tingling in back and all fingers apart from pinkies

by Kathy Gilfoyle
(liverpool uk)

Tingling in back and all fingers apart from pinkies.

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain after lifting my son out of his baby bouncer 17 years ago; it felt like a twist right on top of my lung and shoulder blade which hurts to breath.

I feel a stabbing pain when I breath; it comes and goes but after a fall in august which left me with a bleed on the right frontal lobe and 2 days in hospital for observations.

About 4 weeks ago i started to experience tingling in both my hands except my pinkies and now am getting a sort of vibration in my upper and lower back; my neck is stiff and sore and so are the muscles around both lungs.

I also have restricted movement in both shoulders; i have had numerous diagnosis from a pulled muscle to arthritis of the neck and spine to chronic muscle pain.

I had an mri just of the top of my neck which said there was a bulge and wear and tear but not enough to warrant surgery? Any advice please; by the way the fall was to the back of my head against a brick wall which knocked me out and a small cut to the base of my neck.

Hello Kathy,
There are different things going on here. The most obvious and clearcut is a displaced rib head where it joints with the spine; pain on deep breathing is pathognomonic, assuming you're not running a temperature. It's one of the easier things we chiropractors fix, except you've had this so long.

Is there any swelling in the fingers? Is the tingling in your fingers worse in the morning? Most likely you have carpal tunnel syndrome; that jerk on your neck has put pressure on the nerves to your hand. We call it a double crush syndrome; usually both the neck and wrist have to be addressed, and sometimes a muscle in the forearm or shoulder. See our CT page.

It is possible that the blow to the back of your head could be causing these more recent symptoms. You'll have to ask a neurologist about that.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» tingling in back and all fingers apart from pinkies

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