Uneven legs after labor

by Vicki
(Kansas City, MO)

During labor several years ago I felt discomfort after being put in stirrups. It continued while pushing to the point where I thought I felt something shift or pop. After labor the nurses got me up to walk around and I immediately noticed my balance was a bit off and my legs felt uneven. The nurses all assured me for days that it was normal and would subside in time. A few weeks later my lower back started hurting so bad that just relaxing my back to lay down would put me in tears. Doctor after doctor would tell me it was nothing to worry about.

I dealt with the pain for a couple of years and then a new symptom emerged. After walking around for a short time my leg would start to go numb yet shoot pain from my knee down. I couldn't climb stairs when this was happening because I would fall. I went to a chiropractor after this started and she told me I was really inflamed and that one side of my hip was higher than the other. I was given muscle relaxants during that time, told to stretch, and to ice my lower back/hip while seeing the chiropractor. Nothing helped. I still have this pain.

Hello Vicki,
Obviously I don't know what happened exactly, but yours is a very common tale. A small injury during labour that goes undiagnosed and untreated, only to be aggravated after a period by lifting your child, or bending, or housework...

And then the beginning of radiating leg pain. It's called sciatica.

Do you still have pain in the back, or leg, or both?

The pain in the leg is a serious development, if it's still there, and you need to take it seriously.

Three little tests to help me advise you:

1. Bend slowly forwards. Is the painful leg much tighter, or painful than the other?

2. Sitting in a kitchen chair, straighten the good leg parallel to the ground, drop it, and then straighten the naughty leg. Is there pain in the back or leg?

3. Standing on the naughty leg, can you lift your big toe, and then stand on your toes, lifting the heel?

Let me know.

Dr B

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