Treatment of disk protrusion

by PC van der Westhuizen
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

Treatment of disk protrusion

I fell and recently experienced heavy pains in and severe weakness of my left leg. A scan indicated a chipped disk in my back pinching a nerve for which the neurologist recommended an operation to remove the chip.

My medical fund Medihelp however recommended I undergo rehabilitation as a first option, but I cannot find anybody in Port Elizabeth offering this type of rehabilitation.

Could you recommend anybody reputable in Port Elizabeth that offers this service?

Hello Elly,
The term "chipped" in regard to a disc doesn't really fit. Was it "chipped" bone or a disk protrusion?

If you fractured a bone in your back and have a "chipped" bone pinching the nerve, then surgery is probably unavoidable. But a chipped disk?

Start by going to our Slipped Disc Symptoms page, scroll down until you come to testing of the muscles in your leg that may be weak. Follow the link to YouTube and let me know which movements are weak. Can you stand on your toes? Is it raising the big toe that's weak? Your knee...?

Then do the Slump Test for Sciatica because we need to know whether it's a Sciatic nerve or a Femoral nerve lesion.

Is the pain in the back of the thigh, side of the foot, top of the foot, front of the thigh...? This all gives important information.

I suggest you go to our CHIROPRACTOR Port Elizabeth page and look for a chiropractor in your area. Take your scan with you.

Meantime start these Lower back exercises ... scroll down to the exercises pertinent to a disc injury.

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Find a good chiropractor is your next stop.

I hope this has contributed. If so, this is my latest book of chiropractic anecdotes, available on Amazon for $2.99! Shameless, self promotion! Stones in my Clog … Chiropractic anecdotes from the polders of Holland.

Het book is in het Engels geschreven maar ik neem het aan u heeft een beetje zin in wat gebeurt in het vaderland! Maar rond R30.

Let me know the results of the questions asked above.

Dr B

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