would be aiming to give perhaps eighty percent relief of degenerative spinal conditions; daily exercises and an occasional but regular appointment most likely lies ahead.


Chiropractic first.

These pages on LOWER BACK PAIN give you a broader idea of where your chiropractor's expertise lies.

CHIROPRACTOR FishHoek GrassyPark Noordhoek SunValley

Rib pain treatment

Rib pain treatment is usually straight forward in the early stages but allowed to become chronic can be very difficult to cure.

Each rib has FOUR joints. 24 ribs. That's a lot of joints, and each and everyone can cause pain, and disturb the nerve supply to both the organs and along the rib, under the armpit, and to the breastbone, sometimes causing a condition called Tietzes syndrome.

Chiropractors excel in the treatment of the ribs. RIB PAIN TREATMENT ...

Nutritional Corner

What you eat, and how much you exercise is just as important as consulting your chiropractor Fish Hoek Grassy Park Noordhoek and Sun Valley; perhaps more important, so see if you can find some tips at our nutritional corner.

Fish soup is rich in omega-3.

You'll find your Chiropractor taking a keen interest in what you eat and what exercise your are doing. The food we eat, read about broccoli facts, and what we don't eat, think of all the fish oil health benefits, has a profound affect on health, and on the hyaline cartilage in your joints, for example.

Raw fruit and veg are full of the antioxidants now known to prevent cancer. Squeeze your own orange juice, grow your own green beans and lettuce and if you have the space, plant an avocado tree. Really, this isn't rocket science, just science based good health. Eat better, move more, live longer.

Sign up for Chiropractic Tips and you'll get some back exercises that take 40 seconds every morning before getting out of bed. Use the search engine.

And of course with all the olive orchards in the vicinity make sure you keep your omega 6 / omega 3 ratio low by changing to extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil benefits are sublime.

If you have a source of free range cage free eggs they are worth the extra if only because they have three times as much omega 3, and are highly recommended at choline food sources; a deficiency causes inflammation and birth defects.

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