Waking up feeling stiff and crotchety.

by Roger

I am now 63 yrs old, and have been an avid supporter and receiver of chiropractic treatment for over 25 years.

Initially when I started my problems were to do with misalignment in the lumbar region, misaligned sacrum and some minor problems with D5.D6 causing entrapment and arm pain.
With long term chiropractic I have been able to perform normally over the years, and if things worsen, a quick visit has put me right.(a top and tail) :)

However, during the last 12 months I have noticed some things. Firstly I am developing more of a stoop now as I grow older, it does figure widely in our family, and yes it happens with age.

But also I am getting some inflammation in the mid region of my back with mild to moderate pain radiating along my bottom ribs, both sides. Also my neck is also very crotchety and stiff in the mornings and often quite painful.

I did some online research and figured maybe it was spondilitis and if so was I still at liberty to use chiropractic solutions?

My discomfort goes mostly with over the counter pain killers, but has become a daily chore, having to take them.

Also exercise, warm baths and showers seem to help although not in any long term fashion.
Up until this episode I enjoyed full mobility of neck and back, with good torsional movement, but now it feels like my muscles are tight and things are difficult to mobilise properly, without undue discomfort.

I did read that if it is spondylitis it should not be treated by chiropractic, although it was an NHS site that stated such. (doh) Question is should I still be looking to chiropractic, given my age now, and to correct the stoop, and if it is spondylitis?

Many thanks

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Jul 17, 2014
progressive stooped posture
by: Dr B

Hello Roger,
When you feel there's been a change in your symptoms, it's time for a re evaluation; at least a good thorough new examination by your chiropractor, and quite likely some x-rays if you haven't had any for five years or more.

One hopes that it is spondylosis rather than spondylitis; there's a big difference. The latter doesn't usually start later in life, but it can.

I would talk directly to your chiropractor about these changes, and your general unhappiness, and having to readily take medication.

The stooped posture. Is it in the lower back, or in the midback? Either way, some exercises are needed. Are you doing any regular, daily back and neck exercises? If not ask your chiro for some exercises; you'll find some lower back exerc too at c-H.

It think it's important to get to the bottom of this; it's probably degenerative change from old injuries, but it could be something more serious.

If you feel you're not getting anywhere with you chiropractor, you have several options. Consult a different chiropractor for a second opinion. See your GP for his opinion. Seems to me you have had good results with chiropractic all these years; we go on treating older folk into old age. Two patients today of 89 and 86, so that's not a reason to change.

Let me know how you get on. Keep to the same thread.

Dr B

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