Tingling and aching arms and hands. Worst at night.

by Danny
(midland, Texas, Ector)

My pain begins in my upper arms in the exact same spot above the bicep in both arms. My arms, fore-arms, and hands tingle constantly throughout the night. My hands feel warm and numbing at night but milder during the day. The pain and aching started six weeks ago after a heavy workout. I have stopped working out, since I though I might have over workout and stressed my muscles.

I am not sleeping well due to the aching pain permeating from the middle of my arms Dow to my finger tips. I also, noticed when I urinate my hands and fingers tingle. I have been trying home remedies, NSAIDS, and other prescription drugs to combat this feeling.

Hello Danny,
What you are describing appears to be a nerve pain; what's unusual about that is the fact that it's in both arms.

Is it definitely in all fingers, or only some? Which?

If you place your hand on your head, does it relieve or increase the tingling?

Do any movements of head and neck provoke the tingling, or give you neck pain?

This is quite difficult to do, but you might try. Locate the pulse in your wrist so you can feel it very clearly. Now turn your head to the side, look up and take in a deep breath, hold for a few seconds. Does it reduce or stop the pulse?

Use the search function at C-H and type in pronator teres. Prod in your lower arm near the elbow. Is it very tender?

There are really quite a number of possibilities and what's needed is a careful and thorough examination; look for a conscientious chiropractor in your neighbourhood.

Dr B

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