Tingling from elbow to pinky

My right arm has been tingling from my elbow to my pinky finger for about five hours, non stop. Should I leave it alone or seek medical analysis?

Hello Joli,
There's always increased concern with "paresthesias" as they are called radiating down the arm and especially if it's on the left.

I need more information in order to make serious comments. Do you have a history of heart disease, or high blood pressure? Does your neck hurt? Is there pain in the elbow? Is it also in the ring finger?

As you can see there are numerous possible causes, some of them in the medical world. Try to identify what increases or decreases the tingling, and where very specifically it reaches.

Think back to what may have caused it.

A pinched ulnar nerve in the elbow is not common, but can certainly be the cause. More likely it's in the lower neck or the inter scalene triangle.

If by the time you read this it has gone, then don't be too concerned. If you are still having the tingling, then you'd better get professional advice.

Dr B

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