Why does lower lumbar click and crick with no pain

by gardenan

Altho I didn't have sciatica per the Slump Test, I am still curious why my lower lumbar back clicks and cricks? I always presumed ones back got stiff with arthritis with older age, 60, not the opposite, seemingly looser!

I like to fix things before they really go bad, what do the clicks and cricks mean, the rest of my spine doesn't do it. I thought it was because of misalignment of the vertebrae so went to Chiropractor, but they considered it unimportant, but that doesn't answer my question!!

Can you explain it? Otherwise I am still worried. If my car makes a funny noise I try to find the cause and fix it before it breaks down. Me too! Thank you for your patience and help!

Hello again.

It's called wear and tear. The cartilage in the joints is getting thinner and so, instead of smooth glassy slide of one facet on the other, it's getting rough.

I would agree with your chiropractors. I too don't think clicks without pain terribly significant.

It probably does mean you should pay more attention to the nutrients on which that cartilage is dependent, and exercise regularly those clicking joints.

And accept that those joints aren't as strong as when you were sweet sixteen! Perhaps the days of lifting grand pianos and chopping down trees are over?

But do exercise more. Take to swimming and walking regularly perhaps. That's what you can do for the frames that's making funny noises.

I hope this explains a little. There are probably other reasons.

Dr B

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