TOS and blue index finger

The inter scalene triangle.

The inter scalene triangle.

I have been diagnosed with TOS and told I have a cervical rib.

GP gave me difene which helps but pain returns when I stop taking them

Tried 3 physiotherapists over the past year. First one told me to have an operation as he would be wasting my time and money otherwise.
2nd did lots of massage and gave me exercise.
3rd less massage but more exercises;
the massage helps but if I do any gardening, painting,window cleaning or lift anything my neck and shoulders ache and feel stiff again.

This pain keeps me awake at night. Sometimes this shoulder and neck pain happens even when I haven't lifted anything. Frequently i feel a sudden sharp pain under my ribcage and my upper body feel stiff and sore for days.

My index finger turns blue if it is slightly cold. I frequently have a stingy pain on the inside of my arm down to my thumb. My right arm gets pins and needles, if I raise my arm eg. to write a sentence on a blackboard I get pain.

Should I see a specialist re surgery or just continue taking painkillers?

For a school teacher (I presume) you have appalling grammar! I had to make about 25 corrections, teacher!

You get small and insignificant cervical ribs and very large ones that can cause severe compression of both the nerves and artery to the arm. Could you send me an x-ray?

There is likelihood of a TOS because raising your arm increases the symptoms, and the blue finger. Using the site search function at Chiropractic Help find Adson's test; not easy but try checking your pulse. It should have been done by one of your doctors.

Surgery is a risky business, through the armpit but if there is arterial impingement, it may well be necessary. Or is it Raynaud's syndrome?

Time to see a chiropractor?

Dr B

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