Whole back pain

I simply coughed when I was about 20 years old. I felt a painful stab down my back, fell to the ground and started crying. Over the years I never took it seriously. It's just gotten worse. My whole back muscles hurt regularly; a hard thump to my back is so painful.

I'm trying yoga; I want to go for a very physical job but don't want to ruin my back more severely.
Please help,any suggestions on what I can do? I told my specialist, but he just gave me a lot of Ibrufen; I also have a very weak bladder. I am only 25 😢.
Thank you

When pain starts in the midback with a cough, I always first suspect what's known in jargon as a sprung rib.

Every breath involves four joints for every one of 24 ribs. Three of them are between the rib and the spine.

It's not uncommon for a cough or sneeze to subluxate one of them, particularly if you were twisting, causing a sharp stab of pain between the shoulder blades.

If that fits with you, see a local chiropractor.

Treated within a few days, the pain normally goes away very quickly. It's one of our favourite conditions thus. But after five years, you'll need patience, and it'll take time.

Of course, there are many other conditions causing pain in the region. An xray is now indicated.

Dr B

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