tingling in right foot and calf and sharp pain behind my knee.

by Dallas
(Akron, Ohio )

I am definitely leaning away from the pain. I cannot stand up straight or my buttock tightens and becomes very painful.So I am leaning away from the pain and not standing up straight. The pain was much more severe 3 weeks ago, but is not improving at a pace I anticipated. I am very active and had this injury a year ago. It seemed to heal on its own but looking back probably never thoroughly healed. I am now going to start going to the chiropractor for a program he put together. They took xrays and I'm definitely twisted up.

Hello Dallas,
Sorry to hear about this injury; yes, it is serious, as you've obviously guessed.

You can track your progress by doing the "slump test for sciatica". Use the Search engine at Chiropractic Help to find it. Basically, sitting in a kitchen chair, straight first your left leg, lower it, and now raise your right leg parallel to the ground.

Until you are up straight, I would follow our "slipped disc rules" even though they are infuriating; it's best to take this seriously, get over it properly, go through the rehab and then everybody is happy. Taken lightly this often ends up in surgery. It means staying at home for a bit.

Let us know in a few weeks how you are doing.

Dr B

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