Your website, the purple banner, love your site but....

It is so poorly laid out. You use black text and have a dark purple border on the left. You can't even use your website during daylight hours, even on the brightest screen. Please redesign the layout of your page, it's only the purple border and the color of the text. If it appeared white in the purple area only you could read it.



Gosh, Matthew, now you have me stumped! And are the first in many years to have made this comment; but I'm taking it seriously. Most others wouldn't bother to take the trouble.

I can read my page perfectly in all ambience, but then I'm spoilt with an Apple mac. Perhaps it's quite different on a tablet, or laptop. I'll check.

Would you like to send me the url of site that you think would be more appropriate in terms of layout.

Thanks for taking the trouble.

Dr B

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